The Jesus syndrome

In the end, this blog, this writing that I do, has to be for my own satisfaction. To attempt to reach others is futile. Only a select few can grasp, process, and then live with reality.

Is this nature of people or a peculiarity of our indoctrination system?  Or both?

The blending of Christianity into the Roman Empire was a triumph of power. They did not have electronic eavesdropping in those days, nor did people imagine they influenced their government by stepping into a voting booth. But the insertion of the Jesus meme into their brains was devastating. Without surveillance, people imagined they were being watched all day every day. That is brilliant. Inquisitions reinforced the reign of thought control.

Moving forward to the postwar era, religion lost its grip on people as they saw that it did nothing to help them avoid mass incineration by the good guys. Europe now is full of massive and splendid cathedrals in which you can hear your voice echo off the walls. The only people inside are tourists.

So people control had to move forward into new technologies, Jesus having become passé. (The U.S., due to our background as a seeded colony, still has a vast reserve of religious fervor.)

It’s hit and miss, trial and error. If they cannot insert Jesus in our heads, there had to be another mechanism to achieve the same end. Keep in mind, they can always hold a gun at our heads, but that control system is the least effective. People only pretend to believe.

It’s not easy for a small number of people to control the minds of the mass of humanity, even in our technological age.

But to a large degree, they have succeeded.

In East Germany, the Ministry for State Security, or “Stasi”, was a sophisticated model for thought control. They did not have the technology or ability to eavesdrop on the entire population, but had something better: East Germans imagined they did. A few public beheadings goes a long way to calm a people down, and a few disappearances serves as well.

Stasi could not begin to watch everyone all the time.  So they suggested they could, cultivated a reputation for ruthlessness, and that worked too.

But the propaganda and thought control regimes of the Soviet world were clumsy and ineffective. If you don’t believe that, imagine that the whole empire collapsed under its own weight. How was that possible?

“Glasnost” was a Russian word to describe openness, or a lifting of the veil of secrecy. That alone went a long way towards bringing them down, as countries are built on mythology. If Americans knew the true history of our own country, we too would collapse.

The American system today, always sophisticated but better now than ever, is modeled on Stasi. There is no way they can watch us all. They cannot read all our emails or blog posts or monitor our phone calls. That requires human resources, not computer, to make it effective.

But would it not be a better system if people were so docile that they did not need to be monitored, so that the overlords only had to patrol the boundaries? What if government merely had to suggest they were watching us, publicly punishing a few miscreants in the process? Better yet, would it not just be the peachiest system ever if people enforced it on one another so that government did not have to work so hard? Yes!

Enter Edward Snowden. Use your brains, folks! No way does he sneak of to Hong Kong and then gain asylum in the Soviet Union without NSA getting to him, strangling him with a piano wire. He’s a man on a mission. He’s not revealed anything new, and is unveiling technology that has been around for decades. He has not let go with any real secrets.

Snowden is doing Stasi business, reinforcing the notion that we are being watched, putting the Jesus meme back in force in our brains. That’s how good they are.

You might wonder why the Russians are cooperating in that scheme. They know the truth about Snowden. They invented this game. Somewhere in the depths of international intrigue, a quid pro quo in place.

But it takes more than control from above.

I’ve been deeply impressed by Pogie, Don Pogreba, and not due to his self-imagined depth. He, more than any other teacher, exemplifies the essential nature of our education system. He teaches kids not to think while imagining he’s doing the opposite. How, I wonder, are the Pogies of this world trained and put in place to do their work so well?

It’s a system of selection. Independent thought is punished at a young age, and bright kids are marginalized early on, often drugged. In this system the best we can hope for is a few who escape education and self-educate. That is the best deal we can get.

I’ve been ruminating on the futility of dealing with the real world in a medium that has been so contained and dumbed down that it is just another Pogie classroom. I’d like a new and better outlet. I am isolated as a blogger, and that for the simple reason that authoritarians have taken over the medium. Just as kids who have independent thoughts are marginalized in our education system, so too are any bloggers.

I know that if I settle down and write about partisan politics and elections, our second most important pastime after football, traffic will take off. Traffic I do not want.

Just in Montana a few years ago there were a host of lively and entertaining blogs. And they all went away. We are left now with 4&20 (it’s offshoot, Reptile Dysfunction, is writing well but I don’t imagine has much traffic), Cowgirl, and Pogie. Kailey is unfathomable with his fixation of football, complete surrender.

It’s Gresham’s Law: Bad money drives out good. It’s a collapse into the ordinary.

They cannot make me shut up, but they can and do take this blog off their blogroll, stop visiting (people who are brainwashed cannot bear to endure anything they do not agree with) and ban me if I get in their faces.

