Pursuit of truth

Miles W. Mathis *see footnote!), linked in the post below, has written volumes upon volumes on various aspects of history. Some of it is shocking, even unbelievable. Much if it merely adds to a tapestry, showing that things are as things have always been.

It does not matter. Throughout, he suggests that honest men and women, philosophers, scientists, writers, poets and artists and vigilant citizens are charged to use our own brains in pursuit of truth. You too, sitting there reading this, are not exempt. It is your task too. If you simply phone it in, rely on your “trusted sources,” you sell yourself short. You can do better.

I have in the last  quarter century pursued truth. The word is “pursuit.” Truth is contained in murky passages of musty volumes in libraries, in unexamined connections, and unimaginable and bizarre deceptions of the public mind. I sometimes wonder if anything we see is true, if any leader is honest.

I have settled on this much to be true: power is an end in itself. Tolkien called it a “ring.” If affects all who touch it. Even honest, courageous and sincere Frodo, having touched the ring, had to retire from his life and friendships. It had changed him.

Most people are good, and as a consequence do not seek power for power’s sake. And we do not become powerful. By definition. Power cedes to those who want power. By definition. So the world is run by the power-hungry, and suffered and endured by the rest of us. We fight their wars, supply their coffers with our labors, and spend our own lives merely surviving. We hope for some comfort and security. It is always just a little beyond reach for most.

We could get organized, have a revolution, kill those in power. That happens now and then, but funny thing, a new class of power seekers takes over, and the “revolution” comes full circle. We are back where we started.

What to do? How to change it? I don’t know. I do know that truth is a drug, and the satisfaction in its pursuit, even occasional capture, is enough to keep me going. I find in that activity a sense of purpose. Even happiness.
*So I had an exchange with Mathis, respectful and all, and suggest to him that his claim that Marilyn Monroe had fake died was probably not right. I cite to him the claim by Sam Giancana’s descendants that Sam had her killed as a means to honey trap Robert Kennedy, who was having an affair with her and had broken it off that day. And his answer was don’t believe anything a Giancana says. Problem: much of what Giancana’s descendants say jives very well with other parts of the narrative from many other sources.

There’s more, of course, but I began to see a red flag or two with this guy. He says he stopped studying 9/11 because we need indictments and court trials and all … nonsense. And it suddenly dawns on me that he is disinfo … just another liar. And I am too stupid to live. So down goes the link, and I am cursing myself for being fooled … Yet again.

Now I learn that he says JFK was fake killed, and I am thinking what a stupid mistake it was, how I fell for this guy. But I gotta say, his paintings are nice, even if maybe they were really done by Bob Dylan.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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2 Responses to Pursuit of truth

  1. steve kelly says:

    Here’s some M&A happiness for a few BIG banks and “timber Democrats” — something you won’t read on any of the fake-progressive blogs. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-08/weyerhaeuser-to-buy-plum-creek-creating-23-billion-timber-reit

    Jobs, jobs, jobs. Not.


  2. 01stevekelly says:

    Glad you’re back with a new set of batteries.


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