Monday morning quarterbacking

I often turn to Huffington Post after reading about world news at Sputnik International. The former is an American state-controlled media source, and is lushly financed. It probably devotes 80% of its content to celebrity gossip and human interest, the only way to hold an American audience.

Sputnik International is a either a Russian state-controlled media source, or a CIA front. It is a 90% news outlet, and is a good counterbalance to American propaganda.

It could be that between the two I am really only getting the view of the world Langley wants me to have, controlled opposition being its specialty. It is therefore useful to go to sources that contain a wide variety of views and links, and some of those are listed on the right here – Voltaire, Moon of Alabama, and Vineyard of the Saker. Those sites are not destinations but rather portals to more and better information via links. Use of one’s own brain is always required, and it s not easy to know in a cacophony of voices whose is to be listened to.

Generally, most Americans are fed a steady diet of heavily filtered and often false news, but since they don’t think for themselves or look elsewhere and prefer to have news fall in their lap without intelligent effort, they are like prisoners in an information concentration camp. Pogie calls that using only trusted sources.

Here are two news items that Americans will not know about:

  • One, the Russian Defense Ministry presented its case with video evidence that Turkey is aiding and abetting Daesh in marketing oil. Western-backed terrorists in Syria go by many names – al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, Islamic State, al Nusra, Daesh … most drive new Toyota’s and have padded expense accounts and access to sophisticated weaponry. Russia has attacked the oil transportation line, which is what led Turkey, probably on NATO’s orders, to shoot down a Russian jet, sending a warning and rupturing Turkish/Russian economic ties. Turkey is merely a conduit for the US and NATO.
  • Turkey has invaded Iraq, sending as many as 9oo fully equipped soldiers with full armaments into Kurdish provinces on the border. Iraq is threatening to take the matter to the Security Council, Turkey is claiming that Iraq invited them to invade. More likely, Turkey was ordered to invade by the US and NATO.

Meanwhile, at Huffington, I read of Obama’s caution in urging Americans not to rise to the bait. It is an interesting stance, as he, with an intelligence background prior to assuming office, would intuitively know that the San Bernardino attack was a false flag operation. Possibilities:

  • One, he is just reading his lines, and does not know the facts on the ground;
  • Two, he’s providing political cover while preparations for an attack on Syria are underway;
  • Or three, there is a split among US policy makers, with wild men in the wings wanting to go postal on Syria, while more restrained elements want the country to die slowly, falling in the lap like a ripened apple after ungodly Western terrorism.

In any case, Russia appears to be a counterbalancing force to American madness, but then again, that could be only a stage play.

Keep an eye out.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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8 Responses to Monday morning quarterbacking

  1. steve kelly says:

    Back from a week in D.C. The plan to restructure the ME has not changed. Why would it? Sunni Iraq is the last piece in the new puzzle.


  2. JC says:

    I just watched the reissue of Lawrence in Arabia last night — epic and beautiful! While a lot of revisionist history and dramatization took place, what struck my is that not much has changed in 100 years. Everybody’s working an angle to rewrite the middle east.

    Huffington Post is now owned by Verizon, which after HP merged with AOL will make sure that we get the infotainment they want!

    Oh, and you want something to really whet your appetite for “conspiracy”, try and figure out how the following video works into prop state. I thought that crime scenes — particularly one that is the home of two supposed terrorists who conducted the largest “domestic terrorist attack” since 9/11 — are protected from contamination. Well, maybe the FBI really did get all they needed from the home in the first 23 hours they were there, and it is common practice to open terrorists homes to the media a scan 48 hours after the terrorism occurred: (lots more stuff like this)

    Oh, and there is reliable witness reports that the shooting was done by 3 tall white men:

    I know you don’t think people actually died in San Bernardino, but I still believe the deep state isn’t concerned about who and how many they kill to keep the fear machine going.


    • JC says:

      Then there’s this video. Talk about the opportunity to plant any “evidence” and propaganda the PTB wants.


    • We’ve not begun to get to the bottom of that incident, nor will we ever. Contrary evidence or witness reports will not be allowed on the air.

      And I agree these people have no compunctions about killing people – I mean, look at 9/11! I am guessing two things happened: One, the pain-in-the-ass 9/11 payoffs and victims’ families were troublesome, and two, they realized that it takes so little effort to fool the American public, so they decided that from a certain day forward they would do victimless mass shootings.

      Mathis has an interesting take on Gabby Giffords, that she may have been accidentally shot at a nearby firing range she was visiting – some high-priced backers – and so an event was staged at a supermarket to cover tracks.


    • Oh – one more thing – it is a whole lot easier to command soldiers in disguise to fire fake bullets than to use mind-controlled zombies to fire real ones.


      • JC says:

        Somehow, this video wouldn’t post earlier. When I look at it, it becomes apparent that the whole thing is just one big psy-op.


        • I was looking at the faces trying to see who might be an insider to the hoax and who are just dumb reporters, and it occurred to me that they could be anyone, and that even that seven minute film could be part of the staging.

          I am tempted to take a look at a couple more “victims,” to see if they are as hoaxy as Sierra Clayburn. I love unraveling photo hoaxes – got my first lesson with Boston and have been paying close attention ever since. Once you develop an eye for shadows and lines and things they insert to hide sloppy work, it is really quite fun. But if you are not looking for signs of monkey business, our minds tend to accept what our eyes see as normal. Take a look at Sierra and her “Sister” in the post below and see if you can pick out anything I missed.


  3. This one, for instance, practically jumped off the screen at me when I saw it on Facebook, so obviously a paste-up.



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