Crippled epistimology and cognitive infiltration

Pavlov rang his bell one day and offered his dog a morsel of food from a bag. The dog thought “Enough!” and killed Pavlov, ate all the food from the bag and then urinated on the corpse. Pavlov had finally met his match. He had come up against a really, really good doggie.


Dog biteI was introduced to a new term today, “crippled epistemology.*” It is newspeak for “figuring things out.” Government regards such an attitude as dangerous, and so has for decades, if not centuries, sought to infiltrate and undermine every group that promotes any theory that contradicts official truth. Crippled epistemology interferes with control of the public mind, the goal of every government.

With the advent of television and elimination of reading, the job has become easier. I look around now and wonder, is there a point of no return?

Two of my favorite targets, Don Pogreba and Pete Talbot, offer a case study. Their range of intellectual motion is so stifled that they are engaged in ritualistic repetition, a form of chanting. They get up to the plate to bunt, never swinging away. I don’t need to go to their website, the hilariously misnamed “Intelligent Discontent,”  today to find out what they are thinking. I already know. It is the same as they thought last week, last month, five years ago. Never an inch of forward movement.

But it is not much different at other places. There cannot be a “debate” among people who need not to be convinced so much as deprogrammed. Is the damage irreversible? I tend to think so.

Think of it this way: The mind-altering drugs being marketed like candy these days – antidepressants and Ritalin, for example – affect the human brain, but not in the ways advertised. They don’t cure depression, nor do they enhance cognitive abilities. They merely shorten the range of response so that people don’t feel anything at the extremes. The drugs deaden pleasure and pain sensors. Kids being treated for “ADD,” itself a hoax, are merely being trained to avoid cognitive dissonance and uncritically accept the nonsense called education. Ritalin deadens that part of the brain we might call the “bullshit detector.”

Dave-Foley-groundbreakersI turned on a comedian the other night. I chose Dave Foley, as I enjoyed his work during the days of the Kids in the Hall troupe. I could not endure much, but hung on for ten minutes or so. He’s not funny anymore. He is on antidepressants, he said. He paced wildly as he spoke, and talked about his sexual response. It’s pretty much gone, he said. He thought that his pills must be a benefit for his partner(s), as he rarely climaxes, even has to fake it.

OK … too much information from Dave. I get that. But it lends credence to the idea that the drug regimen being foisted on us by PhRMA and the medical profression is insidious and destructive of natural human response mechanisms.

Propaganda has the same effect as drugs (though deeply indoctrinated people can still enjoy sex). It shortens the attention span, eliminates imagination, creates drones. Suppose that you have cognitive abilities, have even developed them over time, but have succumbed to our propaganda regime. What happens?

You write, perhaps incessantly, but its drivel, repeated nonsense, chanting. Your range of motion is so stifled that you keep repeating the same idea in barely shaded tones – Zinke bad, Zinke bad, Zinke bad, Democrats good, Trump bad, and soon to follow … Hillary good.

It is a tragedy, wasted abilities, minds destroyed not by drugs so much as unrelenting propaganda. Jacques Ellul, who first introduced me to the details of the propaganda regime, said that in the end, it destroys the intellect. People cannot be redeemed.

This is what I see around me.
*The term comes from Cass Sunstein, Obama’s former director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. He called for “cognitive infiltration” of groups that suffer from crippled epistemology. In case you don’t recognize his terminology, “cognitive infiltration” is another term for “propaganda.”

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29 Responses to Crippled epistimology and cognitive infiltration

  1. steve kelly says:

    Down through the centuries eunuchs were believed loyal and indispensable to TPTB. Not much has changed.


    • Tyrone McCloskey says:

      Many latent (that is, libido-less, not necessarily “gay”) men turn their frustrations towards institutional authority- Their hostility finds a context they feel is vital and thereby makes them feel somewhat “potent” in upholding certain immutable standards- The unseen powers prey upon these questing souls who have no sexual expression, knowing they will be loyal to “higher principles”- The fact that Mormons are being heavily recruited for intelligence work alludes to this condition of sexual dysfunction- Eunuchs today are enhanced by pharmaceutical castration in depressives (so-called) and there are always men who yearn for the uncomplicated world view of youth (extended adolescence) to enhance this zombie army- Cass(tration) Sunstein is a flag officer in this horde of one generation and out dead end souls-


  2. Big Swede says:

    Minds destroyed.


    • Thanks, Swede. I miss that guy.


      • Big Swede says:

        The “controllers” don’t necessarily have to be corporate oligarchs. They just need them to grease their rise.


        • Your mind is centered on a false dichotomy – that there is government on one hand and corporations on the other. Corporations and oligarchs long ago took control of government. It is all one big sloppy orgy.


          • Big Swede says:

            That statement’s conflicted. Separate but colluding together?

