Got us again …

syrian-boy-drowns-650-afp_650x400_51441283742 Even as I am more aware than most of the degree of news management and image manipulation that goes on around us, I get fooled like everyone, especially with emotionally loaded images as that to the left here. The image, said to be of a young Syrian child, was used to advance the refugee “crisis”, which was even extended to small communities in America, including Missoula, Montana.

It is a dummy. Set aside your emotions for a few minutes now, and examine the details.

First, what happens to a body in death? Due to lack of oxygen, the skin takes on a blue or light grey pallor. Mottling appears on the skin. Livor mortis sets in, as blood pools closest to the ground, forming reddish and purplish pools. Finally, rigor mortis, or a stiffening of joints. After a day or so, joins loosen up again.

Little boyThis boy has retained his healthy skin color. His arms and legs even offer up a waxy pallor. When he was picked up and carried off later, his limbs were natural and bent. Further, officers failed to cordon off the area, and merely allowed the body to be used for photo opportunities before carting it off. It was  surreal.

In other words, this was a staged scene, and was used as part of an intelligence psy-op to garner public support for movement of Western-backed  terrorists from Syria to Europe and other locations around the globe, all in the name of decency and humanitarianism.

These people, these intel people, these spooks, know no bottom in terms of moral depravity. Time and again they have staged gruesome scenes from fake beheadings to blood soaked arenas – the propaganda value of such images is very high.

Anyway, they got us again, and especially you, Pete, and apparently Skink and JC as well.  (PS: I used the term “smarting” with JC. Please understand it has two meanings.)

h/t: LiftTheVeil411. Nathan was squeamish about putting this up and questioning it, apologizing in advance if he was wrong. But he is not. Such fakery is common in news, and is behind all of the fake events around us from Boston to San Bernardino, which LiftTheVeil has disassembled with great skill. This is nothing new. It is but one tiny example of a great hoax called “news” that goes on around us 24/7.

Question everything every minute of every day.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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20 Responses to Got us again …

  1. “In researching occult conspiracies, one eventually faces a crossroad of mythic proportions (called Chapel Perilous in the trade). You come out the other side either stone paranoid or an agnostic; there is no third way. I came out agnostic.

    Chapel Perilous, like the mysterious entity called “I,” cannot be located in the space-time continuum; it is weightless, odorless, tasteless and undetectable by ordinary instruments. Indeed, like the Ego, it is even possible to deny that it is there. And yet, even more like the Ego, once you are inside it, there doesn’t seem to be any way to ever get out again, until you suddenly discover that it has been brought into existence by thought and does not exist outside thought. Everything you fear is waiting with slavering jaws in Chapel Perilous, but if you are armed with the wand of intuition, the cup of sympathy, the sword of reason, and the pentacle of valor, you will find there (the legends say) the Medicine of Metals, the Elixir of Life, the Philosopher’s Stone, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

    That’s what the legends always say, and the language of myth is poetically precise. For instance, if you go into that realm without the sword of reason, you will lose your mind, but at the same time, if you take only the sword of reason without the cup of sympathy, you will lose your heart. Even more remarkably, if you approach without the wand of intuition, you can stand at the door for decades never realizing you have arrived. You might think you are just waiting for a bus, or wandering from room to room looking for your cigarettes, watching a TV show, or reading a cryptic and ambiguous book. Chapel Perilous is tricky that way.

    -Robert Anton Wilson


    • What nonsense. If you are inferring that the child is real and I have suffered some lapse in perception of reality, you’ve gone a bridge too far, maybe even round the bend, in your own thinking.

      When people watch TV and know they are watching staged drama, say Game of Thrones, they voluntarily allow themselves to participate in the unfolding drama, even as they know it to be false. They do not lose touch with reality.

      Change channels, and you have someone presenting news, dressed nicely, attractive, and projecting trustworthiness, and skepticism is shelved. People believe TV news, and in so doing lose touch with reality. They do not question it.

      This allows the perception managers tremendous leeway to construct our fake reality via the two-dimensional box. People watching San Bernardino or or Brussels or Boston or images of this fake little boy automatically believe them to be real. Most news is fake. It cannot be real, as it is two-dimensional, and images are so easily manipulated when viewers have shelved their natural skepticism. Further, people automatically see what they are told they see, and not how their brains might interpret it.

      TV holds immense power over us – without it, there could be no moon landings, 9/11, or other events specifically crafted and staged to air on TV.

      Outside of TV there is objective reality, and it is this: We are individuals with brains living our own lives, trying to survive, and not wanting to harm one another. We have nothing to fear from life or other people. Life is mundane. Happiness comes from our close circles of friends and personal accomplishments. The worst that can happen will happen without our walking around in fear of it. I have seen life’s horrors visited on a young couple, my daughter and son-in-law, as a car hit and killed their two-year old son. It gets no worse. It was real, the suffering was nearly unbearable, but we survived and still live full and happy lives. No one meant to harm him, them, or anyone. That is real life, not TV images.

