The brick shithouse

imageIt his is just the human condition, and not directed at anyone in particular, not even Talbot or Pogreba. But it is my experience that the human mind is, for most people, like a brick shithouse. You can hurl anything at it from facts and evidence to baseballs and hard candy, and it all bounces off. The only way into it is through the doorway, and the only people who are allowed in are authority figures.

So I have, just as an example, hours upon hours of research showing that Paul McCartney is a twin, and that he and his brother eased in and out of the role of “Paul” during the time the Beatles were together. The evidence is solid, and easily seen by even an untrained eye. But I am not an “authority” figure, so people just do a quick eye flash offering up a little cognitive dissonance, and then move on.

TwinsHowever, if some clown, and I do mean clown, like Tom Brokaw*, barely literate but owning an impressive voice and stage presence and speaking from the television, were to say the same thing, even without evidence he would be automatically believed. That is the power TV, to hold us in hypnotic sway, to control our thoughts and perceptions, to make us hold false and even contradictory beliefs even in the face of compelling evidence.

It is not just the TV, though that is the dominant source of thought control for most, Yesterday, while in the waiting area of a tire shop, I picked up a copy of Time Magazine. Zika was on the cover. My own mind, my own brain, my own internal system of sifting and weighing evidence, tells me it is painfully obvious that Zika is a hoax. Time, on the other hand, is doing a hard sell – maybe ten pages of Zika hard candy, all nonsense and lies. But as an authority source, it will carry the day.

Why is Time doing a hard-sell on Zika? It is a psy-op, and probably has more than one objective. But in general, the powers of our world, which include the medical cartel, like to keep us in a state of tension, always worried about one thing or another. If it ain’t this it is fake terrorists or global warming or running out of oil or the economy collapsing. If it ain’t one fake thing, it is another fake thing.

Your best bet is not to worry about any of this. None of it will come close to touching your life in any way. In the meantime, lyrics supposedly written by John Lennon some to mind now and then … “you better free your mind instead”.

Time has always been a source of government propaganda, CIA-connected all the way back to Henry Luce, an OSS man, and his wife Clair Booth(e) Luce**, a mistress of Allen Dulles, then head of the CIA. This is nothing new. I dropped my subscription in 1971. I didn’t know much then, but since I did that, know far more now than I would have  had I kept my subscription.


*I use Brokaw even though I know he is retired, since I don’t watch TV news and don’t have another point of reference handy.

**Ms. Luce added the “e” to her maiden name, as she is a descendant of the Booth family, that same prominent one that included the famous actor, John Wilkes.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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  1. fearocean says:

    Great Post.Before you believe anything you might ever read, hear, or see in the media (including TV, radio, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, and the internet), or from anyone else (family, friends, acquaintances, employers, strangers, etc.), you need to read this very important information. You, and the public as a whole, are constant targets of extremely well-planned and executed psychological operations (psyops), and there are any number of these media-facilitated programs taking place at any given time. They are so numerous and varied that you and those around you are bound to fall prey them sooner or later. They can target an entire population, an identified group within a larger population, or even a single individual. Being aware of what psyops programs are, how they’re executed, and how to detect and avoid them is crucial to maintaining an accurate perception of reality in today’s world, so as not to become misled about your situation as a targeted individual and drawn deeper into the clutches of those who seek to take advantage of you.
    Source :


    • The article you cite has no specifics, and is angry at him for not touching the Holocaust and being critical of Jews. I would wait for something more substantial.

      Believe me, I have thought a great deal about Mathis, finally deciding to trust him with the understanding that if I am being fooled, I can always be un-fooled. Regarding 9/11, Mathis did a lot of work in earlier times via September Clues, finally deciding that that outfit is misdirection, as I understand it. I have long known that about SC, but he came around slowly.


      • Maarten Rossaert says:

        I found your fascinating blog only recently (the last couple of days, really). I agree with you on so much. I would like to hear more about your reasons for considering September Clues to be misdirection, either in a blogpost or via a private message. I have read a lot of the Miles Mathis website and have not yet found him saying that about SC, as you indicated here—not even the post about his reasons for deleting SC from his Links page.

        Please do consider this request. I feel like I am sinking in epistemological quicksand. Having become aware of the media quagmire of propaganda, disinformation, and misdirection in which we live, I am desperate to identify any source of information and analysis that is not a tool of the hidden powers that be … some small piece of solid ground on which to plant a firm foot and find purchase and reconstruct my worldview in accordance with reality instead of the imposed mythology. September Clues, their crotchetiness notwithstanding, has seemed like a community of genuine, awakened individuals. You suggest that SC is not what it seems, and I would be grateful to know your reasons why.

