Brussels: Massive airport renovations done by 150 “collaborators” on March 16-17

This is just a quick primer on how false flag events are done these days before a discussion of Brussels.

Back in the late 60s through the 80s, during Operation Gladio, NATO used real bombs to cause real carnage, murdering hundreds of people in bombings of various public places. They also assassinated Italian Prime Minister Aldo Mora in Italy, which was part of the reason that Gladio was exposed. He was murdered by NATO elements posing as communists under the name “The Red Brigade.” (Check out the 12-minute Web Tarpley YouTube clip on this subject beneath the fold. He is my go-to on Gladio, as he was in Italy as it went on and has written extensively on it.*)

These days they seek to achieve same effect by use of smoke and noise devices and a controlled news media. There is some comfort in this, as there are fewer real deaths, but it has a downside – one, that the public is so dumbed down that it does not take real deaths to scare us, and two that the news media presents no threat whatsoever to the plotters – is in fact an active participant in the hoaxes. Media control appears total now.

The key to the modern terror event is civil defense, medical (responders and hospitals) and military drills that are always underway when a fake event is planned. Participants in these drills are told there is going to be a practice bombing or fake terrorists firing blanks, and that they are to respond as if it were real. When it happens, the news media, which is an active participant in the hoax, reports the event as if it is real. Confusion ensues, and those participants who figure out it is a hoax intimidated into silence (or murdered) if they threaten to speak up. Others merely imagine it was real, but that the tragic events happens in other places they did not witness. In any event, all learn after the event to STFU.

I know nothing about Brussels, as it is too soon and too little has come out so far. But this article indicates that there were intense preparations for the event under guise of security enhancements: 

Brussels Airport: 150 collaborators get the job done in just one night

The operational changes involved with the opening of Connector to Pier B were enormous. The equipment of the old screening platform and of the border control booths in the departures hall had to be taken apart. All equipment had be reinstalled and tested in the new environment.

The border control in the departure hall had to be closed off and the signage in the departure hall had to be adapted.

A gigantic task that had to be done in just one night.

That was on March 16. That appears to be when everything was put in place for either a fake or real bombing, though it is all sketchy at this time. Watching the news, the Kabuki Dance in mad pursuit of an alleged perpetrator is underway. That, I assume, is all fake. One can never be sure, but in Boston we know it to be a hoax, and Paris, which was teeming with drills going in a time the of the hoax, has to be suspect as well. (Thus far, we have not had the fake terrorists leaving behind passports or home addresses and phone numbers or drivers licenses and iPhones.We wait.)

It takes some vigilance to keep abreast of these things. Mindless TV news viewing or NPR listening or state-controlled news outlets line the New York Times or Washington Post won’t get it done. You’re being lied to by all sources, as the media is completely compromised. 

The spooks behind these operations have real objectives, and bringing about regime change in Syria has long been a goal, ever since terrorists were moved by the spooks from Libya to Syria in 2011. (The Reuters link in that article has been taken down, by Reuters). The fake gas attack in 2013 was to be the triggering event, but the Russians thwarted it. Thus did the spooks counter with a coup d’etat in Ukraine, probably a warning to Russia to stay home, and a way to keep it occupied.

However, the Russians have set back Western ambitions on Syria these past months by doing reality bombing of the western-backed terrorists in that country (rather than bombing sand, as the US tends to do). This has forced NATO and the spooks to regroup, the new objective apparently a Libya-like attack to bring down the Assad government, and possibly ground troops. Thus the Brussels event is probably meant to justify that response.

Scary times, these are. The Russian response at this time is critical. They know what is up, always have, and have played it brilliantly thus far. But you never know who you can trust.
*Interestingly, his professional career in Italy has been scrubbed from his Wikipedia page. Never forget that Wikipedia is a compromised source for everything except trivial pursuits.


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14 Responses to Brussels: Massive airport renovations done by 150 “collaborators” on March 16-17

  1. steve kelly says:

    NATO? Any reporting on NATO? We are NATO. NATO will be moving troops into Poland. NATO summit in July! Russia is the unspoken object of Empire’s aggression. Getting used to it will be like watching yet another pot prepered for slow-boiling frogs.


    • The official line is the Russia “seized” Crimea and it is repeated lockstep by all American outlets. It’s a huge lie, and a sign that all American news outlets are under state control.


  2. Greg Strandberg says:

    We know that the bankers came into Ukraine, made a bunch of loans that could never be repaid, then seized the assets of that country as collateral. It’s how you launder the money that comes about through quantitative easing.

