The cardboard cutout governor

imageMontana people can tell me how much mileage this photo has gotten. Did the Lee newspapers carry it? They usually cooperate in photo fakery. It is their job, no matter who is in office.

The Governor, Steve Bullock, took a small hit for using a state plane for campaign events. Usually the people that manage people like his phony self  immediately look to distract. In this fake photo, they have placed him in a sympathetic setting with victims of Downs Syndrome.

They must have stayed up all night on this one. It is a paste-up, Photoshoppery. The little girl in the foreground has been pasted in – she is obviously cheering some event, but not the governor. The gal on the left is also inserted. She is happy to see someone, but not the governor. The lines are too sharp, and if you think about it, they are not involved with the man front back and center.

Honorable Steve is oddly disengaged from everyone in the photo. His facial lighting comes from above, and is different than everyone else except the hugger. But it appears that the gal hugging his body and the tie are real, so they probably superimposed his head on someone else’s body. It could be a real man has received real affection from that person, who is not the Governor.

It’s an odd photo, and it could be that every part of it drawn in from some other source. But the point to take in here, people of Montana, is that your governor is a phony, and that he has people around him whose job it is to make him appear human. They are not very good at it.
Steve BullockPS: The head above was obviously attached to someone else’s body, as Bullock above shows no neck. Necks are the biggest problem fakers have in this stuff, as the skin tone, lighting and head size and angle need to match. In this case, probably short of time and under pressure, the governor’s people simply eliminated the neck, placing the head right on top of the shirt. While Bullock has no integrity or balls, he does in real life have a neck

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4 Responses to The cardboard cutout governor

  1. steve kelly says:

    Remember Jim Foley, former chief of staff for Baucus and Williams, and VP at U. of M.? It’s all about the fundraising. The better they feel, the more they give. Feel good enough, even cardboard sells.


    • Yeah – the photo above was obviously put together to impart good feelings. Everyone so happy! And the governor, man, he’s huggable!

      If they move the Olympics to a new venue in Missoula, it won’t matter to the governor, as his staff will be able to just shop him in to the photos and place him there with the kids, who will adore him!


  2. Greg Strandberg says:

    I liked this photo right away. I don’t think it’s fake. Was there some planning by the gov’s staff to get it? Probably…but so what? Bullock went and danced with Jeff Bridges at some preschool in 2014 too. I’m not a fan of Bullock but at least he’s out there doing these things. I doubt Gianforte would have done either of those.


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