“There is no refuge from confession but suicide…”

While hunting for housing back in 2009-10, I always took time to look at the book shelves. There were not many. This is not a reading culture. But there were some, and it was not unusual to see the name Doris Kearns Goodwin on those shelves. She’s a prominent and very poor historian.

In the Empire of Lies, real historians won’t have much traction. Major publishing houses avoid them, and the New York Times does not review them. A smart woman, and DKG is smart, knows to avoid touchy topics while at the same time generating some false controversy around matters no one should really give a shit about. In her Team of Rivals, she made much talk show rain talking about how Lincoln brought in prominent enemies to his cabinet, thereby offering political cover to Barack Obama as he staffed his cabinet with Republicans.

But there’s far more to tell – stuff that she could not go near. Gore Vidal did a far better job unpacking the real personality behind the statuesque Lincoln image, and Dave McGowan (a professional psychologist in Los Angeles and a far better historian than DKG) offers substantial evidence that Secretary of State William Seward was one of the plotters behind Lincoln’s death.

McGowan’s series on Lincoln shows what a man with a keen mind can do with scant evidence by merely connecting dots. Sadly, Dave is suffering from terminal cancer.

Here’s a brief recap of DKG’s book Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream by Noel Twyman:

Nowhere in Doris Goodwin’s book was Billie Sol Estes mentioned. Nowhere was Cliff Carter mentioned. Bobby Baker was mentioned only on one page, with nothing about his scandals and crimes and their connection to Johnson. Nor was H.L. Hunt mentioned, nor, amazingly, J. Edgar Hoover. This is not to downgrade Goodwin’s well-written and excellent book. She was attempting to look at the human and psychological side of Johnson based on her close relationship with him as a White House aide and while working with him at the LBJ Ranch. I presume that she felt that if she delved deeply into the possibility of his involvement in the JFK assassination conspiracy, it would have derailed the entire book. The same can possibly be said of all of Johnson’s major biographers – Robert Caro …; Robert Dalleck; even J. Evetts Haley, who hated LBJ with a passion. These authors did not look into the abyss, or if they did, they soon looked away.

I don’t know why Twyman felt the need to suck up to Goodwin, as his own work on the subject of Lyndon Johnson is far more impressive than hers. DKG has that intuitive sense of what can be voiced in the American power structure, making her a perfectly lousy historian … and a perfect guest on the late-night talk circuit.

Twyman in his book Bloody Treason examines Johnson’s final days, and brings out a long passage by Daniel Webster on from The murder of Captain Joseph White (scroll down here to page 97 to pick it up), and relates it to the final days of LBJ. Here’s Twyman, p 828:

It is known that Johnson suffered severe deterioration in his mental state after the assassination, prompting some of his close aides to consult psychiatrists about his behavior. Johnson was fearful of an early death by heart attack. (He had his first heart attack at the age of forty-seven and a history of heart attack deaths ran in his family.) Johnson was afraid of being alone at night and always wanted someone near him before he went to sleep; he would ask aides to sit outside his room until he could go to sleep.
On January 22, 1973 Johnson died as he was taking an afternoon rest at his Texas ranch. His heart gave out just as he was picking up the phone to call the ranch switchboard for help from the Secret Service. He was alone. He died at the young age of sixty-four, appearing to be a broken old man with hippie-like long white hair, four years after he voluntarily left the presidency without seeking a second term.

DKG suspected LBJ felt guilty for having assumed the presidency only on the murder of President Kennedy, and for the Vietnam War. That is as light a treatment that can be given to this complex man who was slowly eaten alive by guilt. Says Webster,

Such a secret can be safe nowhere. The whole creation of God has neither nook nor corner, where the guilty can bestow it, and say it is safe. Not to speak of that eye which glances through all disguises, and beholds everything, as in the splendor of noon, such secrets of guilt are never safe from detection … It must be confessed; there is no refuge from confession but suicide, and suicide is confession.

From all appearances, Lyndon Johnson drank himself to an early death. He was, after all, an active participant in the murder of President Kennedy.

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16 Responses to “There is no refuge from confession but suicide…”

  1. Lk says:

    Mark, you’re obsessed with the JFK coup, and that’s a good thing. I am too.


    • I would not call it obsessed, but every time I turn around I see some other aspect of our life that the coup affected. For instance, voting, read “Votescam” by James and Ken Collier, written in the early 70’s, and talking then about how the voting system had been hijacked by the same people who did the Kennedy murder. The intent was that elections should not interfere with government, and Dade County, Florida was the first place where the voting system was rigged. Who turns up in a big way at that time to be sure that the Collier brothers do not uncover the scandal? (Janet Reno.) And that is where we are at now. Election outcomes don’t matter, and even if they did, the vote count can be easily rigged. That’s big.

