The music doesn’t die

See update at bottom.

I learned yesterday that the artist known as Prince died intestate, or without a will. My immediate reaction was “Yeah, right.” After giving the matter some thought, my second reaction was similar to the first, or “Yeah, right.” Pretending not to have a will, like quick cremation without public viewing, is a sign of fake death, common in the music business.

Pretending not to have a will solves the problem of having to probate a will for a person who is still alive. John Denver*, for example, is also said to have died without a will. This is so unlikely as to be absurd. These men, supposedly wealthy beyond reason, are surrounded by attorneys and business advisors, protected from lawsuits and up to their eyeballs in sound advice. They have wills and trusts.

In the music business, fake death is a way of reinvigorating a stale enterprise. It is not done for the sake of the artist, but rather for those who created the artist. People like Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Denver, Buddy Holly**, Elvis, Jim Croce, Michael Jackson***, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon make far more money dead than alive. Their lives and lifestyles and supposed fortunes are all an illusion anyway. They are not in charge, and probably don’t even own their music. When their fake number is up, they have to do as told.

Rumors now being spread about Prince’s addictions are probably as fake as his death. Celebrity overdoses should always be greeted with skepticism.

It seems that in show business people are offered a back door exit, and are allowed to escape to a quiet life by means of fake death. Some fake deaths may be the artist’s choice. Fame is not for everyone. People want to live quietly and without harassment by fans. Signs that someone has gone the fake route include no autopsy, no public viewing of the body, quick cremation, no will, and premature news reports of the death (as with Robin Williams).


*Denver has a daughter who runs a B&B in New Zealand. If I were going to go looking for him, which would not be nice, I would look in that area.

**I was looking at photos of the Buddy Holly death recently, and they appear crudely faked, 1959 photo technology and all. I want to spend more time with them on a bigger screen, as the iPad is not ideal for viewing photos in detail.

***Jackson had been replaced by a body double years before his fake death, so I guess his could be called a fake death of a fake person.


Update: I signed up for press releases from the Anoka County Coroner’s Office, and received the first one today. I imagine they are under intense scrutiny from skeptical people everywhere. It will be interesting. Today’s news is no news.

Posted on: May 5, 2016

May 5, 2016

Contact: Martha Weaver
763-381-4845 cell/text

Ramsey, MN: Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office has not released any information regarding the Prince Rogers Nelson investigation to anyone, including law enforcement. Results are pending. This is an ongoing investigation in partnership with the Carver County Sheriff’s Office. We will have no further comment at this time.


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16 Responses to The music doesn’t die

  1. Gerard van den Heuvel says:

    Didn’t thought of that…
    Because reading your post I realised how strange some things were around the death(?) of Prince
    One example: The pharmacy that babbled a lot about the visits of Prince.
    No rules about patient privacy??
    Prince had to go himself to the pharmacy??
    It stinks indeed.

    But you better restrict yourself to this case.
    Instead of yelling about -for example- Buddy Holly
    Unless you have investigated that (and that means more than some photo ‘analysis’..)


  2. BlueNote says:

    Why can’t people just die? And every body knows that the money in being a musician is in performing, and concert tours, not in music sales. Dying (or disappearing) tends to kill the ability to perform.


    • Good point! Musicians in the Internet age are forced to perform to make money, while record labels rely on sales of CDs and downloads. There will be boxed sets aplenty of prince’s stuff in the coming months, plus previously unreleased works plus studio outtakes.


