The heavy grip of velvet glove censorship

Our friend Nathan Stolpman, who runs Lift the Veil (a nice website and YouTube channel) came face-to-face with Google censorship, done ever so delicately. I replay his video beneath the fold here.

Censorship, as done in the US, is every bit as pervasive as anywhere, including China, North Korea or at Montana Cowgirl and Intelligent Discontent. Noam Chomsky used to write about its effectiveness, saying that our news media outlets self-censor (he was wrong about that). He said that in totalitarian states where censorship is omnipresent, people know they are swimming in lies, but know to shut up and look at their shoes. Therefore, he said, US censorship is far more effective, as here people really believe the lies.

The hypnotic power of TV is unlike anything ever seen in human history. Our population, save maybe 5% of us, is in a deep, deep trance.

I was thinking about this as I read the Reptile blog last evening. They are bemoaning the coronation of Hillary. Yes, it is settling in. She is the next selection. With Trump to the right of her and Bernie to the left, there she is, stuck in our middle again. But what the hell! The office has no power, so even if Sanders somehow got elected, and even if he were not an obvious fake, there’s nothing he could do. Real power lies elsewhere. Only movement politics can work, and movements never get off the ground in TV Land.

So why the focus on politics when politics is a dead letter? It is hard for these folks, I realize. They don’t yet understand the nature of the enemy. They don’t give up hope easily. Elections are the only thing they know.

An old story retold at this blog:

A drunk loses the keys to his house and is looking for them under a lamppost. A policeman comes over and asks what he’s doing.

“I’m looking for my keys” he says. “I lost them over there”.

The policeman looks puzzled. “Then why are you looking for them all the way over here?”

“Because the light is so much better”.

Anyway, I will let Mr. Stolpman explain the means by which Google is censoring YouTube. It is subtle and very effective.

(I put up a comment on his video saying that Google is a CIA front using DARPA technology, essentially a surveillance and data gathering operation whose stock price is propped up by Intel. That comment disappeared within 24 hours, though I don’t know if it was Google or Stolpman who took it down. I would imagine it was Stolpman, as he cravenly sucks up to Google in a later part of the video. Google does not fear a comment on a video they have effectively quarantined.)

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4 Responses to The heavy grip of velvet glove censorship

  1. Hey Mark, just finding this post. I’m guessing you told me about it on my channel and that I dropped the ball, but I wanted to say hi just the same. I actually stopped talking about everything that is happening to me in terms of censorship because I was so tired of people telling me that everything was totally normal and not to worry about it. They were actually right on in the latter issue, but frustratingly far from the mark in the former.

    I have much more data now and my argument has been clarified since this video and I also now see suppression on other fronts too, like Reddit. Reddit is basically a joke. If you go there right now and give an upvote to one of my videos, there is a good chance that you will see it go back down while you’re on the site. It’s just crazy that somebody would care that much about what I’m doing.

    Anyway, I’m glad you got something out of my work and it’s awesome that you have this site. Keep looking for your truth. That is all that matters. I’ll be working alongside of you. Cheers.


    • Thanks, Nathan. Always good to have supportive words thrown our way, as you know.

      Two other sites doing good work, each run by brainiacs like you:

      On the latter, click on “Updates” for a wealth of writing going back years. The guy is a machine.

      I am not short in the brains department, but part of intelligence is the ability to recognize and appreciate superior abilities in others. Not too many people are able to look at the Moon Buggy and see it is a Willys Jeep.


      • lifttheveil411 says:

        I posted this to my website under “featured artist” and it’s live now. Big typo though – Censorship. It will probably change the url for the post when you fix the typo, so please comment on the post on my website to let me know if it does. Cheers.


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