Inviting terrorists to live in Montana?

“Since the beginning of Russian operations [on September 30], according to UN structures, more than one million people have returned to their homes in Syria,” [Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei] Meshkov said at a press conference in Moscow.

There’s a press conference you’re not going to hear about in American state-controlled media!

I had an exchange with Pete Talbot yesterday – I should not use the word “exchange” as the man fears me and only uses a ten foot pole. At issue are Syrian refugees. Pete has climbed onto a moral high perch, as bankrupt Democrats tend to do, and suggested that Montana accept some of them in its homes.

He deflected my inquiry, saying in essence that the crisis is the crisis, and we should therefore ignore the cause of the crisis.

It’s complicated, I’ll give him that. But it is also “front and center,” and that means that behind the scenes the issue is being pushed upon us. I am reminded of the axiom of propaganda …

“The subject moves in the direction we desire for reasons which he believes to be his own.”

Manufactured refugee crisis are nothing new to American foreign policy. It was only a decade ago that two million or more  Iraqis fled as the U.S. rained hell in their homeland. But there was no push behind the scenes to relocate them in Europe or here. (Sweden accepted many.) What became of them? Who knows? They are non-persons.

Why are Syrians granted “worthy victim” status? U.S. foreign policy has not suddenly turned humane. Something smells.

Terrorism will not stop here, it will export itself through illegal immigration into Europe. (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, June 17, 2013)

There, I think, lay the answer. “Syrians” are not terrorists, but terrorists are scattered among the human cargo making its way north, and if Pete has his way, west. Syria, once a French mandate, has been under siege by outside terror forces backed by the U.S., France, Turkey, trained in Saudi Arabia, seasoned in Libya.  How easy it would be to infiltrate the organized convoys of humanity with trained fighters, ready to enter into sleepy state and then awake on call.

It’s not a new strategy, It’s been done before. It was called Operation Gladio. NATO was behind that terrorist operation and its sleeper cells.

As General Charles de Gaulle, a man repeatedly targeted for assassination by the CIA, said,  NATO is …

“An organization which has been imposed on the Atlantic Alliance, and which represents Western Europe’s military and political subordination to the United States.”

Ergo, Operation Gladio, a terrorist attack on Western Europe centering in Italy in the 1970s and 80s, was carried out under U.S. dominance over NATO. Then as now.

So too is the current push for refugees from Syria to relocate in Europe and now, through “compassionate” Democrats, into my former home, Montana.

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5 Responses to Inviting terrorists to live in Montana?

  1. steve kelly says:

    The other pattern I can’t shake is the targeting of strong leadership trying to make the sovereign nation thing work. The global elites that want it all can’t have those national structures challenging their new replacements. It seems to have reached somewhat of an impasse lately, with Russia willing to again call the heavy betters to see just what they’ve got. If Syria does not fall like the rest before it, others, like Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Ecuador and Argentina may begin to look for ways to escape the West’s global play. A lot riding on the outcome.

    “This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of one world government. National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept.”
    ― Zbigniew Brzeziński


  2. steve kelly says:

    “Producing one’s own enemy has become a pivotal process in Western strategy, one that comforts an imperial structure in which there is no separation any more between inside and outside, between law and sheer violence, between citizens and enemies.” – Jean-Claude Paye


    • It can be done easily these days by media events, smoke bombs and noise-makers, crisis actors, civil defense drills. In the 70’s and 80’s NATO was using real bombs to blow up fountains and railway stations, murdering hundreds of innocent people. With media control complete, they can do it all on the fake now.

      Of course, the object of the Paris event, to solidify public support for an attack on Syria, will be violent beyond the pale. It has come down this: The American public is beyond hope, so we can only wish success for the Russians in thwarting Western designs. Putin has his own oligarchs hovering behind him, but it could be that their oligarchs fighting our oligarchs leaves some crumbs for the rest of us.


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