        Thank you for considering this. I apologize if this Reply comes in duplicate: it seems as if it might not have been transmitted the first time.


        • Your style of writing and information you have passed on to me gives me the impression you are a person of depth. So before I offer up an answer, I want to watch September Clues again, and re-read the Mathis post on his leaving there.

          It may take me a couple of days. I have not thought much about 9/11, having progressed through bombs in the building to thermites to CGI and now, SC is doing “no bodies in the buildings”. My last stop on that journey was Dr. Judy Wood and Where Did the Towers Go?, and that is where I left it.

          I will get back to you and hopefully have something useful to say.


          • MH says:

            I would also be curious to hear why you think SC is disinfo. I am open to it, but I’ve been a member of that board and don’t think that they are. In fact, I agree with their account of 9/11.

            Simon Shack and Hoi Polloi are arrogant and intolerant of any viewpoint other than their own, and the whole Miles Mathis situation stunk of SC not wanting to admit they were wrong. I support Mathis in this situation, but I feel it was more a personality conflict than anything. Mathis, in his post, said that he had no reason to believe SC was disinfo, but he did ask why SC would antagonize him. Arrogance is my read on the situation. I was banned myself from their forum for bringing up “waste of time topics” such as Martin Shkreli being an agent, and refusing to discuss him being a sim.

            I give them props for figuring it out, but their site is so infiltrated by agents, it’s pathetic. The CIA has done a GREAT job neutralizing SC. I, and a few other posters, have pointed out to Simon who the shills are, but he still keeps them on board because they kiss his butt. That’s the book on Simon Shack, kiss his butt, laugh at his jokes, and agree with him and he will keep you on board.


          • MH says:

            I just read your next post and I wonder if I have been taken in by SC as well.

            You have an interesting take on the Mathis/SC situation (Mathis does strike me as the kind of guy who does not like to admit he was taken). The final straw of my banning was when I emailed Simon Shack and told him Jumpy64 was an obvious shill. He immediately banned me because he had met Jumpy64 in person. A few months later Jumpy64 was banned/suspended for other reasons.

            I had assumed Shack was just arrogant and dumb, despite the SC research. Perhaps that was me being forgiving and naive. Why would he allow so many obvious shills on his board?

            I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel. I still lean towards SC being real, and if they are wrong they are wrong for innocent reasons, but I need some time to process your words.


          • don’t sweat these things – if I have been taken in and learn about it, I have learned a lot more than I would have not being taken in. And I am not the final authority. I have found much of their work to be groundbreaking.

            Do, if you have not already, take a look at the Rich Planet video I linked to of Richard D. Hall and Andrew Johnson – they are both engineers, and Johnson even supported Shack, giving him a web address to use for some of his work, feeling that Shack snubbed him. But Johnson is not one to allow that sort of thing to bother him. The last 20 minutes or so are about SC. The first 2/3 is an analysis of 26 videos of that day to see if they are tracking the same object on the same course. Very inter sting too.


          • MH says:

            OK, I watched the video and it was interesting. I find them both very earnest and trustworthy. Enough so that I am going from SC to “I’m open-minded”.

            I started watching a little bit of Judy Wood and I noticed her discussing free energy weapons. I AM a believer in free energy, although it has more to do with ancient civilizations and spiritual ideas (not Illuminati or UFOs or anything like that).

            If you are interested in free energy, look into the recent Bosnian Pyramid discoveries that have been blackwashed by Graham Hancock and every other mainstream or alternative archaeologist. This video is extremely informative and may open your eyes to a cover up regarding free energy and our real past.

            The Russian military has invested close to a billion dollars on free energy pyramids throughout the country. I have no clue if Judy Wood is right on this, but there is some precedent. I’ll keep watching her stuff and let you know what I think.


          • MH says:

            I’ve had some time to contemplate and I’m pretty firmly on the “no planes” side. I don’t lean towards CGI, simulations, missles, or anything else at this moment, but I feel pretty strongly there were no planes. Especially when you consider how strongly Infowars and other Truthers attempt to attack that idea.

            One other thing I’m still on board with SC is that there were no deaths. I’m with them on VicSims. That was one of the main points that intrigued me about SC. It made sense to me. It would be a lot easier to get all those thousands of agents to play along then and in the future if they knew nobody was going to die. Much less messy.

            I think the WTC had been empty for many years, asbestos filled, and one of the reasons they were chosen for the “attack”. I don’t believe Cantor Fitzgerald existed, especially after watching interviews of their CEO.

            I was looking at the videos of an obvious disinfo agent last night, just out of curiosity. That’s when I saw a video called “Nukes vs Free Energy vs Explosives”. And that’s when I had a realization.

