Why does ISIS not threatnen Israel?

A commenter below left the following, a copied comment (#13 from this thread) from Moon of Alabama. It is above-my-pay-grade geopolitical stuff, and very interesting.

Of course the plan is to keep the war going forever. Fox News is reporting that US strikes on ISIS have fallen off. This is because Isis hasn’t fulfilled its central task which is to spread the chaos into Central Asia.

Look at the facts: the Ukraine adventure has isolated Russia from Europe. The pivot to Asia is designed to box China in and isolate it. By then bringing Takafiri lunacy to Central Asia the Silk Road project is ruined and Russia and China, cut off from international trade, are stuck in a giant quagmire that will eventually destroy them. The key to creating this quagmire is ISIS. The only way to supply them is by being in Afghanistan.

I have long maintained that Isis – Islamic State – Isil – Daesh are all creatures of Western Intelligence, serving imperialists ends. This would explain why even supposedly representing Arab nationalism, they have shown no interesting in even being annoying towards Israel.

This is nothing new, by the way, controlled opposition is common throughout history. Another group that was a product of Western (British) Intelligence was the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just as the Democrats and Republicans are two faces of the same coin, so too are the terrorists who supposedly want to attack us merely the other side of the coin of our intelligence community, CIA/MI6/Mossad, etc.

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3 Responses to Why does ISIS not threatnen Israel?

  1. CJD says:

    ISIS and it’s ancestors are utterly ridiculous organizations that exist nowhere except in the imaginations of their script writers. Their “ideologies” are barely thought out fantasies that no real person would believe much less fight, die, or kill for. They are literally comic book villians- who exist to do evil for evil sake. None of their “attacks” make any sense from any strategic or tactical analysis. And as for the propaganda of ISIS? They have none. Everything they do they do to make themselves appear utterly insanely evil. They simply kill, behead, rape, because they are bad guys. That’s it. That’s literally all the explanation they even bother to give for the existence of ISIS. Oh sure- their are narratives for “The Left” that are more nuanced and blah blah- but it’s all just crap. ISIS is 100 percent fiction. Not a controlled group with real followers- not secretly run by the CIA. There are no “operatives” who really run ISIS for the West. It simply does not exist at all outside of media magic land.


  2. fm says:

    Spooks, sadists and soldier of fortune in burqas.
    Puppet of the puppet of TPTB.


  3. Inside Baseball says:

    The British press pushes this stuff even further than here in the US. Just look up the “white widow” and the pictures of the 20 year old 90 pound English girls who join the jihad and go on to lead bands of these vicious fighters. It’s beyond absurd…


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