Fake curiosity

gopher I’ve learned to be cautious about images like the one to the left, which came on the scene shortly after the fake landing of the fake Curiosity on Mars back in 2012. It could be a planted photo designed to entrap skeptics into thinking that they have something real, only to be “debunked” by NASA. But as far as I know at this time the photo is genuine, and NASA has indeed discovered life on Mars. It seems that that planet is inhabited by the same type of creatures that also run NASA.

If you’re in doubt about the actual event, take a look at the press conference beneath the fold here – you’ll see everything – fake enthusiasm, fake scientists, fake questions, planted starry-eyed children. The whole thing is a Hollywood production. It should, if you have functioning antennae, creep you out.  (NASA has a real mission, space-based weaponry, which is hidden behind fake programs like Curiosity. It is a disguised military agency. They don’t do the fake part for mere giggles.)

That came to mind this morning as I visited another curiosity, a website called “Flat Earth Society.” Stop me here if you have not heard the news, but the earth is round. I don’t know what on earth is wrong with the Flat Earth people, but I suspect they are a front for NASA. This would be done so that skeptics who don’t believe in NASA can be sullied, poisoned in the well, associated with genuine kooks.

“Of course NASA landed on the moon! And oh yeah, buddy, the earth is not flat. OK?” That’s why fake organizations like Flat Earth get any traction at all. They are controlled opposition, like that fake candidate Bernie.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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    • Best information I have seen, and it’s been over a year ago, is that this particular rodent inhabits some desolate northern climate here on planet earth, but I do not remember where they thought the photo originated. Canada comes to mind. Just to be clear, NASA claimed the photo was taken by Curiosity on Mars.

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