2994: Living in a time of universal deceit

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.”John Lennon

“Conspiracies” are like economies – that is, they exist, but no one really has enough grasp to understand how they work. Just as there are Randian-like gurus running around saying that our economy becomes a smooth-running engine if only we adopt their proscriptions, so too are there those who say our lives are controlled by Bilderbergers or Trilateralists or CFR types. (What the hell is an “Illuminati?”)

This cannot be true – that is, conspiracies abound, but the human mind cannot deal in such complexity.  Our political world, just like economies, is too big for the human brain to comprehend. It cannot be controlled by a few people, but we need to reduce it to that to make it understandable.

Secrecy is the norm in the world of money, power and politics. There are factions opposed by other factions who work to undermine one another. They set out to achieve minor and major goals. They fall out, re-form and set out to inflict new pain on us.

Progressives are a faction in this sense, one that wants genuine improvement in our lives. But they are a weak faction. Their only power would be to organize the mass of public opinion behind certain causes. Given that our propaganda, education and entertainment systems have long taken control of the public mind, public opinion is a weak and undirected force. Consequently, progressives lecture the tides. (Don’t forget to vote!)

Polls show that the majority of Americans have impulses that support progressive causes, like universal health care, for instance. But it never takes root, as the public mind is owned by the other factions.

“Wall Street” and “the military” represent factions containing factions within factions. They struggle among themselves. We could survive those factions were there not so much power and wealth at their disposal.

Watching the events of 9/11/2001, I saw that power on display. It was a coordinated and well thought out effort to control the public mind, and it succeeded. The cover-up, complete with “truther” movements, has been even more impressive. Somewhere in the bowels of Ike’s “Military Industrial Complex” are small but powerful groups with common objectives that can set in motions plans of that complexity.

Their power is so focused and intense that virtually everyone in the country knows to shut up about it. If you get people outside their social groups and into an environment where they feel safe, they might voice a thoughtcrime or two – “I never believed that stuff about hijackers” or “that hole in the Pentagon was just too damned small.” But that is rare.

This is totalitarianism, the complete control of the public mind. There may be those on the inside looking out who do not like what is done, but cannot stop it. They may have other ideals and objectives, perhaps even for the public good.  There is no unanimity among them – perhaps some even wish that they could come clean so we could go back to being a somewhat free and  open society. But any who do that will be killed or shamed or sent to the margins. Power is the ability to control others. It is either used with great vigor, or it evaporates. (Consult Machiavelli. This is not new.)

The “free and open society” ship sailed, right after the war. The best word I have seen for our current state is “pathocracy,” or rule by psychopaths. Pathocracies ultimately collapse, but like the USSR and Germany and Great Britain, not before they have harmed countless millions.

Now it is the turn for the United States to visit carnage on the planet. We are doing it well!  Then we will collapse. It will be China’s turn? India’s? Russia? It is hard to know in 2015 who will rule the planet in 2016, or even if the planet will still be habitable by humans.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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4 Responses to 2994: Living in a time of universal deceit

  1. steve kelly says:

    Writers ( Lobaczewski, Stout) on this subject have little to offer in the way of reversing mass psycopathic power. Avoidance (flight) is the common recommendation to individuals who suffer the con. On the other side of the coin it is nearly impossible to expose the centers of power in most of these competing “gangs” who, in aggregate, control almost everything on the face of the earth. http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×3141216

    Native Americans had a different approach. Understanding genetics was key — “killing off” the gene causing unacceptable behavior. Mysterious drowinings seemed to be a popular method among some indigeneous tribes.

    Western power mongers use the mysterious death method in reverse to intimidate dissent. Why the preference for the plane crash or sniper/assassin to deal with rebels who won’t knuckle under to totalitarian psycopaths’ power? Drones may be the wave of the future for exceptions, like Nobel Prize winners and other high-profile enforcers.


  2. Luckyman says:

    13 Ways of Looking at the Deep State

    By Chris Floyd      Published: 16 October 2015 

    Deep State is a Terror State, Torture State,
    Tyrant State — and hey, it’s OK with that.

    Deep State was formed to bodyguard elites,
    keeping their dominance ever-refreshed.

    Deep State doesn’t care what you advocate,
    just as long as you toe the unsaid line.

    Deep State is cold, lacks true affect;
    hates only that which hinders it.

    Deep State fences the range of opinion
    like a cattle baron stringing barbed wire.

    Deep State loves the culture wars, stokes all sides,
    thrives on strife, the bitterer the better.

    Deep State is not in full control; it just
    knows which way it wants the world to roll.

    Deep State kills the leaders it doesn’t like;
    a lesson our leaders have learned by now.

    Deep State doesn’t care if a whistle’s blown;
    it already holds the reins of ‘reform.’

    Deep State enjoys all the horse-race hoopla,
    voters vexed by the vetted and the duped.

    Deep State’s wars have no other purpose
    than keeping our masters’ coffers in surplus.

    Deep State doesn’t mind blowing up the world,
    if the world won’t behave like Deep State wants.

    Deep State is Red, Deep State is Blue;
    Deep State don’t give a damn for you.


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