The Bruce/Caitlyn hoax


As long as we are doing hoaxes here … Bruce Jenner is not a woman in a man’s body. He did not have a sex change operation. He just went into hiding. All it takes is a hat, sunglasses, mustache. The person shown in Vanity Fair called Caitlyn Jenner is a woman who bears a vague resemblance to him, perhaps after some PhotoShopping.

We are suggestible. They are monkeying with us, and I do not know why, but this one is flagrant. Hell, they all are, Stephen Hawking, Mike/Paul McCartney, OJ Simpson, “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz. Fakes, hoaxes all!

With “Caitlyn” all you need view is the neck. Bruce is aging naturally. The woman is younger, in her thirties. But her neck appears old. It is fake. I imagine they monkeyed with her face a little on the computers to perhaps give her some appearance of his nose and lips, but they certainly roughed up her neck. Yikes! Bruce, at best, is going to be a homely woman with a frumpy body, unattractive to all men. This is nonsense.

Did sex change alter his athletic arms into the slender ones seen here? Does sex change alter bone structure? Look at the long, delicate fingers we see on the back of that couch. Did they put mannequin parts on him?

I don’t know why they are doing this. The only thing I can think of is … $$$. Remember, however, that one of the “lawyers” in the OJ trial was a Kardashian. The family has been in the hoax business a long time.
PS: Question for all: Why have not our burrowing, ever-vigilant news media not exposed this easily discoverable hoax?
Bruce NeckPPS: Pay close attention to the neck on “Caitlyn,” as I am pretty sure it is Bruce’s neck pasted in between her head and body. It is wrinkled while her rest of her is youthful glow. It is a pretty good Photoshop job, as they have matched skin tone closely, but it is too long – this woman is rather grotesque, a bit of a circus freak with a long neck like that. But I am assuming that they took her body, chopped off the real neck and inserted Bruce’s so that at least one thing in this fake photo looked something like Bruce. (They also say that Bruce kept his penis, but I have nothing to say abut that matter. It is bad enough they expect us to believe this trash.)

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17 Responses to The Bruce/Caitlyn hoax

  1. Big Swede says:

    Now we’re getting into the good stuff.


  2. HottyTotty says:

    Why do you hate trans people so? And what do you know about what hormones, surgery, and plastic surgery do to change a persons appearance?

    I know what’s bothering you, you’re so attracted to Caitlyn, just look how beautiful she is in this photo, that you can’t accept that she once was trapped in a man’s body, and you think you’d gay for loving how a man turned woman looks.

    Typical transphobic.


  3. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    The short answer is that this is part of the quiet genocide of the entitled white middle class American population- We will be replaced by grateful “refugees” when the plummeting birthrate is past the point of no return- Population replacement goes back before even the Old Testament- In modern parlance, new markets need to be created so the old consumers who aren’t buying need to be replaced by new consumers- Sterile androgyny, along with chemical castration via pharmaceuticals, added to the pro-homosexual hard sell of pop culture (Miley et al) along with the old rugged Playboy “fuck what thou wilt” philosophy has made LTR’s impossible to be seen as normal- When this CGI construct labeled “Caitlyn” says “I’m the new normal”, we’re at the point where critiquing these issues is tantamount to being labeled a holocaust denier-
    (I realize that what I have written will label me a homophobic white supremacist- I’m neither, having lived and loved in the Mecca of political correctness, San Francisco, almost my entire life without being soundly thrashed- But the replacement of a well ensconced population who feels entitled to their heritage is always a target for the dead souls whose psychopathologies demand they try and run/ruin lives for their own self-affirmation-…already…)


    • I get tired of being pelted with gay this gay that everywhere I turn … I know these people cannot help be what they are, but a little dignity would be nice. Just keep our private stuff private in public. But man, people are so quick to raise the tolerance flag – it’s a new form of moral superiority. I do not think that gays are as large a part of the population was we are led to believe, but if you watch the TV, we are about 50-50.

      Anyway, yeah, I get that they are using Caitlyn to desensitize us. It is creepy.


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  5. Angelo says:

    The whole image is a composite; and a very gnarly one at that.


  6. katy says:



  7. I think there may also be a hoax somewhere in the vicinity Kim Kardashian’s ass. would you mind taking a look to confirm my suspicions Mark? there is no way that ass can be real.


    • I will land an exploratory satellite on it and check it out. [I should ask – how are your photo analysis skills? Most people suck at it, which is a large reason why they can pull off these hoaxes. This case, Bruce/Caitlyn is child’s play.]


  8. Gerard van den Heuvel says:

    Ok, I like this. You’re sane.
    But, can you understand that I think the USA is rotten to the bone.
    Regime change in the USA is what we (not-USA) want.


    • I like living here, even though I get to travel a lot. It is true that the American public is deeply indoctrinated. But people are people wherever you go, almost all good.

      And set aside illusions, we have a strong economy, but our currency is our undoing.


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