Pogie’s ghost

[See footnote]

I noted before down below that given the level of “snark, sneering and condescension” in a post at Intelligent Discontent, that the author of the post was obviously Don Pogreba. That is how he writes in his comments. It is the same voice.

I get crosseyed looks when I talk about writers and voices, as if it is some sort of magic and mystery to ascertain who writes and how they write. Pogie is not well-read, and certainly does not scan newspaper and blogs nationwide to gather information for posts. He sees, he shoots. He reads the Helena IR. Nothing else. He doesn’t know a lot, but he does know that Republicans are crybabies, bedwetters and liars, and that Democrats are good and honest folks.

So compare the article I linked to before with this one, and see if you too can hear the voices behind the words, and realize that Pogie wrote the one, but not the other. It is not rocket science. The man writing unrelenting snark and condescension cannot set it aside and do something as thoughtful as the linked piece. It is not possible.

Someone is ghosting for him, he is but a hired gun. It is as plain as the nose on my face.
PS: A commenter, Bob Williams, left the following:

Don, you dug in and well presented your own scoop!
Kind of a meta work. Something you have a unique talent for.

Pogie eats this up, lavishes in the praise even as the writing is not his own. He is as craven a phony as I have ever met.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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