2997: Intelligent skeptics,

Here’s a lecture I received from Rob Kailey:

Mark, when you have predetermined *loudly* what evidence is permissible and what is not, then you have simply made “debate” impossible. You’ve also laid the foundation, yet again, for your continuing Ad Hominem [sic] smears about everyone else’s mental state and acuity. All that is left possible at that point is adoration of your authority, or a dispute about it which you dismiss with practiced ease. After all, it’s all about you.

It really is your bad, and few believe for even a second that you feel one iota of embarrassment about it.

Rob does not read much, if at all, nor does he process information well. But that is the way it is in blogville. You are constantly hounded by those who know nothing and hide behind a Google search.

Here’s the key to being a “conspiracy theorist:” One, we read. Lots. We process large quantities of information. We think about that information, try to piece it together, as there are also professional people who dispense ‘mis’ and disinformation too. Conspiracy theorists are easily the most skeptical and alert people I know.

When my older brother was fighting cancer, he had surgery to see if they could excise it without undue harm. When they opened him up, there was so much of it that all they could do was stitch him up and tell him to start making final plans.

A conspiracy theorist, aka intelligent skeptic, has done something similar. We have looked inside the body of this country. There was a tumor. Then we found another. And another. Finally in 2015, we realize that the body politic is metastasized beyond hope. Every aspect of our country is corrupt now. Nothing has been spared. Here is Paul Craig Roberts:

“The United States has collapsed economically, socially, politically, legally, constitutionally, and environmentally. The country that exists today is not even a shell of the country into which I was born.”

I would add intellectually to that as well.

Is that a conspiracy? No – it is a natural progression into pathocracy. It has taken most of the postwar era for psychopaths to take control of every aspect of our lives, from politics to news and entertainment to schooling and voting. But they have succeeded.

Don’t forget to vote, by the way.

As I put up a post the other day, I noticed that I was nearing number 3,000. This one is 2,999. Monday will see my last post on this blog. I’ve been at it since 2006, I have learned scads, and will continue to do so. But it is time to move on. I am dealing with a narrow group of people, only maybe half a dozen of whom seem able to move forward in their thinking. The rest are in arrested development.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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8 Responses to 2997: Intelligent skeptics,

  1. Luckyman says:

    NO!!! I only found your blog several months ago (another “lucky” happenstance in my life). It has become a “must see” for me as it is one of a few places where I always learn something and/or am confronted with something I have not thought of or encountered before. I have appreciated your taking the time to write/share. Your regular posting will be missed! At least by me and I suspect a number of others.


    • Luckyman says:

      Just as I am lamenting a future of not seeing new posts on your blog I discovered your link to Genesisfix’s blog. The only constant in life is that things will change. I should know by now, being the “Luckyman” I am, that I never “lose” anything. I get change, replacement, new direction and perspective. Much thanks to you for having been here to be part of my life and experience. As my sister tells me most of life is about just showing up.


      • Luckyman says:

        Forgive me my previous selfish thoughts. I want to wish you and yours the best as you go through changes in life and direction and perspective and hope your journey brings you some/most of what you want and everything you need.


        • Thanks LM! We all have to move forward, and I have delayed too long. I have appreciated your comments in the past months. You seem more thoughtful than most. Just remember Abbey – follow truth, no matter where it leads.


  2. steve kelly says:

    Heads will roll and skeletons will talk but justice will ultimately served. With death comes renewal. Good luck with future endeavors. I’m hoping for a book. A CounterPunch article. A pony. Whatever, keep it real.


  3. Steve W says:

    You’ve had a good run. Hope I see you around! Thanks for the fish (wrap?) Just kidding. You succeeded in pissing off some people so it wasn’t for naught.

    Rob is an idiot, but in the pantheon of idiots, he’s just another idiot. He’s not a spectacular idiot.

    Until later!


    • Finally, the idea that I spill out my brain, and realize no one will read it, got to be enough. Couple that with the verbiage that spills out in the blogs from people who don’t even read soup labels, and enough is enough.

      My brother, an amazingly bright man, also had the ability as a priest to deal with people as they are. He knew that the Bible was mythology, but also that this was the fertile ground on which you meet them. So he said he was happy to preach the gospel.

      I am not my brother. I cannot deal in mythology. I have to know what is real. Even though it is a journey into the heart of darkness, knowing reality has been a peaceful and Inspiring journey for me.

      Anyway, I have an idea for some writing, Dan Brown style, as Paul Marshall, my porn name. Hope to meet you sometime, by the way.

      I think Kailey is a special idiot, more full of pretension than anyone I’ve ever met.


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