A dope slap

Umbrella man

One of the oddest events of 11/22/63 was the man seen in the yellow circle above who came to be known as “Umbrella Man.” Who is he, what is he doing? Here’s Wikipedia’s explanation, taken as always, with a cinder block of salt:

After an appeal to the public by the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations, Louie Steven Witt came forward in 1978 and claimed to be the “umbrella man”.[5] He claimed to still have the umbrella and did not know he had been the subject of controversy. He said that he brought the umbrella to simply heckle Kennedy whose father Joseph had been a supporter of the Nazi-appeasing British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. By waving a black umbrella, Chamberlain’s trademark fashion accessory, Witt said he was protesting the Kennedy family appeasing Adolf Hitler before World War II.

That is, in fact, evidence of nothing. A man coming forward fifteen years later claiming to be a blurry image could be anyone, even Mark Felt (who would have been fifty on that day). His reason for waving the umbrella, a Neville Chamberlain-connected protest, is such a far reach as to be illogical. If he really wanted to protest the involvement of the Kennedy family with Nazis prior to the war, a simple sign would have sufficed. I doubt anyone in the limousines that day picked up on his ever-so-subtle jibe.

Notice, however, that there is another man standing in front of Umbrella Man, his right arm in the air. People have puzzled over this for decades now, even as the answer was right in front of us. We just don’t ask the right questions.

Why the umbrella? He is going to spin it. Why the right arm in the air? He is going to lower it. All eyes in the plaza are on those two men. Why?

Think movie, and actors. The lowering of the arm is a visual signal for “… and … action!” The spinning of the umbrella is a visual signal for “roll the cameras!”

It was a movie set. Everyone there, including the people in the limousine, were actors. JFK had left the motorcade blocks earlier, when it stopped to allow him to go into a department store to use the bathroom. The man who emerged after that was a body double (who also survived).

Miles Mathis in his JFK paper The Hidden King(s): Camelot Ruled From the Cave of Merlin points out what should have been obvious to us decades earlier. He wanted evidence of death before he assumed a death had occurred. He did not find any. His paper, at 80 pages, is equivalent to a 160 page book. He goes deep into the history of the Kennedy family, unearthing anomalies that seem to indicate that they were never a traditional family, but rather a collection of people from different parents, perhaps having Joe Sr. in common*. He concludes that 11/22/63 was merely the day our government was officially taken underground.

Tyrone McCloskey, in his paper on 11/22/63 called JFKTV, offers other insights. He focuses on TV coverage of that day, scripted just as 9/11 would be 38 years later. He shows interviews where people seem to be reading lines, the interviews probably taped prior to the event. McCloskey’s paper, (for which he is credited for editing and compilation), is 160 pages but reads faster than the Mathis one, as the typeset is not compact. He has JFK living in Greece after the event. He too has no one actually dying that day, including Officer Tippet.  (McCloskey hat-tips Mathis on page 158, claiming not to have read that work prior to publishing his own.)

Of course, I cannot know if either is correct about what happened after 11/22/63, as that part of their work is speculative. But I owe them both a debt of gratitude for waking me up. Their papers amount to what Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, called a “Dope Slap.”

But we also see in the way the debate has been managed since that day the essence of good propaganda – to keep us asking the wrong questions.


*McCloskey speculates that the family of Robert F. Kennedy may also have been a collection from both he and Ethel and other parents, who could well be Joe Jr. (fake death 1944), and Kathleen (fake death 1948), and maybe even young Patrick, said to have died at age two days, just three months prior to the big event in November. That is another paper.

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2 Responses to A dope slap

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Thanks for posting the link- On site assistant directors as Frankenheimer directs from the sixth floor- Love it! Yes, how do you have 11 kids and be the AG and later senator for NY? Rent-a-kids! There are the Kennedys we know about, and the one’s in the bullpen when more are needed- BTW, I haven’t seen any real analysis of the creeps, Nixon and LBJ, but I imagine their photo history is just as crudely drawn-


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