New expansion of DSM-IV

Trun to Dust
I just had my laugh for the week, an article by “An Individual Free Thinker” from 2010 called Compliance and Acquiescence Disorder (CAD). The author had noticed that the psychiatric profession, never short of quacks, had invented a new syndrome, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), to describe natural skepticism, increasingly rare in our Empire of Lies. Free Thinker came up with a few new disorders of his own:

  • Compliance and Acquiescence Disorder (CAD): “People suffering from this disorder usually watch too much TV or read too many newspapers. Their understanding of many topics commonly discussed in the media is generally shallow. In some cases, for those sufferers who have completed further or higher education they seem to experience an apparent difficulty in applying their usual analytical and research skills outside of their main area of study.”
  • Evidence Denial Disorder (EDD): Exhibition of a kind of “fear” when shown certain types of information as, for instance, the presence of a large hurricane off the coast of Long Island on 9/11/2001, or a 700 foot tower section of WTC-1 turning to dust in midair (shown above) on that same day. (“EDD can sometimes manifest as a form of tourettes syndrome…”)
  • Fear of Loss of Employment (FOLE): Self explanatory, especially prevalent in the field of journalism, although university professors and adjuncts, along with teachers at all levels, show an unusually high propensity toward this disorder.
  • Herd Mentality Disorder (HMD) Belief that “…the truth is established by consensus and that evidence can be liberally ignored to allow conclusions to be made even though they are completely wrong or inappropriate.”
  • False Authority Disorder (FAD): A common Internet occurrence, “…inflation of ego and a propensity for exaggeration, or fear mongering or over-assertion of one’s personality.” This disorder is often followed by the “storm-out,” or refusal to debate due to unwillingness to have one’s assumptions challenged. “I’m gonna say this one time, and I’m out of here. I think you’re nuts, and you should be banned from this forum. Over and out!” That sort of thing.

I am so thankful to the psychiatric profession, which gave us ODD; which hands out mood-altering drugs like candy; which overcharges based on fake expertise; which invents jargon to mask ignorance; which destroys lives and livelihoods and which has engaged in research on torture for CIA, for expanding the DSM-IV to include the above list of brand new disorders.

Expensive mind-altering drugs to treat these disorders will surely follow.

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One Response to New expansion of DSM-IV

  1. steve kelly says:

    Equally likely that the disorder is constructed to move the already-made product.


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