Comfortably numb

Well, I have In Bruges playing in the background, a Pinot Grigio sitting beside me, and I just did my somewhat occasional survey of Intelligent Discontent. It would be wise not to publish this, as there are points to make and the Pinot is not helping.

One is the utterly unreachable nature of most people. It is propaganda that produces these automatons. They respond mechanically to stimuli. Donald Trump has deliberately pushed buttons, and then he watches the monkeys jump from tree to tree screaming in reaction. It is deliberate manipulation.

Pogreba is afraid that Donald Trump might be president. He has no clue that 1) it doesn’t matter, and 2) it is all Kabuki Theater designed to select Hillary anyway.

Then there is that all that complaining about Ryan Zinke. That’s really overdone, kind of pathetic. Most likely, he is given the Zinke pieces by the Helena office and told to publish them, not even the real author. Most of politics is fake. That whole ID blog just seems fake to me, except that Talbot buys in in total.

I must stop. Pinot, it does not clarify. I am only sure that Pogreba is fake, and Talbot really is as he appears.

I will save this piece. If you are reading it, in the post-Pinot period of comfortable numbness,  I thought it time to once again expose this fake.

Oh, before I forget, Pogreba claims in one of his comments that “thousands” have read his blog regarding an upcoming Trump rally. That was a typo. He meant 100 or so visits, perhaps ten reads. Blog stats, like everything else in politics, are fake.

Wisdom is not my calling card.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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