  3. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    I think these recent “deaths” are also a shelf clearing of the last of the old guard- They represented actual musicianship and that is being discouraged at every turn these days- The Auto-Tuned, beat box, synthetic, computer generated mush of CGI constructs like Bieber, Gaga, Swift, et al, is a deliberate smothering of real talent- On the road to neo-feudalism, talent is being grandfathered out along with communication skills, the attendant sex appeal of old time music (Boys would pursue the girls with their phallic guitars…’cept today, both look like Poindexter or buff gym rats and are encouraged to sleep with both genders- That monotonous beat is a real leveler of hormones I suspect) and general survival know-how- The arts, as Mathis harps on, is also being destroyed- Dissent through creative expression cannot be tolerated! Meanwhile, acts like Faul and Springsteen, they still have propaganda use, but they’ll “die” in turn for maximum financial effect- (Warren Zevon, on the other hand, I think he did die of some nasty illness like they said)
    As for Buddy Holly and his generation, the original post Rock Around the Clock line-up all went down in one way or another after just a few years of peak hysteria- Holly/Valens/Bopper, “dead” from a plane crash-Elvis went into the Army-Chuck Berry had several legal issues that got him off the charts- Little Richard found God after a turbulent plane ride (see below)- Crap acts like Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Pat Boone, much like the Auto-tune crowd today, took over until, as Martin Mull so brilliantly styled it: That fiddle and banjo crap took over- That’s what The Beatles shoved aside when they mercifully landed on the charts- I digress..
    (A favorite way to “kill” singers is the plane crash: Patsy Cline, some of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ricky Nelson, John Denver, Otis Redding, Jim Croce, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Aaliyah, who was(is?) the perfect example of an act the sells millions posthumously, like Tupac, Biggie Something, Jimi…yadda yadda… )


  4. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    For Holly photo analysis, try these guys on for size (The link is in the middle of the thread so go back a couple of pages if you want more)-


    • Wow, thank you. Should have known the matter is already uncovered. The photos I looked at re Holly are one in which a body with a DA haircut is obviously pasted into the grass in front of the wreckage, and one in which a man is looking over three corpses, none of which are identifiable, and one of which even looks like empty pants and boots. The coffin shot of Holly looks like someone else.

      I have signed up for that clues forum but have not been let in … Don’t know if it is a members only kind of thing where I don’t have any credentials.


  5. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Clues forum can be picky about members- And brutal if they think you’re a shill- Watch out for “Brianv”- He’s an elder there and can be nasty- Simon Shack, nee: Hytton, is fairly magnanimous as founder and final arbiter- I’ve never joined as I like to speculate and they fancy themselves (rightly) forensics experts- Plus they are Eurocentric and so have an ingrained suspicion of Jewish people that I find at times uncomfortable and largely irrelevant (But then, I have been indoctrinated here in urban California, where I have spent my entire life, to be suspicious of black people, so I get why the indoctrinated European members have Jewish people on the brain)-
    They have mirrored a couple of posts I made over at its little sister site,, where the operation is more like a think tank and opinions can air out without too much censure- (I’m “Blue Moon” on that site)
    BTW, these days I’ve been contemplating the New York violences of my early years, from Kitty Genovese to the Central Park jogger (an early version of Gabby Gifford’s its starting to appear) to Bernie Goetz- Son of Sam and the Boston Strangler also deserve more fakeology augmentation, but I’m concentrating on the smaller stories for now-


    • Reminds me, I want to access your JFK piece. I will do that today.

      I have no desire to comment at the Clues site, but wanted access to parts of it off limits. I don’t trust them … That is, most of the 9/11 Truth Movement is in place to mislead and protect the technology used that day. Shack, with his demolition of empty buildings, is doing just that. It could be ignorant or deliberate, but does not matter.

      I have settled on Dr. Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson and Richard D. Hall (with a fourth possibility, Webster Tarpley) as being honest and in search of truth regarding 9/11. The rest, as far as I can tell, is noise, and that includes September Clues. But they have to include real evidence at times to mislead effectively.

      I do hope you go after the events of your youth. Would be interesting. This could become a cottage industry. I’ve already learned that Day the Music Died, the Moon Landings, the assassinations were faked. Mathis disassembled the Tate LaBianca killings, along with John Lennon. It seems as if reality is pretty mundane, not much real excitement going on.


    • Well, I have to say, reading your JFK download, that you are a gifted writer, able to easily make complex points and lay out evidence. It all speaks of a man of impressive intellectual ability, able to see beyond what we all see. Only some of that comes across in your blog comments, but I suppose you just rattle those off, as we all do. You’ve given me so much to chew on, even after having read the Mathis piece on Camelot. I didn’t buy his speculative parts on ruling counsels and all of that except … The odd fact of multiple public Kennedy deaths with fantastical attending stories. There has to be some other explanation.

      Man what a day I’ve had. With Mathis, and now you, to sit here and slap my forehead and say “Never thought of that!” As with the death of Patrick possibly another fake, for instance, or the multiple children of [Joe Sr. and] RFK merely being spawns of other hidden oligarchs.