            “It doesn’t matter”.

            I understand Mathis’s stance now. What’s the point in arguing HOW the buildings went down, when we already know the event was faked. Why keep getting held back in 2001 when we could put more energy into debating current hoaxes as they happen. We can’t change the past, but we can spread awareness into the future.


          • Well, do keep me posted on that. Nothing surprises me, so vicsims, which I have pooh poohed, might be my next slap in the face wake up. Just hard to fathom.

            I agree that there is not much point in gong back to 2001, which is why I like Dr. Wood – example, due to her, I realized that Global Warming, or climate change or whatever, was a hoax. The reason? If it were a real threat, we already have the technology to get off fossil fuels. We saw it used on 9/11. Dr. Wood does not address that matter, but does emphasize that the cat is out of the bag. (She suspects that the same technology was tested in Oklahoma City in 1995 – the evidence is very similar in appearance.)

            Her objective then is to see that in the future it is used for good. This also puts “9/11 Truth” in perspective, as the job of those groups is to lead people away from that evidence. That is why Dr. Wood has been marginalized, ousted, demonized, in my view.


          • MH says:

            If you’re considering going down the VicSim rabbit hole, start with former Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick. Watch a few interviews and tell me if he seems like a CEO to you. Make sure to watch the interview where he’s crying about his brother.

            Similar to the Robbie Parker video that made me ask questions I never asked before, I have difficulty understanding why the CEO would be fake crying, and how a man leading hundreds of employees could have the behavioral cues of a man of far lower status.


          • I am unable to quickly locate on of him crying. I did find a photo of his brother, oddly bad photo, like most of the victims.


            Reminds me – my ex brother in law worked in the WTC, I am told – became “ex” decades ago so not in touch, but I asked my ex-wife why he survived, and she said he was late going to work that day. Seemed odd, but he’s only one person.


          • stephen says:

            You don’t appear to have got my reply posted 7 june, so I’ll send it again under this. I’ve also just made a reply to
            “No vigils here, no sir. Not a vigil guy …” which hasn’t shown up so maybe in Spam?


          • I thought I cleared your 6/7 comment, but will check again. I just cleared your recent one, which had too many links. That is a WordPress rule, not mine, and I cannot change it – more than two links goes to moderation. I mostly don’t censor unless some usual suspects come around.


          • stephen says:

            Are you saying you can see my comment at your end, because it’s not showing up here, have you tried replying to it?

            If you are trying to censor that comment you’re going about it in a strange way! But I don’t care either way, more than happy to just walk away renee. Not interested in convincing, persuading, people against their will; sharing info that others have been good enough to teach me is enough. And maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully it moves things along, I learn. You seem genuine.

            This page might help, might not:


          • I see it here, I don’t censor anyone but real creeps, and have done nothing to censor you. If you cannot see your own comments on your end, then something mysterious is happening.


          • stephen says:

            At my end it currently says their are “26 Responses to The brick shithouse”, and I count 26. I can see all my posts apart from the original comment on 7 Jun, the repost on 13 Jun and the two goes at “second bit” today. Can you try replying to any of those missing to see if your reply shows up? Can anybody else see the missing comments?

            I don’t think you’re censoring me, I was responding to you saying “I mostly don’t censor unless some usual suspects come around.” to me. It was a bit jokey.


          • Stephen – go to the very bottom of this thread for a reply. And don’t worry, you’re not one of the “usual suspects” I would censor. That’s a group of people in Montana whom I ahve taken special pains to be enemies with.


          • stephen says:

            You’ve mentioned Franky recently in another thread, he had a thing about Montana, seemed to like it, “Frank Zappa Moving To Montana”:

            Why do you want enemies in Montana?


  2. I just watched September Clues again, the newer version. I was very impressed with it when I first viewed it. But all I can take away from it now is that TV coverage was faked. Very little of what we saw was actually filmed that day. Street scenes of milling spectators were shot before that time, as Southern Manhattan was evacuated. Those were all actors. The whole thing was a controlled operation from a central location.

    So Shack focuses on that, and missiles. And indeed, there is something going on there, but his focus on CGI and missiles is misdirection. Another “truther,” Ace Baker, has also spent great energy to convince us that all we saw that day was CGI fakery. It may be true in part, but is misdirection too. Baker was exposed as a fraud. Why did he do that?

    So I passed through all of that and decided that Shack was a government op and set him aside. I was surprised to discover all of the unrelated research going on at his website, but it does not change my mind. Regarding 9/11, there was more to be learned, but do hear me out. I ended up with Dr. Judy Wood’s Where Did the Towers Go?”, and was convinced, and remained so to now, that the whole of “9/11 Truth,” including Shack, is designed to protect secret technology used on that day. Dr. Wood has been marginalized by the “Truth” movement, exposing them, in my mind, as fakes.

