Oh, by the way, Montana Cowgirl, Intelligent Discontent, are fake. You know that, right. Right?

I have been neglectful lately, and having been banned at the proper sites. Marginalization is perhap the most insidious form of propaganda. Is not the Internet a beautiful way to isolate dissent while making it appear to be an open forum? If you bring in ideas outside groupthink, you make people angry. They ban you, or if they think themselves better, appeal to your decency to not comment.

Anyway, Don Pogreba is a fake. He does not write his own posts, but does chime in the comments. His controllers, just as at Montana Cowgirl, ban all who have brains and tend to think independently. This is because the two websites are merely two outlets for the Montana Democratic Party.

Please don’t do the obvious. Please do not assume that because I see that the Democrats are corrupt that I must be a Republican. Go a little deeper. Just as Intelligent Discontent and Cowgirl are one and the same, so too are the Democrats and Republicans.

It is just a way to distract you. You can debate until the cows come home about abortion and guns and candidates. Who cares? You do not matter.  But please, vote! that is all they are ever going to give you.

Republicans are con artists and liars. They are just not as good at it as Democrats, who have to keep liberals and progressives in line. It seems that Republicans can say any damned fool thing and get away with it. Democrats have to appear to be a little smarter. They need to keep their sheeple convinced that of the two herds allowed, theirs is the brighter one.

Maybe they are smarter, these Democrats. They do pull it off. I know people who listen exclusively to NPR and PBS and think they got it figured out.

Anyway, check out the software that they use at Intelligent Discontent and Montana Cowgirl. It is very sophisticated, and looking more like each other as time goes on. They have different options for what appears on the screen, but the two are alike.

And trust me, Pogie cannot afford it. Teachers don’t make the kind of money where they can spend big bucks for a hobby.

Behind that software is some sophisticated programming that allows some comments but bans most everything else, and that based on the computer that you are using. They have long gone beyond IP addresses. (I have not attempted to comment at either in months, so don’t assume that I’ve been testing them. I just know how devious these apparatchiks are.) Behind those websites are miserable little squirrels, IT guys running the show, editing, banning, making sure the product that appears in public looks like a real website. These are weasels who have names, glasses, pimples, basements, garages, computers, mothers, but no dignity.

I guarantee you that Pogie ain’t that smart. He can barely sign a check.

And there is no Cowgirl. You know that. Right?

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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