      My best response: Holy shit.


  6. Tyrone says:

    Thanks- I need more of that- Must get the book a higher profile- Meanwhile, not to spoil the mood, but if you back Judy Woods, the Clues forum crowd won’t let you in- They follow a line of reasoning that I used in the JFK book, that if the participants are convinced that no one will die, they will be easy to recruit- That and the absence of a spike in the Social Security death index in the days that followed 911 are two of the many of foundation planks for their argument of no planes, no deaths, all CGI… Yeah, well I use a plausibility index and in that cacophony of competing theories (and the sheer magnitude of research that has congealed over at Clues forum) I have only one choice but to follow my instincts- On 911 I woke up at 11:15 west coast time and maybe the second replay clip I saw was a crowd of people running down a narrow street being pursued by a cloud of billowing white dust- My instantaneous reaction was that this was an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie- I reminded myself that I was watching a television set and that nothing emanating from the screen was to be believed- Belief and knowledge are two different things, of course, and given that I believe nothing, I took my own sweet time (years) to decide what we were actually shown that day- We saw a television program and that’s good enough for me-
    PS- If you go back to my blog, there’s a podcast where I look at nuke propaganda from the fifties to conclude that nukes don’t exist- That was a hard thing to do as my grandfather was a pioneer in the field of nuclear power- And my brother was a nuclear engineer coming out of Annapolis- But in the spirit of family, I don’t burden him with this particular noise-
    PPS- I do study Tarpley closely- His tracking of the Venetian conspiracy over nearly a millennium is a huge breakthrough in historical research- I differ in his approach to the pivot point regarding the War of the League of Cambrai- I think Venice deliberately blew up the store after liquidating their assets and moved west to take advantage of the new world sea routes- The Venice that was left standing until Napoleon was simply a field office to keep tabs on their eastern routes until they could come around the other side with the various East India companies- I, boy do I, digress…


    • Well, I have nothing to add to the research over there, so no big deal. I just want to peruse their work, and quite a bit of is out in the open.

      The 9/11 Truth movement, as I see it, is largely comprised of spooks leading those too smart to believe the official story down other blind alleys. And as with being encouraged to believe any theory about JFK except that he didn’t die, we can believe any theory we want about 9/11 that does not get too close to the actual technology used that day. I wonder what Shack and company have to say about that hurricane.

      I have a couple of cousins who are thanked in the acknowledgements to Jim Douglass’s book, JFK and the Unspeakable for their proofreading. They and he are close friends. I am going to send them your book, which I printed off – they are thoughtful and actually read. I am curious about their reaction, but more so about that of Douglass, who did a yeoman’s job in lionizing the man. I’ll ask them to send it along to him. We could do just computer links, but my generation is more likely to read paper documents and ignore links.

      By the way, fakeology has a clip on flat earth, which makes my skin crawl. That would be a third rail for me.

      Tarpley and you on Venice, Mathis on Napoleon, all fun for me as a spectator with no background or foreign language skills.


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        Please do send the book out to any and all who might be interested- I’d be very curious about Jim Douglass confronting this line of reasoning- As for Fakeologist and the flat Earth, the owner of that blog has mercifully siphoned off the flat Earth stuff to a sub blog- I have no use for that debate but I do like some of the other stuff that the site links to- It’s a hub from which to branch out and find new ideas, even if ultimately fruitless- I found Mathis through Fakeologist so they aren’t all bad-


    • By the way, on the nuclear stuff, I grew up in Montana, which hosted silos supposedly holding ICBMs dotting the landscape. They are now being converted to private residences. On TV (I must caution) and a few years back, one of the new owners was doing a tour, and showed parts of the technology left behind … Floppy discs, not even hard plastic, but real floppies, not updated in decades and gathering dust. They were scratching their heads, as was I, about it all – it made no sense, as if the whole thing was fake. Lately I’ve read some other work on the nuclear hoax, but assumed it was fake in the early days but real now. I’ve a ways to go there. I’ll read your work on the matter later this week. I’ve got mundane stuff to do first.


    • Just curious – I had not looked closely at the title page – “Compiled and Edited for Committee referral…” What committee are you referring to?


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