Got it?

Exchanging pleasantries with JC below, I realized that most Americans are unable to read lengthy, complex and abstract prose texts, to synthesize the information and make complex inferences, and for that reason I am somewhat isolated here, only a few of more noble mind stopping by now and then to drop morsels. It is an isolated existence, this blog world.

But the isolation produces new insights. Since I am not caught up in groupthink, I can see more and farther than the group, even if that experience is a lonely one.

My wife and I were at the doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago, and were paging through Vanity Fair, as I remember. Whatever magazine it was, it had a recap of the OJ Simpson trial of the 90s, showing us where they were then and now.

imageThis person, they tell us, is OJ Simpson. There is a slight problem in that it is a body double, and not even a good one, but set that aside. The larger problem is that the people who stage these hoaxes, the OJ trial among them, have no respect for our intelligence. If they did, they would not try to pass this guy off as OJ, currently 69 years old.

imageReal OJ, wherever he may be, was given up to current popular fiction. He was not a bright man, but was a decent actor with some comedic chops. He did not kill anyone, is not a murderer. He is probably nice, funny, maybe even wondering what happened to his life. He is hidden among us somewhere, beard, mustache, playing golf and having a few intimate friends. He is not in prison. Neither is this guy. OJ  did not lose his fortune or his trophies. (Notice how here, in 1994, he has already developed lines on his forehead, where the impostor above, in 2007, has none.) And yes, I realize, these discrepancies being apparent, there are implications. Deal with it.

Set that aside … Skink down below is sincerely trying to direct my efforts down the path of the occult. I do not travel that path. I’ve never seen a shred of evidence that voodoo, symbology, Illuminati, secret societies have any real influence over us. Our world is comprised of smart people and dumb people, far more of the latter God bless us, and powerful and weak people, ditto the sentiment.

The smart and powerful do not have to hide away and plot against us. They can do so openly. All it takes is TV and some sporting events. Only a few of us figure out the rules of the game, and we sit here on the margins, enduring ridicule no less.

But I did want to discuss one aspect of occultism, numerology. It does seem to have some bearing. Numbers do not matter, even the Fibonacci’s. But spooks, or Intelligence operatives (CIA is but one of scores of agencies in this country and abroad), do use them to signal one another. For instance, in the San Bernardino hoax, two of the addresses used in the fake shootings and chase sequence were 333 and 2222.

33 often turns up. The four digits 2222 add up to 8, a Fibonacci. (Mike McCartney, Paul’s twin brother for instance, had his birthday changed from 6/18/42 to 1/7/44 – got that? 1+7 and 4+4, or two eights.)

Other numbers used in this signalling game are 46, 47** and 94.

47 is a big one, as that is the year the CIA formally came into existence, though the actual enabling year was 46.

94 has something to do with 1894, a year of important spook events, as I take it. I don’t see that in use as much, and do not know the important events.

Keep in mind that the numbers are just numbers. They do not, can not, have any significance beyond what they mean to those who use them. With San Bernardino, they are merely saying “we are here.” Other Intel ops all over the world look at that event, see the numbers in use, and say “got it.”*

That in mind, if you recall, OJ Simpson was arrested for burglary in Las Vegas in 2007, and was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

Got it?


*Other signals they use include JD Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and the works of L. Frank Baum. Note that Mark David Chapman, the fake killer of John Lennon, was reading Catcher in the Rye when apprehended that night. Got it? Every intelligence operative around the world, reading that, instantly knew the event was faked. That is why they do that. [John Hinckley had Catcher on his home coffee table when arrested, while Lee Harvey Oswald had it checked out of the library.]

**Sharon Tate’s Social Security number, shown on her fake death certificate, is 452-74-4733. That is three “47s” (backward or frontward does not matter), and a 33. Got it?

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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One Response to Got it?

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    My social security number adds up to two matching, sequential sets of 9’s and 11’s- I may be an idiot, but I’m never useful-
    BTW- I always keep an eye out for the number 42 when dealing with a “crazed killer”- 42 is a chaotic force in several systems- On the other hand, 33 seems at times to be a place holder that sometimes just doesn’t get replaced by the editors- Yes, sometimes they just laugh at us, but sometimes they just miss things- I imagine a lot of these spooks are enthusiastic drinkers-


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