The power of myth

I flipped on an episode of NOVA, the PBS science documentary last night. It reaffirmed the notion of the total information control regime we live under – no matter where we turn, be it TV news, movies, podcasts, television “drama” and “science,” we are being fed the same bullshit stories.

The particular episode I watched was on memory, how the brain functions to collect impressions of the world around us, forming our “reality.” It is really nothing more than electrical impulses, but the interface allows us to function and gather data that we need to survive and function. Sadly, much of our reality is imparted on us by electronic media.

In  particular NOVA showed a young boy and asked him questions about information and events he had gathered in his brief stay here in the planet. One question asked was the date of death of Osama bin Laden. “May 2, 2011” the boy quickly spat out.  “Excellent!” He was rewarded with praise.

And there we have it, the hand of the state reaching into the mind of an impressionable youth, filling it with bullshit. And there sat his elder, a “scientist,” reaffirming for him and all the viewers that state-sanctioned bullshit is our only reality. Total information control.

Later in the episode an elderly Jew told stories of Nazi troopers storming Jewish neighborhoods. The Nazi meme, like Osama bin Laden, has been hammered hard over the decades. The “History Channel” has been trotting them out in their jackboots over the decades, reducing all of the manipulations and schemes of that era down to a few evil Germans.

We cannot escape, I thought. This morning I read a brief passage from Dr. Richard A. Gabriel as recounted in D.M. Murdock’s Christ in Egypt:

“In 391 C.E., the Patriarch of Alexandria, Theophilus, summoned the monks to arms and turned them against the city of Memphis and the great shrine of Serapis, the Serapeum, the main temple of the Osiran-Isis religion. The attack was akin to ordering the destruction of the Vatican. Egyptian priests were massacred in their shrines and in the streets. The ferocity of the violence consumed priests, followers, and the Egyptian intellectual elite of Alexandria, Memphis and other cities of Egypt who were murdered and their temples and libraries destroyed. The institutional structure of Egyptian religion, then more than four millennia old, was demolished in less than two decades.” (Gabriel, Jesus the Egyptian: The Origins of Christianity and the Psychology of Christ)

It is my impression that Christianity was visited on us by the Roman Empire as a reign of terror, and there followed a destruction of knowledge so devastating that we are left with mere remnants and scraps of history before that time. Thus are we given Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, presented to us as a recounting of new events, but which are in reality heads with the bodies cut off. These gospels gather thousands of years of mythology, names changed, mythological notions given human faces. Without knowing all that came before, they stand as mutes unable to speak to us about what really happened.

Power owns reality. Those who control the mythology control our minds control our lives. Thus does NOVA serve its state function, to confer on us mythology disguised as real history.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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2 Responses to The power of myth

  1. steve kelly says:

    History is now destroyed as it happens. ISIS being the latest twisted tale of R2P perpetual war. Not everyone on the left, however, is sold on Bernie.


    • Steve W says:

      The jealousy is palpable and understandably. Chris writes about a fantasy futurist revolution sometime long after he’s dead, while Bernie is leading a political revolution engaging millions across the country to self organize. I wonder how Bernie’s success has impacted Chris’ bottom line? If everyone is engaged and giving to Bernie, what happens to Chris and HIS revolution?


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