      For years I thought that Paul McCartney dying was a PR stunt, and then learned that he wanted to use his fame to help find out who killed Kennedy. He made the mistake of confiding in Mark Lane, which probably led to his death. (Mark Lane is a government disinfo agent. I leave it to you to figure that one out.) (Yeah, I know how that sounds, McCartney, a pop singer, but the evidence is there. The guy we call “Paul” is a fake.)

      Here, in this post, Johnson drinking himself to death and in a constant state of fear – we know now that the cover-up hinged on having control of the executive, so that LBJ had to be brought into it beforehand, along with J Edgar Hoover. Johnson was caught in a web of evil, and would have been replaced in 1964, might have gone to prison for his Baker/Billy Sol crimes, so that he had a huge motive. Hoover was under control of the mob, being gay and all, them having it on film, so that he had to participate or be ruined.

      The crime was so big that it had to succeed, and they had to take over the government, and today I learned that Joe Kennedy Sr. had promised that one of his sons would be president, which probably led to the death of his son Joe towards the end of the war. He was the likely Kennedy to hold high office. So we have Joe, John, Robert murdered, Ted set up at Chappaquiddick, and don’t forget that Ted almost died in a plane crash in 1964.

      This, my friend, is nothing more than study of history.

      I see how the clowns and stooges get all wrapped up in election contests, not understanding that they are rigged so that no outcome can help them, that all the candidates answer to the same money. I see how they get all revved up, and act like it is life or death that their guys wins. THAT is a pointless obsession. What I do at least leads to some truth. Read the tag line above to understand what drives me.

      Bet you did not count on this answer.


      • Lk says:

        Well, actually, I thought it was quite a good answer. For you see, Mark, you and I are not so different after all. Because of our Catholic upbringing, we are not able to abide nor ignore evil and the suffering of innocents. Our duty calls us to bring the bastards to justice as best we can. We owe that to those who came before us. And the evil done in our name is immense. Beyond comprehension actually.

        If I might share a very personal insight. As a young man, I had a glimpse of hell, the real hell. And it has been with me ever since. Now, was it a Christian hell? I don’t know. But what I do know is that what we do in this life counts. And it gives me great comfort to know that those who do evil in this life will be held accountable. That revelation has been, unfortunately, a motivating factor in my life ever since. Is it scary? A little. But more powerful than scary. There is a tremendous power when you realize the universe really is controlled by divine justice.

        One more reading suggestion. A great book for guys like you and me is Father Joe by Tony Hendra. He too had a revelation of hell at a young age. It’s quite an interesting read for us relapsed Catholics.

        And I like your portrait of Johnson. I think it is very accurate. When you sell you soul, you lose.


        • I’ll look at it. I am more interested in understanding the heart of darkness than redemption, I guess. Divine justice is a nice thought, but other than LBJ’s disintegration, I have not seen it. Most of these evil fucks lead charmed lives – the Bush’s, Romneys, Kochs, Gores of this world do not suffer much or have any regrets.

          There is evil in this world, pure and unadulterated, and it wants power. This has been going on under our noses for all of history. People want to make JFK some kind of hero. He was nothing like that, alpha omega stuff. He was just smart and thought he was president. But he had his own evil streak too. Bobby was compromised because he was banging Marilyn Monroe, so they set it up to make him appear culpable when she was murdered. That way, when JFK got it, they thought they had Bobby under control too. They did not, so Bobby had to go.

          But in trying to understand JFK, I had to branch out, and that is key – you need to understand Vietnam, Cuba, Patrice Lamumba and Dag Hammerskold, the “Cold War” and Paperclip, NASA, Mockingbird, MKULTRA, the U2 incident, Wall Street and the Nazis, Old Joe himself and how he raised his boys, OSS, perception management and propaganda – to form a proper Workd view into which the JFK murder fits easily. It is a very big undertaking, and most people have neither time nor inclination, usually no ability. But I am driven by curiosity. As a young guy I gobbled up A Conan Doyle. I thrive on a good mystery.

          I get very resentful when people who do not have a grasp of history tell me I am “obsessed” or a “conspiracy theorist.” I cannot reach into a lightweight brain like that and bring it up to speed, so I just have to endure the insults. But sometimes I take them down – Pogie and Talbot, for instance, are very stupid men, but imagine they got the old IQ revved up in high gear. That’s fine, a lot of people are like that, we all have our own clouds, but when they attack me up here in this world, I let them have it. Ergo, I am banned. They are insecure fucks, but also know that I can easily eat their innards, and so act out of fear. Moral cowards and all of that. This blogging world is just a place to write, but the authoritarians take it over just like in all other aspects of life.

          Anyway, you’re not new to this world of intrigue, but it is much bigger than you know. Strategy of Tension is a large part of it, probably playing out in Roseburg, but I will wait for other investigators to research that. You did not seem to grasp that the guy could be a patsy, a zombie in MKULTRA mode. They have stables of them (Osama was one) and babysit them while they are dormant. (This is why Osama, suffering kidney failure, was kept healthy in an American medical facility prior to 9/11. He had to be available to take the fall.)

