Pogie’s ghost and Syrian refugees

Pogie has done this before – back when Tester was pushing his Forest Jobs and Recreation Act, he used three industry front groups, including Montana Wilderness Association, to advance it. This is where I first began to sense that Pogreba was an automaton, and later suspect he had a ghost writer. We could not get through to him. With MWA especially, as far as Don was concerned, it just was what Tester said it was, an environmental group, and it backed the bill, and that was the end of the story. Nothing more to learn on his part.

No thought, no insight, no depth, unreachable, taciturn, and lock-step in line.

Something similar is going on now with the Syrian refugees … It is a Democratic proposal, and that is just all there is to it. We have hammered on Pogie (and Talbot, his acolyte) that the situation is complicated, needs better and deeper analysis, and is not so simple as bigots versus enlightened Democrats. As if.

But no. It is this: Enlightened Democrats want to resettle 100 Syrians in the Missoula area. They don’t know why. Anyone opposed is a bigot. They know nothing about the “refugees.” Worse yet, they know nothing about the Syrian situation, how it came about, and why there are refugees. Pogie probably cannot find Syria on the map.

Do you think I am kidding? Read him (or his ghost). He’s all about bigots and morally superior Democrats, and is yet to touch the matter on the ground, the players, its back story and the role that the Obama Administration has played in making refugees.

Again, for emphasis, Pogie is a fake. He has a ghost writer, and the man is nothing but a name on a computer screen. If you have kids in the Helena school district, and he is teaching them, consider home schooling. You cannot do worse.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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