Democrats soiled blogging too

A commenter in a post below yesterday made the point that Montana Cowgirl is more and more allowing “guest” posts, speculating that perhaps these “guests” have branched over into Intelligent Discontent to become Pogie’s ghost. It is confusing, so perhaps we need to put it in historical perspective.

The Montana Democratic Party is a corrupt institution, fouling everything it touches. By its nature it is rife with hypocrisy, as it advances ideals that it does not practice. Its real role as a “second” party is to prevent a second party. The natural instinct in a free society is to oppose the openly oligarchical party, the Republicans. The Democrat Party exists to protect and preserve the Republican Party, and it does so by corralling these instincts and rendering them ineffective.

Take note of that, as it is important: Opposition to Republicans in our country is forced to go through the Democrats. Consequently, Democrats are forced to allow opposing voices within their ranks, as it is understood that people need to blow off steam. But whenever that same venting takes place outside the Democratic Party, it is crushed. Ergo, the Nader phenomenon of 2000. In essence, we are allowed not two parties, but only one.

This is not something that surprises Democratic leadership, as they are merely cloaked Republicans. They know what is up. The rank and file are clueless, but the leadership is not. They know that the purpose of the Democratic Party is not to prevent a third party, but rather to prevent a second party. [Thus will all of the progressive energy released by the Bernie phenomenon ultimately find its only outlet via a sociopathic Neocon, Hillary.]

With that idea in mind, it becomes easier to understand why the Democrats have corrupted the energetic populism represented by “blogging.” It was seen as a threat that had to be corralled and killed. Montana Cowgirl was not something some lady decided to do one evening after dinner and sex. It was a professional rollout lauded by none other than the Washington Post. It was, from the beginning, a professional party outlet run by party staffers.

So it should come as no surprise that the effort did not begin with “Cowgirl,” but rather gelled with it. Prior to that time there were other attempts to head off the blogging threat. It could be seen when other nominal “Democrats” appeared more or less simultaneously on the scene – Matt Singer and Jay Stevens (Left in the West and 4&20 Blackbirds), Rob Kailey (A Chicken is Not Pillage), and Pogie (Intelligent Discontent).

What is remarkable about all these outlets is that they were all ahead of the game in technical aspects. While people like myself and Skink merely grab at free technology and use it as best we know how, these earlier blogs had the game under control, knew and paid for expensive technology. They didn’t do this by accident. They must have had backing. Otherwise, were this a random occurrence, each of those blogs would have carried a different message. But they were all identical in content. They all fostered “Democrat” ideas, and rejected progressive and populist ideals. They backed “candidates” to the extreme hilt, and opposed any attempt to expose these candidates as frauds.

Thus it can be seen that the Montana Democratic Party, just as it prevents the rise of a second party, also prevented the rise of independent blogging voices. As soon as “Democrat” blogs appeared and generated reasonable traffic, we began to see banning and removal of truly dissident blogs (like my own) from the blog rolls so that traffic could be controlled and truly independent voices (like my own) marginalized.

Since I was a vocal opponent of Democrats, seeing through them as I do, I was quickly banned, and in short order, from Kailey’s blog (along with his pulling the Monty stunt), Left in the West, 4&20* and Cowgirl. I had not done anything wrong – in fact, I was the essence of the nature of blogging, a free voice expressing dissident ideas. I also possess some writing ability and could express my dissent with clarity. Democrats hate that. They hate anything that exposes their own corruption and bankruptcy. As authoritarians, they hate freedom of expression. They need to control the message.

Thus today do we see “blogging” as an extension of the Montana Democratic Party, and under control of that party, its message perverted by the writers who occupy the two primary remaining slots – Montana Cowgirl and Intelligent Discontent. (Kailey more or less marginalized himself, but that is due to his personality more than anything from above.)  The message at both these places is tinny – Democrats-good Republicans-bad. It is so hollow that only intellectual deadheads and party hacks find it interesting.

So it should come as no surprise that the content, as the commenter noted, appears to be done by committee with designated “writers” claiming credit. Posts appearing on those two blogs could be written by a computer program for all I know, they are so mechanical.

And that is the nature of blogging today. Democrats ruined it, just as they soil everything of value that they come in contact with.
PS: I would imagine that what the Democrats did in Montana was part of a larger nationwide effort by the party to suppress free expression – to rein in the blogging beast and tame it.
*4&20 Blackbirds, left without Party oversight, became for a brief while an outlet of free expression. The “proprietor,” Jay Stevens, no doubt acting on orders (since in my scenario he only fronted for the Party when he founded the blog), shut it down.