It’s utterly frustrating, but for now this is the medium in which I am stuck. The Pogies and Talbots, whom I consider reprehensible invertebrates, rise in an environment that rewards mediocrity, just as Pogie’s ‘A’ students turn out so poorly, but blend so well.

But on a much larger scale, it’s the Jesus syndrome, a whole population so under the spell of thought control so as to be unable to break free, even for a moment, and entertain some thought crime. Some, like Kurtz for example, will say “So yeah, what’s your solution,” are unable to deal with the answer:

There is none.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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3 Responses to The Jesus syndrome

  1. rightsaidfred says:

    To attempt to reach others is futile. Only a select few can grasp, process, and then live with reality.

    Galt gulch much?

    Without surveillance, people imagined they were being watched all day every day. That is brilliant. Inquisitions reinforced the reign of thought control.

    The previous Pagans were worse than the Christians. Talk about control! Everything was a ritual; sacred or taboo; all things had a double meaning. Fear of the unknown was the coin of the realm, and much was unknown. Christianity was liberating in the sense that there was a benevolent god out there protecting us and giving us good things. “…I will fear no evil” is probably the most liberating verse in the Bible. More generally, the monotheistic religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) freed men to advance beyond pleasing the bickering gods: one God who watches over us and is on our side. (Allah’s will, praise be his name!)

    I don’t think we’ve moved far from paganism: a kid brought a strange thing to the local school. They had a lockdown, and the druids were called in with flashing lights, sirens; gaudy costumes, and rituals. The scared villagers were somewhat mollified, and the witch was hanged.

    I agree with you totally. The amount of mind control is staggering today. We are told that People of Color are some kind of holy; that teh Gay is not only acceptable, it is a superior mode of existence; the transgendered is oh so special that the common man is lucky to even be in one’s presence. And all this is largely self-policed. Woe to anyone who utters anything that can be considered racist; or fails to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. It’s a new religion.


  2. 01stevekelly says:

    I’m hoping Anonymous Intelligence Source gets the Nobel Peace Prize this year. R2P to the rescue. After “Yellowcake” and “WMDs” and the fantastical Osama saga, who’s left to believe a word of anything that comes from the MSM? Please, don’t answer that.

    “To quote Anonymous Intelligence Source again:

    Before this, the western officials had been asking us where they had gotten some of their money from, $50,000 here, or $20,000 there. It was peanuts. Now they know and we know. They had done this all themselves. There was no state actor at all behind them, which we had long known. They don’t need one.

    Phew, well there you are then. It’s just ISIS, the multi-billionaire terrorist network and oil empire, branching out into another area of profitable trading. No “state actor” behind them. Nothing more to see here. Thanks for the clarification, Anonymous Intelligence Source.”

    From Questions You Aren’t Supposed To Ask About ISIS: #1 – Those Toyota Trucks
    – BlackCatte


  3. I don’t grasp how you can hit me with the Galt sentence and at the same time admit that the amount of mind control is “staggering” today. It is my observation in my travels that there are not many cognizant souls wandering around. Part of my database is my 1996 campaign for legislature, where I easily visited 2000 households over several months. The only light working in the vast majority of those homes was the TV. The power of that medium to control thought and behavior was shocking. It had everyone under control, save a few miscreants. It is a desert out there, Fred!

    Gore Vidal, whom I deeply admired, wrote one time that the biggest problem with western civilization was monotheism. I could not grasp his meaning, and it only settled in over time. The notion that there is one God only gives undue power to officials to punish any who worship someone else. Ergo, inquisition. The Romans, of course barbaric in so many ways, did not do that – when they conquered a new territory, they merely incorporated the local gods into the system. All of those local deities that the Romans so easily tolerated were incorporated into monotheism as saints and apostles. Thereafter, there was a cultural genocide with written works destroyed and people murdered and intimidated into lockstep, and we entered what was once known as the Dark Ages. Scientific progress halted, only advancing in the Muslim world. [Western] Civilization would not recover for a thousand years. Monotheism, said Vidal, was the problem.

    I agree our schools get really creepy with their behaviors, punishments, mind-altering drugs and lockdowns. The best thing we could do for our kids would be to shut down the system and set them free. Too many Pogie’s in this land. The cultural shifts you mention, open acceptance of gays and transgenders, is civilizing, in my view, but I do not comprehend how that is happening in an otherwise thought-controlled environment. It’s a contradiction in need of resolution. But just think of the horrors that could have been avoided if one gay man, J Edgar Hoover, had been allowed to come out. He was under control of the Mafia while in power due to certain films of him in flagrante. Consequently, laws went unenforced and the mob siezed massive power during his reign.

    Welcome Fred. Good to have you back, even if only now and then.


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