    Printed money is worthless unless you can get those hard assets. Russia and China know of this foreign-banker-backed, US-controlled strategy. That’s why the Asian bank was started up and all the world’s gold is heading that way.

    The gravest threat to this country is our continued slavery to the federal reserve. We have to get rid of it…again. Where’s a Jackson when you need one?


    • Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt were both JP Morgan men, and TR ran against Taft in 1912 to split the Republican vote to put Wilson in office. Wilson then opened the door to the Federal Reserve, and entry into World War I, the Morgan agenda.

      I have a sneaking hunch that the Great Depression, the crash of 29, was a Fed-induced event, something they wanted to happen for their own reasons.


      • Greg Strandberg says:

        I don’t buy the argument that he ran to split the ticket so Wilson would win. What’s his incentive for doing that?


      • William Howard Taft had vowed to veto legislation establishing a central bank while president. Wilson was brought into the Democratic Party by Bernard Baruch, and agreed to support a central bank in exchange for support from Morgan.

        Morgan and Rockefeller then poured money into the Roosevelt candidacy to assure Wilson’s win with 42% of the vote. Incentive? Money. What else motivates a politician?


      • By the way, Greg, I see you have come under attack by Pogreba, and that as usual he cannot see beyond party. He’s not a smart man, but has a kind of push behind him that comes from party affiliation, that is, no matter how stupid, he will always be praised in the right circles.

        I’ve kind of been interested in you over time, and I don’t mean this to come off as me being some insightful unique person, but you do stand out a little bit as one who is searching for answers. And I do appreciate the searching instinct, and don’t care if you arrive on a wrong answer (like I do every other day) as long as you are searching. That goes on forever.

        So between you and me, can we high-five one another and say in unison … “Fuck Pogie!!!”

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  3. vadimz48 says:

    Why is so difficult to believe that ISIS might have bomb Brussels? NATO have done much to warrant attack. Expecting it is false flag is dumb as ignoring possibility of false flag. ISIS has reason and means to conduct bombings anywhere.


    • Why, when I put up posts like this, do I get anonymous trolls like you? Who are you? It is as if the troops deploy whenever something is up.

      ISIS is, circumstantial evidence indicates (support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, ease of access to military hardware, new Toyotas, petroleum and oil money, and a fake war against it by the US) an agent of western intelligence. It is allied with the US and its junior partner, NATO, in attempting to overthrow and divide up Iraq and Syria. (Otherwise, you might think it would threaten Israel.) The only thing that has stopped it is a strong Syrian army and help from the Russians. It therefore has no reason to attack its masters.

      The US and NATO, however, have every reason to stage false flag attack – to justify a Libya-style air war against Syria, and possibly invasion by ground troops.

      Syria is an innocent bystander. It has no reason to antagonize countries that want to attack it. Hence the need for false flag.


    • steve kelly says:

      “ISIS” has operated within a hair’s breadth of Israel and never attacked it once. Who’s side are they on one might ask at that point. ISIS has no “reason and means” without help from oil-rich U.S. allies. ISIS philosophy seems to me to be a reemerging variation of Arab nationalism (Ba’athism), which seeks a unified Arab state.


      • this comment from Moon of Alabama is interesting:

        Of course the plan is to keep the war going forever. Fox News is reporting that US strikes on ISIS have fallen off. This is because Isis hasn’t fulfilled its central task which is to spread the chaos into Central Asia.

        Look at the facts: the Ukraine adventure has isolated Russia from Europe. The pivot to Asia is designed to box China in and isolate it. By then bringing Takafiri lunacy to Central Asia the Silk Road project is ruined and Russia and China, cut off from international trade, are stuck in a giant quagmire that will eventually destroy them. The key to creating this quagmire is ISIS. The only way to supply them is by being in Afghanistan.

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      • Big picture stuff – thanks.


  4. Tess says:

    There was a former priest of the catholic church who went to the common law court in Brussels to have the queen, the american president and the pope charged with crimes against children because a native man and several others had come up in his church to tell their residential school stories in Canada. Most of those people are dead now but he pursued their claims. The claimants name is Kevin Annett. When he insisted on pursuing the matter he was excommunicated from the catholic church. In Brussells the court found the three guilty and put out arrest warrents for Lilybet, Obama, and the pope before this one who resigned. Thats when the queen went on extended holiday and the pope quit. A while after that Brussells was hoaxed and I was pretty sure it had to do with the court case. Im not altogether sure about this Kevin Annett. He liked to stir up trouble among the native tribes and I dont trust any priest especially a fransciscan of which I dont know if he was one of them or not.


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