Cognitive dissonance sets your compass …

False-flag events are so academic to me that I neglect to provide the necessary background so that readers can crack the code. There is indeed some mystery about them. To the uninitiated the notion that an event like San Bernardino is staged by our own people is unthinkable.

But it is thinkable, and real, and easy to unmask. But people turn their heads at the unmasking, as if to the birth of Elephant Man. The implications are staggering. Far easier, it is, to believe a fairy tale than to gaze in the face of ugly reality.

So be advised that if you read beyond this point, you need to steel your gaze and gird your loins. Your basic assumptions will be shaken. You’ll have to trust your own brain and reasoning processes to guide you through the turmoil.

  • Media complicity is essential. News reporting is not allowed in a National Security State. CIA infiltrated the U.S. news media in the early 1950s (“Operation Mockingbird”). Then-head of covert operations, Frank Wisner, called our media his “mighty Wurlitzer.” CIA sings the song, and everyone plays accompanying music. Some reporters, like Anderson Cooper (did you know his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt?) are active CIA agents. Others are paid moles or just dumb. Still others have functioning brains but have learned to remain silent. So when we have an event like San Bernardino, there is no journalism, just music. No one questions the evidence, all operate on the assumption it is real. The news media not a blind player, but rather an active participant in the hoax. (By the way, Wikipedia too is part of the Wurlitzer. Unless you’re looking for information on movie stars, rock stars or basic geology, don’t trust it.)
  • Drills. Intelligence agencies cannot just stage a massive event like this by use of actors, as there would be too many to control. They compartmentalize so that only a few know the real game. But they need to draw on government resources and use real personnel in medical, fire and police units. The basis for this participation is a “drill,” where all these people are told there will be a staged event to test their readiness. Thus in San Bernardino do we see hundreds of police and FBI, and medical units at the ready to respond. Most think they are in an exercise. When they find out it has been “flipped live,” that news is reporting it as a real event, they are either themselves duped into belief that it is real (thinking they have missed the real violence), or are intimidated by superiors into shutting up.
  • Crisis actors. These days, post-9/11, CIA has chosen to go the non-violent route, and has been using actors as wounded and killed victims. These folks too are mostly dupes, paid to pretend to be wounded or dead for sake of the drill participants and news media. They too are either fooled by all the turmoil around them, or are intimidated into shutting up.
  • A full media assault. I randomly chose a victim from San Bernardino, “Sierra Clayborn,” in a post below and looked into her background. I found that “she” had a full fake persona, Facebook page, a fake sister, and crudely forged photographs. She does not exist. How did I know to choose her? I didn’t. Any of the fourteen supposed victims would have worked, as they are all fake. CIA has access to Facebook, and was even behind its founding. Add that to its ownership of the news media, and it has full spectrum dominance.  Beyond that, they know you’re not playing close enough attention, so they don’t need to be too sophisticated. Thus the easily-spotted forgeries.
  • The rest is groupthink.

If you want to imagine you live in a fairy land of real news and trustworthy reporting all around you, it is your choice. That stirring you feel inside you right now, called “cognitive dissonance,” is asking you to look deeper and think harder.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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6 Responses to Cognitive dissonance sets your compass …

  1. Scott says:

    One problem with your argument as far as I can tell is that it relies on the very same thing you seek to discredit – trust. You don’t offer an evidence that this Sierra Clayborn is a fake, you just say it is so and then move onto the next point (which too doesn’t do anything to support your thesis). You want us to trust that you have done your due diligence but don’t offer any evidence to confirm you have actually done any real investigation (besides a few Google searches).

    Please don’t think that this is a personal attack – II mostly enjoy your blog and it is clear that you are very intelligent, but I can’t understand what your motives with this particular post is? If it is so easy to prove that this particular tragedy is a fake (as you seem to argue), why not present a more detailed case? From what I understand the location of the shooting is not so far from where you live and you seem to have all of the necessary tools to undertake such an endeavor. So what’s stopping you?

    Perhaps your other readers will take your word for it, but if you want to convince me that this is a fake tragedy with fake victims staged by a despotic government and reported to us by a complicit media you will need to do more than just ask me to trust you.



    • My readers vamoose on posts like this … reads and visits tank when I question their sanity. But the burden of proof is not on me. I am merely throwing down a gauntlet – satisfy your own brain that the event was real by examining the circumstances and evidence that we are given, and using a discerning eye with photography. I clearly showed in my post below that Sierra Clayburn photographs were faked, and long ago gave up the idea that people would learn to see with their own brain rather than believing they see what they are told they see.

      I’ve been at this a long time, and have tons of background and evidence, but if people cannot take the first little step, and doubt, there is no hope of changing anyone’s mind. So your job is to not take the event at face, but rather tear it apart, analyze it with a skeptical eye. It is not mine to bring this to you and place it in your lap. It is your job.

      Example: What is shown in this gif violates Newton’s Third Law of motion. Therefore, it cannot have happened. It is fakery. The brain has to rule, the eyes have to take a back seat. It can be no other way.

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    • steve kelly says:

      Trust your own instincts, your ability to think. Develop an intense curiosity. Investigate on your own. The key to breaking any authoritarian system is to question everything, not initiated by reacting to someone else’s words, but on one’s own initiative. Look for the pattern, while at the same time look more closely for the clues that don’t fit. Most of what’s “secret” is hidden in plain sight.

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