A primer on Gitmo and realpolitik

Amazingly, Pogie doesn’t get that Obama’s failure to do anything about Guantanamo these last seven years is deliberate policy, that there was never any connection between words and deeds. He (or his ghost writer) sees the latest attempt as a genuine policy initiative undertaken by the executive, as if the executive held sway over such matters.

Ah, politics and Pogie, never to meet in a dark alley.

I do not know what Obama is up to any more than I know the true purpose of Gitmo. I assume that everything that goes on there is shielded by the prisoners in the display window. The spooks who run the place might be engaged in torture and creation of Manchurian candidates to run their various false flag events. They might be working still on perfecting destruction of humans and replacement by clones. The only thing for certain is this: Whatever is going on there is meant to be hidden, and the public prisoners being held there are nothing more than the curtain hiding the true purpose of the facility.

That in mind, Gitmo is not going away any more than the other terror and torture facilities that are really kept in secret. So what is Obama up to?

Here’s a brief glimpse into realpolitik: Bill Clinton, like Obama, was a right-wing president of near fascist proportions, but as a perceived Democrat one who would offer up a little ice cream for his followers to snack on now and then. One such event was his decision on leaving office to use the executive order route to adjust arsenic standards in water throughout the country. It is quite a problem that follows hard rock mining.

On leaving office, it was the Republicans’ turn, and new President Bush immediately rescinded the executive order.

No surprises there, not for Clinton or for Bush. It was a stage play. Clinton knew when he issued the order that it was fake and temporary. Otherwise he had eight years to do it and sat on his hands.

Similarly, Obama has had over seven years now to do something about Gitmo, and has done precisely nothing. November is the Republicans’ turn again, so no matter what he does, it will be overturned come January. He knows this, and so does the appointed successor, whoever that turns out to be.

That’s politics, Pogie. Study it some time, or have your ghost writer do so.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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2 Responses to A primer on Gitmo and realpolitik

    • Interesting photos, but I am wondering what we are not allowed to see. Google is not known for divulging state secrets.

      We were up in Montana last weekend, but only for a couple of days and sans car. Spent time in West skiing. Hope to get back this June.

      If you are ever down here, let us know. Our house is yours.


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