          As it unveils itself before your eyes, you might imagine that you are Don Draper, raised in a whore house, running from your past. The study of the nature of evil is an important aspect of human psychology, rarely undertaken because of the darkness. But people are willing to do it for other countries – no one has a problem seeing evil in Stalin or Hitler, even little Fidel, but bring it home, see it in our own leadership, you’re a conspiracy theorist. Go figure.


          • Lk says:

            I am not at all averse to your theories. But again, not all mass murders are conspiracy sponsored. That’s all I’m saying, for I have worked with too many ED kids like the shooter in Roseburg. I know him. Not personally of course, but I know him in the sense of his mental disorder, and I guarantee you that the powers who control things could not ever recruit a weirdo like this to do their bidding. It’s just impossible. Their brains don’t work that way. Some people are simply just mentally ill enough to do it on their own. That’s all.
            I think it’s important to separate the two cases, those actually conducted by evil forces, and those that just happen naturally. Besides, I think that the evil forces are effective enough without resorting to so called mass shootings. I mean, if JFK and 9-11 didn’t scare people enough, nothing will.


          • Lk says:

            You can’t take the public out of public education, and that’s just damm scary some times. When you mainstream inbred wacko kids, stuff really does happen. Have you been in any high school lately? They are freak shows.


            I advocate for a two tiered education system, one in which serious students would be place in one school, and the other not so serious kids would be placed in vocational boot camps of some type. It’s the only way. Teach’em to be good checkers at Walmart.


          • Again, you don’t seem to comprehend that while people are often whacko, they only commit one-on-one violence, The mass shooting drills are usually government sponsored. How else can we have fascism without people inviting it in?

            Regarding our education system the post I put up today, way down deep, discusses it if you are interested. I don’t think “two-tiering” it in to two dysfunctional tiers instead of one is the solution.


          • Lk says:

            Mark, just a lot of angry nutty kids out there. Trust me on this one. They aren’t ALL cia operatives. They’re just society’s rejects.



          • Lk says:

            p.s. Does that kid look normal to you? Not to me. He’s nutty as a fruit cake. So is his mama. Angry nuts. He karate chopped a teacher in the throat??? Why is this nutjob still in school? Because he’s on the football team? We can do better. It they let his dumb azz back in school, I will be attending the school board meetings.


          • Lk says:

            See, Mark, I taught for many years. If the kid would’a hit me, I would’a kicked his friggin’ ass! Oh sure, I would have lost my job, but the kid would have learned a good lesson about life. I guess you had to work with kids your whole life to understand. And yes, for the record, I did actually kick some kids’ ass. And yeah, got in a little bit of trouble for it. But the kids are better people for it. Ya gotta learn that even if it’s a teacher that you’re hitting, you just might get your ass kicked. I see nothing wrong with that.

            BTW, the kids whose asses I smacked came up years later and gave me big hugs. They know I did it out of love and concern. True story.


          • You draw too much wisdom from your experience. Could some things have blown on by?


          • I do not think you’re read enough to understand the strategy of tension. You’re wrong about mass shootings. They are a rarity in life. Violence is normally one-on-one. Get out of your self assurance on this and do some thinking.


          • Lk says:

            p.s. Hey angry nutjobs, if you simply gotta kill somebody, gawdammit, DON’T kill innocent students. Go after the Kock brothers and the Chamber Pot of Commerce guys. THEY are the guilt ones, not kids trying to have a good time.



          • Of course there are mentally ill people! They abound! You’re missing the point. Our overlords don’t go around recruiting normal healthy people to commit these crimes. They need the dysfunctional ones. There is a portion of the population that is highly susceptible to suggestion and hypnosis, the whole point of MKULTRA. They are always on the lookout for candidates. Even a bright kid like James Holmes was susceptible. It’s a highly sophisticated operation.

            Maybe it would help if you did some more reading – Web Tarpley is good on this stuff, especially on the levels of control built into these public terror incidents. There are patsies, moles, mechanics, and most importantly, public drills, military or civil.

            That is why I suggested that you find out if there were any drills going on that day. In addition, the direction of the shots is important, as usually patsies are merely put in place but don’t actually shoot anyone. They are not dependable. That takes hidden sharpshooters.

            Tarpley was schooled while in Europe as he learned about Operation Gladio. Unfortunately, he had a brief engagement earlier on with LaRouche, and that is used now to discredit him, but I have found his work to be very good. He even identifies a bridge in London where MI6 goes to recruit patsies, such as Underwear Bomber. As always, you have to use your own brains to evaluate the worth of those you read. If Tarpely is a disinfo agent, I am disappointed but not surprised.

            Christopher Harper-Mercer might be the real deal, but these incidents happen with such regularity that I simply wait for the other shoe to fall, which it usually does. We have been treated to crisis actors and fake victims, but the people who do these things have no compunctions about real murder.

            You have judged this incident to be real with far too little evidence.


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