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9 Responses to Democrats soiled blogging too

  1. steve kelly says:

    And now they’re going global. Oh my, there’s a recent Executive Order to develop a new Global Engagement Center.

    “It has an annual budget of 20 million dollars. This money will be used not to produce messages, but to subsidise as discretely as possible bloggers or leaders of opinion whose messages are judged to be useful. The GEC will work exclusively in foreign countries.” – Thierry Meyssan

    Sound familiar?


    • Yep – something else that occurred to me too – while people like me got banned, Kailey, ever the insulting persona not only never got banned, but was asked to write LITW when Singer and Stevens left. In other words, he was hired help. It should have occurred to me long ago – Stevens unemployed, Kailey a book store clerk, Pogie a school teacher, were buying sophisticated blogging tools and keeping it updated. Three separate sets of software from three companies so as not to resemble one another.

      Your link does not lead to Meyssan by the way. I’ll get there by myself.


      • Rob Kailey says:

        You don’t understand “technology” at all, do you? You don’t understand the Internet at all, do you? Just to clarify your credentials, what awesome technologies do you pay for to blog, moron?


        • Of the names mentioned, you were the least likely fit. But yeah, you, on a book store salary, used blogging software that was not offered for free, and you continually updated it over the years, meaning you paid annual premiums which I assume, though affordable, fall low on the priority list on a book store salary, meaning someone else footed the bill. I assume you’re running on fumes now, not updating, since you don’t talk the talk anymore. You’ll soon decide blogging ain’t for you.

          But yeah. “A Chicken” was meant to put you at the top of blog rolls along with “4&20” – alphabetically. Calculated. People who do that stuff for a living think up names like that. I think I gotcha. You were a hire. Probably a low-level activist, but they wanted to cover as much as the state as possible, Missoula, Bozeman, Helena. They look for people like you.

          My only questIon … What about Billings?


        • Rob Kailey says:

          As I’ve written and stand by, you are a moron. The name of my blog was chosen specifically from an old deeply ironic cartoon that one of my oldest friends and I found. 2 others of my oldest friends were among the first to engage in “blogging”. All of this was clearly presented on my website before you thought yourself important enough to troll me.

          And of course, you are making assumptions again, which makes an ass out of you and umption. You think stupidly, like many accountants do. Life isn’t about counting beans, Bean-Counter. It’s about growing them. I blog for fun, especially about football. You spend far more every year for fun than I have ever spent blogging. Yet somehow, someway, you think that no person would spend money having fun in a way that is not dis-associative Tarkaski approved? You’re being willfully stupid, Mark.

          The Illuminati will likely grow tired of your ham-handed attempts to expose their enemies. I hope you stay safe from their retribution. And if not, I hope it becomes a Lifetime channel movie. I won’t watch it, of course. But someone might be entertained by your descent.


          • As I’ve come to know you, it is a safe assumption that you don’t have any friends. So I assume you are talking about your brother as being your oldest friend and also the two others to boot. He is a busy guy!

            And an interesting aspect of your decision to go into blogging is that you didn’t have anything interesting to say. That too leads to speculation that you were inspired to do so by a general thrust from Montana Democrats to get out in front of a trend. For money. I mean, who gets all inspired by Democrats? Who, besides paid hacks? Certainly not Singer, Stevens, the Cowgirl staff, so likely not you either.

            So while I am not certain I am right, I am not backing down. I know you’re conniving and calculating and a phony from the Monty stunt, so I am not yet ready here to believe that your entry into blogging was a desire just to have some fun. Not your way, it is.


          • larry kurtz says:

            interesting that as the national democratic party is poised to crush its nearest competitor the urge to rub my home state’s nose in its failures just as you do now with yours, mark, is somehow etched in on my skin.

            i don’t like the top down model either but driving the electorate away from the polls just for the hell of it is just wrong.

            until your stupid ass comes up with a workable alternative you’re just spinning electrons to reach some anarchic orgasm.


          • You remind me of the old story about a man who is told that he has a cancerous tumor, and needs surgery to remove it. He says “But Doctor, what’s will I replace it with?”

            If you want to keep repeating the same behaviors, each time going to the polls and expecting a different outcome, so be it. But don’t call me the insane one.


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