      So please go away with your occult … If it exists, I see no evidence. I see plenty of evidence of spooks using occult as a shield, behind which they work their magic … Via TV. If I misconstrued your message, apologies. But I believe in myself and my perceptions and abilities against all challengers.


      • JC says:

        Not a clue…


      • Ah, JC, still smarting, eh? [something else I have come to realize about you: Like Pogie, you’re incapable of reading extended passages presenting multiple and complex ideas. Your literacy quotient is low. You want it quick and dirty. You’re a child of the Gooogle.] I’ve argued with you enough to know that you’re a drive-by artist of no particular depth. But I’ll give you a chance here … I have no use for Wilson, or Burroughs, or Pound or Watts or Crowley or Ginsberg … none of them mean a thing to me. I do not truck in that world. I think it is all bunk. I do not care about Illuminati or secret societies or Freemasons. I think the occult is hokum, but has been used throughout history by spooks because it scares ordinary people away. It’s just a Halloween mask. Aleister Crowley was, after all, British Intelligence.

        There is objective reality. It does not come to you via news or TV. Politics does not affect it. It contains no occult. It is simply smart people manipulating dumb people, powerful people controlling weak people. It is the human condition since we have had humans. Maybe 5% of us can wind our way through it.

        If you look at the image of the boy in this post and assume him to be real because he was on TV, well, there. I know all I need to know.

        So set me straight, oh wise one.


        • JC says:

          even less of a clue.


          • JC, Your intellectual capabilities are no concern of mine, but in the past you have been aggressively stupid with me. I could easily see you were unable to read lengthy, complex and abstract prose texts, synthesize the information and make complex inferences. That makes you just like most Americans. It is what our education system fosters. You could have let it be, but instead attacked me ferociously. In so doing, you got your fingers burned while exposing yourself in the process.

            Sitting there now playing cagey and pretending you got it going underneath the hood doesn’t work on me.


          • could you provide some substantive evidence that JC is stupid? in all my interactions with him, stupidity is the last word I use to describe his perspective.


          • This goes back to a long paper on the death of John Lennon – he could easily have walked away from it, as what people choose to read is their own business. At that time I thought he was a thoughtful person. Instead he attacked me on it because he could not fathom that such deception was plausible. Just cannot be, he concluded without exposing himself to evidence. I challenged him to read it if he was going to assert himself so, but he did not, and yet continued to insist he had when it was obvious he had not, as if his mere word is all that it takes to back that assertion. He later did the exactly the same thing on a rather long interview regarding isolation of the AIDS virus. He had no need to read it, but again insisted he had when it was obvious he had not. All he had to do was leave.

            From that I concluded that he was like just about everyone who passes through – he has some education under his belt, but education as we do it does not teach a man to sweat bullets and process large volumes of information and draw inferences and connect dots. Instead, it creates the drive by mentality, Google and done. Thinking is work. He showed no ability in that regard. He would not allow his unexamined opinions to be challenged. That is aggressive stupidity.

            I don’t say he is not capable of better, but he has not shown it.

            Again, he could easily have simply walked away from both instances, saying he had no desire or time to read those things, and so holds no opinion, but instead chose to attack me with no arrows in his quiver.

            I was not aware until your comment earlier this evening that you too avoid looking at evidence. There is so much bland assertion going on, so much smug assurance with nothing to back it. I have years and volumes behind me, and get a little discouraged to see that so very few people are capable of processing complicated information that might indeed lead to a change of outlook. Even those who do read, and they are few, are engaged in confirmation bias. Few ever look at evidence and as a result change their view. I discovered this evening that this describes you as well.

            You might say the same about me in that I choose not to get in to all this occult stuff, but what I have read of it, which is not nothing, is not comvincing or intriguing and doesn’t lead me to believe there is anything there. More to the point, what I have read of it indicates it is huge misdirection that has been used since feudal times to hide intelligence operatives – there has always been a need to spy and diddle with commoners to keep us preoccupied. Intelligence operatives use their voodoo to hide their true activities. I pointed this out to you last night with Crowley, an intelligence operative, and Son of Sam … Whoosh! Anyway, I decided that occult was not a worthy use of time and so stated. I did not pretend to read what you wanted me to read.

            I read your piece today. It is not convincing.


          • JC says:

            I showed you evidence, and challenged your opinion, and you chose to ignore it. You’re a fool in much of this, Mark. There is no evidence anyone could ever present to you to change your preconceived notions. You are the ultimate thought cop: “think like I do, share my opinions, or you are (aggressively) stupid.”

