‘Living is easy with eyes closed …’

Stephen Hawking died, probably in 1985.

I can be fooled. I have been fooled many, many times. I’ve gone down dark alleys and followed charlatans, and I don’t suppose that will ever change. My only saving grace is to acknowledge that I can be wrong – essential to learning is not only intense curiosity and skepticism but also humility. I know very few people who are ever wrong about anything, or at least admit it. There does appear to be an inverse correlation between inability to be wrong and depth of knowledge.

I have had some head-slapping revelations recently, and I will share them with you. These are fraud of the highest order, pulled off in the open and only working due to the utter credulity of the public, of which I am part. I have got to credit the source, Miles W. Mathis (linked to the right), for spelling one out for me. I would not have figured this out on my own. I have come to realize that Mr. Mathis is an exceptional talent, and after reading perhaps the equivalent of a thousand pages of his work, have come to accept his essential integrity as part of his makeup.

Stephen Hawking is dead. He’s been dead for decades. Mathis wrote a paper on this matter back in April, but I’ve only recently stumbled on to it. After I read it (a 3,700 word essay), I was not only convinced, but embarrassed that it is so obvious. Of course people don’t live over fifty years suffering from ALS! Of course he died! What the hell is wrong with me!

Young hawkingTo the left is a photo of the real Hawking. Real Hawking faked with new wife Directly below is again the real Hawking, this time with his new “wife” Elaine Mason pasted in (the photo is fake), who actually fake-married the fake Hawking. His first and only wife, Jane Wilde, was widowed in 1985 or so, and therefore free to pursue her love interest in Jonathan Hellyer Jones. The two are genuine and nice people, and should be left alone now.

Fake HawkingThe new Hawking, directly below, is an actor who bears a resemblance to him (and who may also have died, recently), but has different color hair. Lately he has begun sporting some grotesque lower front teeth that the real Hawking did not have and could not have grown. Bad handsMathis compares the two in depth, even spotting prosthetic hands on the impostor in some photographs.

When did Hawking die? Mathis finds the following passage in Wikipedia, the official source of disinfo for most matters spooky:

During a visit to the European Organisation for Nuclear Research on the border of France and Switzerland in mid-1985, Hawking contracted pneumonia, which in his condition was life-threatening; he was so ill that Jane was asked if life support should be terminated. She refused but the consequence was a tracheotomy, which would require round-the-clock nursing care, and remove what remained of his speech. The National Health Service would pay for a nursing home, but Jane was determined that he would live at home. The cost of the care was funded by an American foundation. Nurses were hired for the three shifts required to provide the round-the-clock support he required. One of those employed was Elaine Mason, who was to become Hawking’s second wife.

That oughhta seal it for you. It did for me. Pneumonia is, as my wife likes to say, the “old person’s friend,” the final tap on the shoulder that your time is up. His diaphragm had ceased functioning – as is normal with ALS – all of the organs shut down. He suffocated, and died.

Why did they keep him alive in the public mind? Why the double? Why the books under his name? Mathis, who has also written papers on physics and mathematics, has a lot to say on this, and I’ll summarize using the supposed words of another cultural icon, another total fake, John Lennon:

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see …
… Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about.

Fraud and deceit are everywhere in our daily lives. Very little of what we think is real is actually real.

I was going to write about another hoax, another cultural icon, but I will save that for another day.
PS: I am aware of, even saw the movie Theory of Everything. It too is part of the ongoing hoax, and ought to make you question movies in general. How do they get made?

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4 Responses to ‘Living is easy with eyes closed …’

  1. JC says:

    Mark³, I’d avoid pinning a reputation on Mathis. Fortunately, he labels his Hawking hit an “opinion piece” so he’s got an out. There are many, many problems with his work here, starting off with incorrect assertions (that he only knows one person who has lived longer than 20 years with ALS — the ALS website says that 5% of ALS victims live 20+ years). Then there is the photo “analysis”. The photo of Hawking with his front teeth full of fillings is faked, so all of his conclusions coming from photos of teeth is wrong. It is a bad photoshop piece, and looking through all the images of Hawking at google images, there is no corroborating photos, nor corroborating narrative. There’s a lot more, but I’ve got better things to do than debunk Mathis on this one.


    • Everything he writes is an opinion piece, so not an issue. He suggests that we all do our own research, as there is nothing reliable in the way of authoritative material anymore. The survival rate is indeed twenty years or more for 5%, but no one has lived 51 years except a famous astrophysicist who has seemingly gotten younger over the years, sprouted new teeth, survived pneumonia, and changed hair color.

      I’d rather be on my side of this than yours. I know the implications are staggering.

      Not exactly sure which photo you are saying was doctored. I’m not seeing it except in the wedding photos.


      • JC says:

        The photo with all the supposed fillings in the front teeth is doctored. The one he uses to compare with the other one, and to suggest that he would have lost his teeth.

        I think the photo evidence really isn’t supportive of Mathis’ opinion. Non of it is sourced or dated. And Hawking being a celebrity, could have done anything like had his hair colored, had his hands photoshopped into whatever form he wanted, etc. As to surviving pneumonia, why not?

        The real sticking point for me with Mathis is that he is a physics debunker — basically he’s anti-science. Now I went to MSU on a physics scholarship, and studied until I discovered that I was being groomed for a position in the MIC. So I bolted. But I studied math and physics at the grad level, and know enough to know that Mathis is talking out his ass about what he thinks Hawking said, and what Hawking really said. And when he calls the math a bunch of gibberish, he’s just showing his own ignorance to study it and understand it — or not.

        I found the material about his funding to be of tepid interest and potentially corrupt. It makes sense that Hawking could have been funded by, or a pawn of the MIC too. But that isn’t the thrust of Mathis’ opinion.


      • JC says:

        Hmmm… got a comment hung up in moderation or spam or something…


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