The Strategy of Tension

[Note: My desktop computer is down for repairs, and I am typing this out on a touchy iPad. Consequently, an earlier unfinished version has already been accidentally published.]

I had a most interesting experience last week. The moral coward Pete Talbot, who admitted to me that he avoids websites if he thinks I might confront him, told me I was “quite mad.” The reason: I do not automatically believe news reports about our ongoing string of mass shootings, most recently Roseburg. Pete does. He’s highly credulous and suggestible. If not, then I must be Quite Mad!

In comments below another post, Larry Kralj assured me in his homespun manner that regardless of the lack of solid evidence supporting official versions of various high-profile events, Roseburg is real. His reasoning: His cousin confirmed it for him, and further, he is a former school teacher, and knows there are some bad dudes among us, messed up kids.

The proper course of action with these events is to step back and wait for an independent investigation. The problem is that power in this land, which also controls the media, could well be staging these events for psychological effect, a “Strategy of Tension,” and does not allow proper investigation. Consequently, independent investigators, without access to inside information and lacking subpoena power, have to piece together events based on sketchy circumstantial evidence and reluctant testimony of frightened onlookers. This leaves everything in doubt.

Often, public officials are frightened too, and afraid to speak up. In Newtown, for example, the town clerk Debbie Aurelia refused to issue death certificates for the supposedly murdered children. Issuance of false certificates is a crime that could land her in prison. It took over a year for that process to be completed, no doubt with heavy pressure exerted from above. (The Social Security death register is a somewhat reliable source of evidence, but I have not scanned it for Newtown deaths. Surely some private researcher has. However, scanning it for my own family members revealed two, my dad and one brother, missing.)

Dr. Judy Wood, who stresses that we should only listen when evidence speaks, looked at the Sandy Hook affair and concluded that there’s not enough evidence there to either prove or disprove a real event, and walked away.

The mass killing phenomenon is rare in history. Virtually all impersonal murder done on a large-scale is government-sponsored, either in war or in the false flag events that precede wars. 9/11 for example, had at least 1,200 real deaths* of innocent people, probably many more. The blowing up of the Battleship Maine resulted in real casualties.

One recent event recent that lacked real and verifiable casualties, Boston , appears to have been a PSYOP with full media cooperation. It is interesting for that fact alone. The people who sponsor these events have no compunctions about murder, in fact, are cold-blooded and ruthless as any other criminals in human history. It will be a rich vein for private researches to discover why they have opted for fake victims when they can so easily murder for real. (Perhaps they want to avoid wrongful death lawsuits, or people like that annoying group of families of 9/11 victims that cost so much money in payoffs and demanded a pain-in-the-ass real investigation (which we never got)).

And again, I have not looked into Roseburg or Charleston or even our local event in Aurora. It will take years for the assorted other shoes to fall, for private researchers (who will be scorned and ridiculed by the likes of Talbot) to assemble the real evidence. Also, many more such events lay in our future. As Rove or Cheney reminded reporter Ron Suskind, history’s actors easily allow us to walk backwards as they move forward.

There is, of course documented evidence of the “Strategy of Tension,” and people sitting in jail. On our recent trip to Italy we only drove by Bologna, and I could not help but be reminded of the 1980 bombing of the rail station there, which was part of a much larger operation called “Gladio.” There were 280 (real) casualties, including 80 dead. Rail stations in Europe are busy places, the primary means of transportation. It was a logical target for anyone wanting to create a state of fear in the public at large … “You’re never rally safe” is the message.

Fascism cannot exist in comfort. It can be imposed from above by force, but is more welcomed by a frightened public. Ergo, the “Strategy of Tension'” a product not of some publicly defined “terrorist network,” but rather of NATO.*** The object was to blame communists. As with so much of the violence in the world today, the real perpetrators are silent and hidden. They sit at desks in Langley and all the rest of our myriad of spook agencies, CIA only the best known. They are desk murderers and real murderers, but the logic behind their activities is so clear: to keep us afraid.

Constant tension has beneficial results: Continued support for aggressive war abroad, and surveillance and militarized police at home. Fascism.

Kralj too easily made the jump from the rough-cut kid with a low IQ and a gun and mass killing. Throughout history we have been witness to murder, rape, robbery committed by individuals. It’s just a part of life. But the victims are individuals who are either known to the assailant, or who stumble into a crime, as a hapless 7-11 clerk. Random mass shooting is quite rare prior to the current era.

Mass murder is a government specialty, more precisely, a specialty of our military and our spooks. (The Social Security Administration, to my knowledge, has never murdered a soul.) It is only logical to suspect that spooks lie behind recent events. Absent real evidence to that effect, the proper and logical position is to disbelieve what we are told, and wait for real evidence.**

So again, if you bought hook line and sinker the Roseburg matter without time and collection of evidence, I suggest you set it aside and wait for better information. Despite Talbot’s remonstrations, skepticism is not a sign of madness. Rather, it is a sign of a functioning brain, rarer and rarer in our fear-laden and agitprop-soaked society.
* I am only counting those who jumped to their deaths from the Twin Towers. Surely there exists a list of real deaths from private researchers, and the total must be much higher, but I have not run across such a study. I can, however, assure the reader of nineteen deaths that did not happen that day.
** As to the accused shooters in these events, sometimes real people, bear in mind that spook agencies recruit and babysit an army of crazed and addled nuts (often worked over by hypnosis and drugs) to use as patsies. The critical evidence is always source and direction of gunfire, usually obscured or withheld.
*** NATO, I should add, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S. military. Charles de Gaulle, who refused to allow France to join for that reason, was constantly targeted for assassination.

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2 Responses to The Strategy of Tension

  1. steve kelly says:

    The article below only deals with first-hand eyewitness accounts. It’s hard to imagine how easy it is to construct various “realities” on tv and other media to brainwash the masses. There is no class in how to avoid being swept up in the massive dose of bullshit we are subjected to daily. As a result there just aren’t many “Wilsons” out there anymore.

    “The uncritical acceptance of eyewitness accounts may stem from a popular misconception of how memory works. Many people believe that human memory works like a video recorder: the mind records events and then, on cue, plays back an exact replica of them. On the contrary, psychologists have found that memories are reconstructed rather than played back each time we recall them.” By Hal Arkowitz and Scott O. Lilienfeld | Jan 8, 2009


    • Trauma-based memories are a game unto themselves – certain of the staged events had in them certain images meant to be hard wired into,our brains – that of aircraft going into the towers, and the guy in the wheel chair with no legs at Boston. No matter that each event is physically Impossible and easily shown to be fakery, the fact that they were introduced to us in a traumatized state sears them into our memory like a brand on a cow.


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