            And all this other crap you pretend to know about me and how I would or wouldn’t think is just hubris. You are incapable of having your opinions and ideas challenged without turning around and attacking the person. You resort to ad hominem in the defense of your closed mind. I don’t know why I am even writing these comments, as I really have been done with your Fantasy Island world for quite some time.


          • Oh, you’re not done with me. Like Talbot, you merely wait for an opportunity to take me down. Your little storm outs don’t impress.

            You did not read the paper, but pretended to. You landed on two pieces of evidence, ignoring 98% of it that you had not read anyway, and based on that dismissed the whole work. That was amateurish. Later, on the AIDS matter, again, you could not bring yourself to buckle down, sweat, and read an interview. But you pretended you did and dismissed it with contempt but for no stated reason.

            By that evidence you presented me with of your concentration and reasoning abilities, I judged you were unable to focus and think properly. You could have well disputed say, five of the 100 or so pieces of evidence presented, but instead chose to contemptuously dismiss the entire work based on your basic assumptions, which you do not like to have challenged.

            But no worries, that is what our education system, coupled with the Internet and Continuing Adult Education called “news” makes us into – nonthinking automatons.

            And I have to laugh that people who comment and write imagine that we cannot judge their inner works by outer presentation. 90% of communication is sub-textual, as I see it. Most of what you present as “JC” is a false front, behind which exists a shallow man whom you unwittingly made public here. Anyway, it was never about Lennon or AIDS, as you never brought forth serious arguments on those matters. As it turned out, it was about you.


          • Here’s an example: I’ve been a couple of weeks now trying to satisfy myself that John Denver really died in 1997. It was triggered by a video released in 2009 said to be made in 1996. I am not aggressively trying to prove he did not die. I only want to be convinced he did, and the evidence is just not convincing so far. I have examined and followed photos to their source till I am blue, have NTSB reports and have sent away for Sheriff and coroner reports. I have followed his aircraft to its origins. There is no compelling evidence of death. I am sweating bullets. If the Sheriff and Coroner reports, which I am yet to receive, are convincing, I will drop the matter.

            I am going to guess that you (and JC) will say “That is nuts. Of course he is dead. The news said so.”

            This would highlight our differences..

            Another example … McCartney. I have well over forty hours into that project, mostly writing, rewriting, tossing out what I wrote before, never imagining that I was easily seeing what has puzzled others for decades … Twins. It was transcendent in that I realized that if we do indeed sweat those bullets, we can uncover hidden truths. Try it sometime. Of course, be ready to endure blowhards who offhandedly dismiss the whole effort because news reporters say it cannot be true. That would be JC.


      • so what you are saying is, when it comes to the occult, it is your choice to remain close minded and ignorant. ok.


        • No, but a little evidence on your end would help.

          Evidence: the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

          Mere assertion means nothing.


          • the occult is a huge subject. there are lots of books to read. I gave you a title earlier, did you read it?


          • Of course not. Got my own stuff going, in spades these days. I am capable of taking and outer-layer path if evidence justifies it. It is not scary or anything like that. But Theosophy, Wilson, Crowley, Burroughs, Pound don’t attract me in the least. On the other side of this picture, I read people who say that reincarnation is a can’t miss, all for the good., wonderful things await us on death. That’s wishful thinking … What evidence? Same principle. I have no use for the occult until I see something in my life that indicates that there might be something to it. If I cannot experience it first hand, then it is religion.,


          • ok, so you choose to remain ignorant on occult matters. personally, I don’t have to experience something directly in order to find a subject worthy of investigation. if it’s something that others believe in strongly enough to act on, and if those actions have the potential to negatively impact me, then I want try to understand that thing. the occult is something that plenty of people truly believe in, and if those beliefs translate into ritual sex abuse, for example, then I’m interested in trying to understand what is driving these people to do terrible things to each other.


          • Then you would be wise to investigate the link between intelligence and the occult. That is all I have ever suggested to you, that it is a mask behind which our spooks reside. It scares people away. Son of Sam was a spook operation masked as occult (no one actually died, as I see it now, and Berkowitz is not really in jail.)


          • Anyway, you commenting here is getting me all wrapped up in occult stuff. Please go back to your website and write about it there and leave me alone.


  2. imageimage

    By the way, take a look at this – these are both given to us as Berkowitz, “Son of Sam,” years apart. So, did David have a nose job to widen it? Did he have his lips liposuctioned? I am sure New York penal system pays for that sort of thing. But why is neither of these standard mugshot, facing camera, height marker in background?

    Because, they are not the same man, and neither is in prison. It is all fake. As were the killings, and the associated occultism.


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