The fake Tylenol scare

Last year, when I gave up blogging and then returned, it was with the understanding that I needed to go new directions. No more party politics and elections, no more 9/11 or JFK. I must have had sensors scanning the dial for new channels, because that is just what has happened. I have jumped out of the old sphere and live in a brand new world, a far more interesting one.

The question is, how much to divulge? Even something mundane, like our music being overseen by spooks, draws ridicule and derision.

Truth is, I don’t mind the scorn, as I don’t reside in that sphere and don’t have a need to draw praise from those quarters. I am just as happy going my own way, not having to worry about who gets elected or what was said on TV news. So I get to be me, say what I think and know and have learned.

So now, for something completely different and new: This is something about which I have read nothing, and know nothing beyond what I saw and misunderstood at the time. I am speculating based on what I know now that I did not know then.

In 1982 in Chicago seven people died of poisoning, and the cause was said to be to be Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide. The perpetrator was never apprehended. It created a nationwide panic, and caused manufacturers to come up with new ways to seal containers of everything now from mustard to peanut butter to medications.

It was a hoax. No one died. The object was to create fear in the population, a resident fear that we can be attacked by evil demons in even our daily innocent activities.

It is called the “Strategy of Tension.” It exhibits in serial killers, random poisonings like Tylenol and anthrax, and these days mass shootings. All fake.

Now, go your way, and fear no more.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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