Is Trump real?

I have been following the work of Jon Rappaport for a while now, trying to decide if he is real or just more false opposition. It is very important to understand that our leadership likes to be in control of all sides of the debate on any important issue, from politics (where the ownership of both parties is the same) to dissent, where the voices that lead the disaffected are also owned by the same leaders. Think Drudge/Hartmann, National Review/The Nation, the same people in different packaging.

His latest article caught my attention more than others as it seems so dead on. It is called “5 threats Trump poses, and 6 plans to stop him.” Like most objective observers, I am trying to decide if Trump is real, or false opposition, like Bernie. At this point in time, I do not know.

I’ll summarize the Rappaport piece, which is ten pages (large print). First, the five threats Trump presents:

  • The way he talks. “Big-time politics and news in the US must be delivered in hypnotic cadence — otherwise they fall apart, because they have no hypnotic substance.” Trump speaks off-the-cuff, and does not follow a teleprompter. He is often politically incorrect, criticizing our foreign aggression, trade agreements, and praising Putin.
  • He fails to show proper respect. If media personalities ruffle him, he attacks them. “Hey, take the pendulum out of my face, you idiot. I don’t need to go to sleep. I’m awake.”
  • He criticizes the trade agreements that have destroyed the American economy. He knows we never recovered form the 2008 crash. He wants to make new deals to bring jobs back. Verboten – neither party is allowed to speak in this manner.
  • Immigration – he is critical of too much of it, and sees what it has done to Europe.
  • He is unpredictable. He does not appear controllable.

Here are the responses, all predicted by Rappaport, a risky bit of speculation:

  • Change the nominating rules so Rubio and Kasich delegates are given to Cruz.
  • Induce deadlock at the convention, and bring out a “compromise candidate.” Like Romney I suppose, a yawner who understands somnambulism.
  • Let Trump have the nomination, and then back a third party candidate in the manner of Perot to seat Clinton, or Teddy Roosevelt to seat Wilson, allowing Hillary, who is completely controllable, to warm the seat for four years.
  • Covertly back disruptive riots at Trump rallies, then labeling Trump as “divisive..” That is as old as politics itself.
  • Rub him out.
  • Let him win, sit him down, spell out the facts of life, that there are powers in this land far more potent than the office of president.

I am up in the air, of course. Right now I see our usual follow-the-leader opinion management, where people assume Trump is some kind of wild ass because media commentators and late night comedians are ridiculing him. But when I listen to Trump, I laugh, smirk a bit, and am not scared. He is not that bad, as I see it. He’s not deep, but seems real.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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One Response to Is Trump real?

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    If it’s Hillary and Trump I’ll go with Trump. Anyone who scares the establishment this much is doing something right. I agree with a lot of his points. I disagree with him on a lot as well. Mainly, it just seems like anything could happen with him. He’s interesting. If politics is about personality, he’ll take it. I still think a ‘controlled assassination’ is a strong possibility, with the establishment taking him out. I wonder what the patsy will look like.


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