    A mutual acquaintance, Andrew Johnson, has approached Mathis about her, and he says he has read her book, and is “not convinced.” If he says he has read the book, considering the amount of information he consumes, I believe him. I take that to mean that he will release a bombshell one of these days, and that Dr. Wood might be a very sophisticated part of the cover-up. She is as far as my brain could take me. Do read the book – happy to lend it to you. It just sits here now. Media Mail is cheap. But with the JFK matter, look at all the layers!

    But I deduce from that, and only on my own without verification, that Mathis decided that SC was misdirection, but of the valuable sort, doing good work as part of their limited hangout. After all, he said, they have to tell some truth to be credible. I judged that he backed away from SC feeling he had been sucked into a misdirection operation. But he did not expressly say that. He just said he was tired of being attacked.

    Anyway, Shack’s video states that the individual videos of the second “plane” that day do not conform to one another, using a high-arching image coming in (NBC footage) as opposed to relatively horizontal images in other videos. A Brit, Richard C. Hall, constructed a computerized 3d grid of Manhattan and superimposed the videos from that day, and found them all consistent. He was not willing to say passenger airliner, or missile, and noted that military radar place the object on a different track, 1400 feet away, but affirmed that there was an object. I think his conclusion is that this object was real, and part of the technology used that day that is carefully guarded, and of a secret kind that “9/11 Truth” was designed to protect by leading intelligent skeptics in other directions.

    Make of it what you will. Andrew Johnson also appears in the video. Just as I have decided to trust Mathis, I have also decided that Dr. Wood, Johnson and Hall are honest truth seekers. I could be wrong, as always is the case.


    • Maarten Rossaert says:

      Very simply–thank you. First, for investing time into a thoughtful answer to my question. Second, for the information I was previously unfamiliar with: about Wood’s research, about Ace Baker’s role, and about Andrew Johnson and Richard Hall. You have given me several new paths of inquiry to follow.

      In casting around to find answers to the 9/11 mysteries, I came across Dr. Wood’s name only in the writings of those who discredited her work. Naively, I took those critiques at face value and did not revisit her work after I started to realize that the truth movement itself is deeply compromised. So, yes, by all means, I would be very glad to take a look at the book you mentioned. I am still midway on the learning curve of figuring out when to discount the discounters.

      This process of waking up to our manipulated reality is a nightmare within a nightmare. First there is the horror of recognizing that the mainstream news is fictions and distractions. Then comes the greater horror of figuring out that so many of the dissenting voices are also part of the simulacrum. These horrors are intensified by loneliness: so few of our fellow citizens are willing to draw the obvious conclusions from the evidence before our eyes every day. In my little corner of the world, I am alone in seeing 9/11 as a false flag operation, the political process as theater, and the entertainment and sports industries as distraction-cum-programming. Friends and family will listen to the data, but balk at seeing that 2+2=4. They have been trained to perceive that level of dissent as paranoia.

      As I read your Reply, a light-bulb went on over my head. I had wondered for a while now: why would the powers that be put out these CGI videos of the Twin Towers collapsing as if by controlled demolition? Just show a tape of the actual demolition, or make a CGI collapse that is more credibly due to impacts and fires. These CGI videos only make sense if the controlled demolition hypothesis is itself a red herring, leading us away from a more sinister reality.

      Still I wonder: how can we know whom to trust? I must admit that I have been taken in over the years by a lot of truther websites that turned out to be shills. Of the dozens of sites I once bookmarked, I now only consult two or three. September Clues has been one that survived the cut until now, in part because the forum covers so many topics besides 9/11. Must I conclude that the September Clues website is also misdirection? Or could it be just some truth-minded folk who are simply wrong about one or more points of their analysis … perhaps obstinately so?

      I know my heuristic for sorting out the good guys (or, at least, the merely dubious) from the bad guys on the Web. I would be glad to learn more about yours, if you would be willing to dedicate a post to this topic.

      Again, most sincerely, I thank you.


      • You can email me privately, Mark at mpthct dot com with your address and I will forward the book. I won’t say any more about it, as you must use your own judgment.

        September Clues – I have been going there regularly to review their non 911 stuff. I suspect it is honest people working there alongside some less than trustworthy ones. But Mathis also mentioned that there is enough truth mixed in with the lies so that if you are well-armed with your own knowledge, it is useful.

