Pogie thinks the heat is off?

I am going to keep going with my false leader meme for a while, as it is very productive. It is forcing me to examine underlying motives. This post is nothing but a side track.

When dealing in propaganda and politics, we are sparring with very intelligent people. They understand us far better than we them, and they have far more resources. The manipulation is sublime, often excellent. I usually stand in awe.

But let’s not forget the mundane, Don Pogreba. He is incorrigible. The heat is off now, the notion that he does not author posts under his name. But I assure you, he does not. They are too good, too smooth, too well sourced, opening and closing on message. He’s not that good. He is a cardboard cutout.

Read the latest on Rep Zinke, economic slavery, a good piece. See how he is able to dip back into 2014 statements from Zinke.

That’s not Pogie. That is the Montana Democratic Party apparatus. They have tools at their disposal he does not. They are keyed into a database that allows them to plug in a name and an issue and reference something Zinke said or promoted … it looks good, sounds good, and is completely phony. It is a professional writing source. Unless Pogie, a school teacher, has that very expensive database, he is a poseur.

The Montana Democratic Party, corrupt as hell, can do that stuff. Pogie cannot.

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2 Responses to Pogie thinks the heat is off?

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    Lots of posts go up on that site considering one of the authors is supposedly a teacher working from what, 8 to 3 each day?


    • I don’t think time is a factor. A smart person could easily work full time and write a blog, many do. Most people who quit blogging did so because they ran out of ideas. There was no forward movement, it got boring.

      What I see in Pogie is a distinct difference in voice between his comments and his posts. They sound like different people.

      Then there is the message – a maniacal effort to keep Democrats focused on “the enemy” and away from their own corrupt leaders. Those Zinke posts, for instance, are mundane and repetitive, so much so that he can only be doing it for pay or … Is a nom de plume, like Cowgirl. The writing, technically speaking, is very good. The content is propaganda. It is designed for effect, just as Rush Limbaugh’s stuff is packaged, very cleverly, for a certain effect.* It is too clever for the guy making those stupid comments.

      *Limbaugh gives Obama political cover, did the same for Clinton.


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