A glass of whine …

Ah, yet another meltdown, another blogger thinking of hitting the highway. He cannot take the heat. Honestly, in nine years I’ve only come across one local blogger who demonstrated real chops, wit, charm and intelligence – Dave Budge. Man I miss him.

I left a comment over at RD that sums it up for me – there’s no intellectual freedom about, and a whole lot of posing. People get to just call themselves intelligent without having to earn it. They even name their blog that lacking the one quality that would make them so – insight. A Democrat mindlessly praising Democrats is not intelligent. I would not at all mind if if Pogie went the way of Problem Bear, J-girl, Jay Stevens and Matt and all the others who broke down in tears when someone failed to buy into their self-imagined excellence. What weakness, what puffery, what snobbery!

There should be a vetting process in blogging – a gauntlet – to demonstrate the strength of character to give and take criticism. We are, some of us, engaged in pursuit of truth, and it does not just fall in our laps. We are not here to endear ourselves to others, or to make life easy for poseurs. We who speak clearly must endure criticism and banning. Our enemies want to have at us, but only from a safe distance, free of comebacks and comeuppance.They are moral cowards.

That’s groupthink, nothing more. That’s how it works.

To have a blog, there should be but two rules: Write well, and think independently.

The mindless sucking up I see at various outlets, the sniveling cowardice when a phony is exposed … makes me wanna puke. Jesus, man up! If you don’t want to be undressed in public, don’t blog. Write a fricking diary instead.
I have banned four people here, but Skink has suggested a kinder, gentler way of doing that. Comments left here do not disappear – they just don’t appear. If these four want to participate, they need to show the ability to read what is written and dispute it. They are not “banned” in that sense – only corralled.

There’s a chance that one of those four might read that paragraph, as their habit is to skip to the last paragraph before commenting. Gentlemen, this one time only, pretend the last paragraph is the one directly above this one.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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