        What is true and fake? I have my own ideas, always subject to change. Of course I have been fooled by shills, but always remember, we do have brains, and if we use them properly, we can be unfooled too. I don’t worry too much about being fooled. They do have us at a disadvantage.

        I have a short list of people I currently trust. I will put up a post about them. I assure you, Alex Jones/Bill Hicks (?) is not on it, never has been. But I am blown away by that revelation! What next? Bruce Jenner is not Caitlyn?


    • stephen says:

      For those now desperate for my, opening, 7th of the 6th, comment I’ll post it now in four bits of two links each, a 4 be 2 you might say if you were a carpenter and I was a lady.

      First bit:
      7 June 2016 18:20:35 CEDT.
      I would be very wary of Richplanet/Richard Hall. As I recall his holograph-theory rests on Gov/Military data for the plane tracking. We don’t believe anything else they tell us about that day why believe that, it’s easily faked?

      Seems like Rich Hall promotes Tony Farrell and Chris Spivey, two obvious plants to me.

      “Richard D. Hall tackles the controversial subject of animal mutilation. What is animal mutilation? What could be causing it? Compelling, chilling and thought provoking documentary which could change your entire view of planet Earth. To Buy Silent Killers on DVD > Click Here The U.K. government knows more than it lets on about these bizarre incidents.”

      He appears endless on the fake, fear-mongering-psy-op, Madeleine McCann, I presume he promotes it as real-death-mutilation-whatever, can’t be bothered to look.

      His TV show is part of the Sky package, it’s even on Freeview apparently. Do you take anything that comes via the Mass Media at face value?:

      “Animal Mutilation Report WARNING: SOME MAY FIND IMAGES ON THIS PAGE DISTURBING – PLEASE BROWSE AWAY IF EASILY OFFENDED Mutilation occurred in early hours of Sunday 24th October 2010. Several interesting details about the case have been documented on video which we will be revealing in a television documentary to be screened in the UK on SKY Channel 201 (Showcase Channel) and on Freesat 403 on Friday 3rd December at 9:00pm & repeated on Tuesday 7th December at 10:30pm.”

      To give credibility he got pulled from the tele for spreading The Fear with Rigby-Beheading was staged but deadly, not the truth that it was an obvious theatrical event, no one was hurt:


      • stephen says:

        Third bit:
        “Mutilated cats!” Also he looks like Intelligence to me, but what would I know? “UFO’s & NATO a feature film by Richplanet TV which exposes for the first time in Human history, that aliens are abducting humans and discarding their dead bodies, only for subservient human recovery teams to come along and clean up the mess.”!!!:

        And finally “With respect to human mutilation, he has gone a long way towards uncovering “section five eight”, the NATO unit dedicated to securing sites in which UFO activity has occurred, be it a crash retrieval or a mutilation site.”

        I agree there’s something off with Simon Shack [SS] and his CF site, can’t put my finger on it and I haven’t gone there for roughly couple of years, they are such a horrible bunch if nothing else. Fakeologist and Hoaxbusters are good for me. You know about Hytten’s links to the Bin Laden family? Why his supporters ignore that is beyond me.

        Miles Mathis [MM] seems dodgy to me too, far too much stuff for one guy and his Revealed John Lennon chap so obviously neither sounds or looks like John Lennon OBE that it’s a joke.

        I actually still like Ace Baker’s Psy-Opera, would recommend it for beginners, especially “Part 7: The Key” section. You have to enter the maze somewhere and Ace does a nice job taking alot of the lies apart, if the novice gets stuck at the obvious stinker at the end, nukes, then the journey isn’t for them anyway, and no harm done. Ace is slagged off for faking his suicide on Fetzer, but that proves how easy it is to deceive, it’s in your face!

        The problem with Judy Wood, as well as looking like a bloke in dowdy-drag, is she relies on officially provided photographs and video, all of which are fake to one degree or another, Hollywood special effects. We also have to BELIEVE in her Scary Magic Super Weapon, there’s much more apparent evidence for Nuke Bombs and they are fake.

        I remember this Fakeologist interview with Dean Hartwell being good on 9-11:
        [audio src="" /]


      • stephen says:

        Second bit doesn’t seem to have made it, I’ll try again…


  3. When you mentioned 9/11 and passenger jet planes it reminded me of Dr. Judy Wood’s research and collection of evidence. (People lie but evidence doesn’t). There were five key events when the Earth’s magnetic field fluctuated that day. They were when each plane-shaped cookie cut-out hole appeared and when towers 1, 2, and 7 went away


  4. Here is a screen shot of your comment with mine above it.


    If that is not what happens on your screen, give me a shot of what you have. I need to follow through with WordPress, as it is indeed suspicious.


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