Fooled again …

I spent quite a few years as a “birder,” a fun hobby, but have not done it much in recent years. I lost interest. But learning to identify various species was quite a challenge, as small features cannot be overlooked. Perhaps people who do that for a hobby are simply more observant than regular people, and enjoy solving puzzles. I often thought as I trudged through the woods with my binoculars that was merely solving riddles. I love doing that. I ate up Sherlock Holmes as a young boy, read every story, and then again later after formal schooling. The stories gripped me, and I could not put them down.

The “Paul is Dead” hoax was a riddle to be solved. The JFK matter, which gripped me for quite a few years, was also a riddle. And so many others, most recently the weird disappearance of Antonin Scalia, where again nothing appears right. There is funny business there, but I don’t know what.

I think most people imagine everything we need to know in life is served on a dinner plate, that news is real, that our educations actually educate us, and that no one ever consciously manages our perceptions. The usual attitude of the people who pooh-pooh these matters is “It must be as I am told. It can be nothing else, because I cannot be fooled.”

If you imagine you cannot be fooled, or even that you are hard to fool, you’re being fooled, all day every day. I mean, like, wow.

I was fooled again while working on the “Sir Faul” piece even as I was stumbling around searching through photos trying to understand the business of the McCartney twins. I used the photo below as an example of “real Paul.” It is not. It is Mike.It kept bugging me, I kept going back to it. Something was not right.

Dammit! Fooled again!


Paul waving good byeLines on face PaulThat is real “Paul” to the left here.* The thing that troubled my subconscious mind as I went about my business was the lines under his eyes. (The left eyebrow peak is one key too, but I was busy looking at the hair, the easiest feature to manipulate.) Lines Giveaway

He’s very young here, perhaps mid-20s, and as the photo to the left shows has no facial blemishes that we can see. It is probably retouched, air brushed, but still a reasonable facsimile of the real person at that time.

There was monkey business going on, and was from the beginning of the “Beatles,” from their selection and rise to fame to the music they played to “Paul is Dead” to the fake death of John Lennon. It was all scripted. All of it. (George Harrison really died. Of that I am sure. The other four could all be alive and well as we speak.)

Anyway, the lines were most likely the result of plastic surgery, so that in later years there would be no lingering cognitive dissonance as they switched one for the other. They needed to keep the twin business under wraps, and that appears now to be the whole purpose of the “Paul is Dead” affair – misdirection as it slowly became obvious that “Paul’s” appearance had changed. Our perceptions were being managed, and just as with JFK with 911, those among us more observant and curious were being marginalized and fed misdirection. That is what intelligence operations are for – to manage us. All of us.

But just think about it – the four men in the top photo, Mike, George, Ringo and John, were knowingly fooling us. Paul, probably still on the plane, is in on it too. It took a great deal of planning and management to be sure that they did not both appear in the same photo during their careers as they toured the world, made movies, performed in public. One would always have to be kept out of sight as the other was out in public to avoid the same Beatle in two places phenomenon (as we saw with Lee Harvey Oswald, whose handlers routinely screwed up). That took hands-on management.

And that is why the boat photo was so important. They screwed up. [Or, someone leaked it.]


They would stay mum about it throughout their lives and to this day, when they are passé. That, to me, speaks of a professional operation. No way did these boys just happen on each other and trip their way to fame. They were selected for their roles, trained in Hamburg, and rolled out, the exictement manufactured in the beginning, girls hired to follow them around just as young girls dressed as “hippies” were hired in Los Angeles at the same time to follow the Laurel Canyon groups around.

Here’s another aspect: The band was just starting up, they had yet to achieve fame, and even so were able to finance elective facial surgery on at least one of the members so he could be switched in and out with one of the other. Even in Britain, with socialized Medicine, elective surgery could not be billed to the government. There had to be serious money backing them up.

What are the implications?
*The mix of Paul and Mike as I went searching for photos of real Paul was about 50-50. Do a search for “young Paul McCartney” and see for yourself.


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2 Responses to Fooled again …

  1. Pete says:

    You’re still being fooled, and are a fool.


    • One of the things that I discuss with others who can see through the maze of confusion is that people would rather hold on to their beliefs than look at evidence. It is almost superstition, maybe fear of the unknown. That is kind of like the human condition, the kind of thing that keeps people under control of others.

      Anyway, Pete, I assume you’re like most everyone, and have not bothered to look at the evidence presented here. You’d rather just hurl insults at me. That makes you kind of typical. Have a nice day.


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