2993: Dead letter document

I wrote in the post below about the Koch brothers as scarecrows, and the Tea Party as the product of suggestiveness of the American public.

Then I learned that I do not visit Huffington Post often enough. (Is “never” not often enough?) Brendan DeMelle traced the origins of the Tea Party back to the tobacco debate of the 1980’s. Indeed is was foisted on us as a spontaneous uprising when in fact it was a top-down creation.

DeMelle, given opportunity to list a wide range of wealthy backers, names only the Koch Brothers in his work, or perhaps HP censored all names but those. Hard to know what lay behind an operation like HP, owned by the same power center it feigns to oppose.

Ultimately, AstroTurf movements like Tea Party are a product of one force, big business, which controls both parties. I have read suspicions that Occupy Wall Street was another marketing device of the same forces. But the objective would be different: To draw out people who are smart enough to figure out what is up and energetic enough to act, and to crush their spirit.

I know of no study on the origins of OWS. But I do know that there was a unified effort nationwide by law enforcement and the Obama Administration to crush the movement to a bloody pulp. Even as protests were constitutionally protected exercises in assembly and free speech, we don’t have a functioning constitution behind us anymore. So the open violation of a dead letter document didn’t trouble too many folks.

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3 Responses to 2993: Dead letter document

  1. steve kelly says:

    The battle to label GMO foods is a classic recent example of AstroTurf blackout bingo with corporate money hidden away, undisclosed where it can’t be traced back to food polluters. Blue states, Red states, it doesn’t matter when profits are at stake.


  2. Steve Wells says:

    Hi, thought you might be interested in this. http://oswaldconference.com/

    Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2015 12:07:02 +0000 To: thelastbestplace@hotmail.com


    • Thanks Steve, but I won’t attend.

      Harvey and Lee, by John Armstrong, took the investigation to new places, uncovered evidence that put so many apparent contradictions in place. It is like 800 pages and ranges far and wide, and had a limited press run. I am glad to send it to you if you are interested. (I woukd want it back – it is a keeper.)

      Judith Vary Baker, one of the speakers, is in my opinion a disinfo agent. Her recollections of her lover (who,would be Harvey and not Lee) are a crossing of the activities of both Lee and Harvey, and so cannot be. She might have been sent out in response to Armstrong’s book.


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