Back from Montana

We just returned yesterday from up north, flying over southwest Montana, Utah and Colorado. As we took off from Bozeman, on our left was a brilliant orange sunrise, and on our right a nearly full moon illuminating the landscape. It was spectacular, even moving. I’ve never witnessed full moon and sunrise in such stark contrast and beauty. Airline pilots must see such panorama on a regular basis.

Madeleine-AlbrightThe snow pack in the mountains is impressive, with vast snowfields in the high altitudes. Montana is a bit barren in large part, and there will probably be some forest fires up there. This leads to hand wringing, thoughts of global warming, and of course the timber lobby chiming in that they need to destroy our forests to save them. (In the afterlife, if there is one, and if there is justice, the road to hell will be lined with the heads of pharmaceutical, health insurance and timber lobbyists on stakes. Bankers too. Also, Madeleine Albright.)

I’ve stopped worrying about climate change. For one thing, I do not understand the science, and so am completely at the mercy of the those who tell me I should worry about it – that is, I am suggestible. I’d rather be agnostic …

…there was that email hack back in 2011 that was not nothing. Something was up there. The scientists were caught with pants down.

What I suspect is this: If there is reincarnation, and I come back to this planet in 200 years, I’ll find it intact, swarming with people just as now. In the period of my absence there will have been periods of warming and cooling, and lots of worry about both. The planet will continue to provide for us in abundance. Perhaps the human powers that rule us will allow the release of energy as demonstrated on 9/11 (which turned the Twin Towers to dust before our eyes) for good instead of evil, so that fossil fuels will be a thing of the past.

It was a nice trip, and I still have a deep and abiding love of Montana, the landscape, the openness, the emptiness, the wind and places of silence. Politically speaking it is still corrupt as hell, but I’ve come to grips with corruption. It becomes us. Good people don’t want power, so the bad people are in charge. It can be no other way. Carry on Governor Steve Bullock, you slimy creep!

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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