Is Pogie a beard?

I swear, honestly, I can recognize this stuff. The Montana Democratic Party wants to appear populist, and so years ago hired some bloggers to appear as beards for their pablum. Only a few are still around, maybe only three.

The reason I think Don Pogreba is a beard is that the man who throws out one-line insults in comment sections on other blogs does not sound at all like the man who is following national news and picking up tidbits like this, Why is Greg Gianforte Already Paying the Law Firm That Wants to Gut All Campaign Finance Laws?  They have two different voices. They are two different writers.

The person(s) who wrote the Gianforte piece are likely scriveners writing what they are told in a boiler room in Helena, constantly attacking the other party, keeping their followers focused on trivia. The other writer, Pogreba, can barely write a sentence without hurling a snide insult.

Two different people, or a beard and a committee. I would bet on it.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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15 Responses to Is Pogie a beard?

  1. steve kelly says:

    Democrats — since Clinton, Inc. and his loyal corporatists occupied the Republican Party — need beards in every city and town to convey the false appearance of still being “left.” The political left has been vaporized, and almost all memory of a political/social/economic left erased.


    • I listen to Rush Limbaugh when I am driving during the day – this has to be calculated. He spends most of his time demonizing Democrats as wild leftists. This cements to fake two-party structure in the public mind, and gives Obama political cover to carry forward as a Neocon.


  2. dpogreba says:

    You caught me, you mastermind.

    I’m also hiding John Lennon in my basement.


  3. dpogreba says:

    Wait, I am confused, though.

    Am I the person writing the blog or the person writing the comments?

    This is like the JFK conspiracy. Layer after layer.


    • Further evidence of your status as a beard is that you always, 100% of the time, toe the Montana Democratic Party line. As they say, when two people always agree, one is not thinking.

      Since you are not well read on other subjects, your opinions are not of much value.


      • dpogreba says:

        You spend so much time thinking about it, though.

        I’m still confused. Which one is the real me? The blog you can’t help but write about or the comments that make you sad? I think your discerning readers need to know this critical information.

        On another note, John Lennon is really mad that you have outed him. He asked me to ask you to stop.


        • You’re making my point, Don. This is the real you on your game, snarky, petty, unread, incurious (and honestly, not that funny).

          Someone else is writing your stuff at ID – party hacks no doubt. I am more convinced now than before. And I should have seen this years ago – you have always been a different persona in commenting than in writing.


        • By the way, you’re banned.


        • petetalbot says:

          I’m pissed, Don. Maybe you could share some of that money the Democrats are paying you to write that blog. I’ll bet it’s a shitload. My own contributions to the site, as intellectually challenged and morally bereft as they are, must be worth some remuneration.

          BTW, since Tokarski is of such strong character, an able debater and brave blogger, he’d never ban anyone at this site who might question his theses.


          • Oh Pete, must I explain everything? You Democrats are such placards. He’s not banned. That was humor. Banning is his habit. And no one suspects you of being paid or of having a ghost writer.


          • petetalbot says:

            So that’s humor. How’d I miss that? And sorry about the snub — easy target, low-hanging fruit — I’ll try to refrain in the future. I can hear my Mom’s voice now: “Be kind to those who are less able.”


          • Pete, go write a blog post. I assume you’ve found your voice, have energy and are willing to battle wits with assholes. I mean, you’re not just one of those people who write for applause from the balcony. Right?


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