Sock puppets and other frauds and deceptions

I am in a lull, nothing interesting going on, no interesting reading. I am still working on the book Drugs as Weapons Against Us, but it is dragging. So much (like all) of it is merely a rehash of what is known. I’ll take any and all suggestions for new books. Don’t suggest David Talbot – not sure what to make of him, but suspect he is a disinformation agent. That is a whole ‘nuther kettle of fish.

Here’s a quick recap of blog activities:

I am more convinced with each passing day that Pogie’s “Intelligent Discontent” is a fake site run by the Montana Democratic Party. I learned years ago from a book by Kevin Phillips that the Republican National Committee puts out a daily “thought piece” for local right-wing radio hosts to read each morning on-air as if their own. When I lived in Billings local host Dave Berg would begin each show with such a piece, always ending with “and that’s the way I see it” or some such tag line. But listening to Berg I could easily see he was not capable of the sharp writing and insight in each piece, and so was merely mouthing someone else’s words.

With Pogie, it’s a surreal experience to read the posts put up at ID – they are Democrat-focused, of course, and so predictable, but are usually the product of a wide breadth of observation of political news. I find the content boring, as it is merely grist, but it is also good writing, almost professional. Consequently, Pogie is known throughout Democratic circles as an intelligent and insightful man … as Democrats go! – let’s not get carried away here. That is not the party from which we draw our brain surgeons.

And then to encounter Pogie in comments … short-tempered, hyper-sensitive, insulting, and never actually defending the words in the posts. His comments are short, mindless, and often enough passive-aggressive. (He’s been trying to insult me recently, and I just don’t feel any sting.  I know what good insulting skills feel like, having been hit hard and often these past years. He is just not very intelligent, and his insults are childish.)

It dawned on me … he doesn’t write the posts. If RNC uses radio hosts as sock puppets, why would not the Democrats do the same? We know that “Montana Cowgirl” is a professional Democratic site run by a few writers hidden away in Helena. Is it such a reach to imagine they write for more than one site?

If everything else about the Democrat Party is fake … leaders, ideas, issues, finances … why not the blogs too?

*see footnote

I had an interesting (and long) exchange with JC over the weekend (starting here) centered on the work of Miles W. Mathis. I think I repeated several times that I have drawn only three hard conclusions from the hundreds of pages of his work that I’ve read … that John Lennon did not die in 1980; that Stephen Hawking actually died in 1985, and that Michael Jackson at some point years ago was replaced … by a white guy!

The two pop icons are of little lasting importance, but the Hawking matter is serious business. Why are they keeping him alive? Mathis goes deep into physics at his site, and I stay away from all of that, as I don’t have the brain needed to grasp conventional or non-convectional physics, quantum mechanics, and astrophysics. But Mathis essentially says that the way we do physics was perverted in the early twentieth century, that Einstein was a fraud, and that the whole of it is just another money siphon for the oligarchs.

That strikes me as so strange that even I think it is strange. I want no part of it … except … Hawking died, they are keeping him alive. Why? Hawking now makes ex cathedra pronouncments in physics on Higgs bosons, alien civilizations, time travel and black holes. But it is not Hawking. It is other people using him as a sock puppet. Why? Does it mean the pronouncements are all bogus?

I do not know. I am 65 years old now, so I suppose there is still time for that rabbit hole. Maybe that is the new direction I need.
And finally, now and then I see someone slip off the edge and publicly doubt the official story of 9/11, the bullshit one about bullshit hijackers hijacking bullshit jet airliners. It is of no consequence, as there is a safety net there for us when that happens. It is called the “9/11 Truth Movement.”

“9/11 Truth” is an Intelligence front, capital “I.” It has taken me a few years to come around to that fact – if you are smart enough to know that the official story cannot be true, they give you others. They will lead you down blind alleys about bombs and nanothermites and nukes and Israeli artists and CGI planes. And they will keep you fighting with others about the various scenarios.

It is all for a purpose. As Dr. Judy Wood discovered, there were secret technologies used that day, and the purpose of the 9/11 Truth movement is to protect those technologies so they can be used again. We saw directed energy, weather control, and some means by which a dark aircraft either shielded missiles as they hit the towers, or were themselves projections, holograms.

There was a suspicion among doubters early on that all of the videos taken that day were faked, so a British man, Richard C. Hall, a serious and highly intelligent guy, constructed a digital 3D map of Manhattan. He took over twenty of the videos from that day and superimposed them on his digital city, possibly expecting that the “plane” in the videos would be all over the grid. To his surprise, they all showed the same object on the same course, only differing from military radar by about 1,400 feet or so. (Video link.)

Whatever it was, it was not a jet airliner.

But back to 9/11 Truth, they have cleverly come up with the notion of “no-planers” to disguise not the fact that while there were indeed no planes, there was something far more sophisticated. Dr. Wood discovered that there was a spike in the earth’s magnetic field registered in Alaska monitoring stations at the precise moments that the buildings”got their holes”, and that the magnetic disturbance continued throughout the day until after 5PM, when Building Seven finished turning to dust.

Anyway, if you are smart enough to know that 19 Arabs and a guy in a cave did not do this, don’t be distracted by the 9/11 Truth Movement. Instead, read Dr. Wood’s book for starters. It’s daunting, 500 pages of exhibits, math and physics, photos analysis describing “what” happened without a “who” or “why.” It’s a textbook. But if you ever want to solve that mystery, you’ve got to ask the right questions. Start there.

Thus endeth my lull of a morning.


*I just remembered – when I ran for legislature in Billings in 1996, one of my opponents was a stupid drunk who I will not name because I just insulted him. But I got to know him a bit, and there was humor behind the milky eyes, I could not help but like him. So I became his ghost writer. Everything that he said that appeared in the newspaper was written by me. This is not a new phenomenon.

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2 Responses to Sock puppets and other frauds and deceptions

  1. Luckyman says:

    You have probably already read it, but I am 2/3rds of the way though A Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn. (I’m still catching up on a lot of stuff, my “awakening” did not happen until shrub/D+ augustus said we had to invade Iraq) One eye opener for me in Zinn’s book was how labor unions were co-opted by TPTB (oligarchs) as tools for control even as their power and influence have been steadily eroded by the same oligarchic system.


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