            Can you name a country where there’s no combination? Cause what I see is hardship and low standards of living in countries where government’s nationalize companies.


          • Luckyman says:

            Mark is right. It is “one big sloppy orgy”. In this country I see far more evidence of corporations controlling the government (the MIC, big banks, big ag, big oil, big pharma, big “health”, big insurance, etc.) than of government controlling corporations. (Big Gov does control small business at the behest of the corporations.) The above may be an overly simplistic overview because of the interconnectedness of big gov. and big corp. So Mark’s orgy statement is accurate. The marriage of big corp. and big gov. has been killing the goose that laid the golden eggs (Big middle class) since the late 60’s early 70’s (Look up and study the “Powell Memo” when you get a chance and you will see the blueprint for the takeover of government by big business and the decline that has followed.)


          • I would call that a vague impression, and not scientific or rigorous, based on broad assumptions and no actual data or definitions. .


          • Big Swede says:

            And I find your lack of an answer regarding a utopian country reveling.

            Cuba nationalized the sugar industry and with everything else and their economy sucks. Venezuela took over off shore drilling and saw their output nosedive. Now they’re starving.


          • If you eliminate all the variables, both those countries look like they suffering from bad economic structure. But we don’t know how they would do if there were not things oligarchical influences and external factors like economic embargoes and economic attacks. Neither place has ever been allowed to stand on its own.


  3. MH says:

    I was referred to this blog by Fakeologist and spent a lot of time last night reading your posts. You’re now one of maybe half of dozen people on my internet reading list. Glad to find someone on board the Miles Mathis train.

    Question about the Carlin video posted above. I grew up a fan of his going back to my early teens. But his entire Wiki bio reads like a red flag. Big military connections there. Hippy Dippy Weatherman now reads as drug promotion. Seven Dirty Words reads as obscenity promotion. “I love watching wars and disasters on the news” reads as violence desensitization.

    But then again, his last show was aimed at bankers, which is rare to see from controlled opposition like him. He could’ve just easily aimed that last show squarely at politicians, if he was always working for the military, why go after the “big guys”?

    Then there are other things that raise suspicions. That 9/11 book signing video on Youtube where he questions the official story gives me the staged vibe. His speech at the National Press Club was weird too. I have never seen him submissive to anybody in any interview ever, and here he was looking scared to death, like he was surrounded by his bosses.

    What are your thoughts, Mark?


    • Thanks MH – glad you appreciate the writing here. I’ve been enjoying Fakeologist.

      I see MM is selling off paintings for $900. They are superb, but inappropriate for me, as I cannot have paintings of beautiful women to whom I am not married in our home. Otherwise I might plunk some money down. I hope he is OK financially – I send him a few bucks each month on the premise that many others do too. I would like to reach his readership and suggest that, but I doubt he would approve.

      Your thoughts on Carlin … I won’t say I am surprised, but I would not have had those thoughts on my own. But fame is often handed out to players … if he were truly counter cultural or anti authority, would we even know about him? Now that you mention a military background, I am suspicious. The only negative thought I ever had about him was to wonder if his death was faked.

      Another guy I have wondered about … Bill Hicks. Stood up on stage and ridiculed the Warren Commission, dies in his early 30s of cancer … maybe a bit too pat in light of MM’s research.


      • MH says:

        I think he’s a very talented technical painter. But I always found his art to be a little bland for my tastes.

        Good call on the donations. I think I will begin donating to him too. He’s one of the few people I read online anymore.

        Wasn’t there a Bill Hicks is Alex Jones theory floating around? If spooks are always referencing themselves then perhaps Hicks was compromised, but the Jones stuff is obvious misdirection.


  4. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Lenny Bruce, John Belushi, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Joan Rivers… suspicious “deaths”, all- Mort Sahl is alive, but Johnny Carson essentially neutered his career for pushing Jim Garrison on him- John Stewart can’t deny his pedigree and I can’t think of any other radical funny men/women out there- Paula Poundstone preached libido-less living and had to be shamed, though she wasn’t that radical politically- Many comedians want to be in movies, so they keep it safe on their way up- Norm MacDonald acted up and was exiled- I have no idea why they are doing this to Cosby- He, like Carlin, wasn’t an insult comic- They espoused some idealism now and then- Michael Richards is either a clueless moron or, like Cosby, is a Mason and has to go through the public humiliation ritual- Marv Albert, the sportscaster, clearly had to run that gauntlet with his sex crimes trial, but he’s as strong as he ever was now- What pacts these people make and the consequences of talking off script is a very important area for research- I’m just not sure where to start-


    • Love MacDonald, always found Stewart a little on the self-infatuated side – he and Colbert lost me with their “Rally to Restore Sanity,” which was probably as far as anything could be pushed. If only they had not taken themselves so seriously. I have seen two Paula Poundstone shows and found her delightful. Though no one is truly improv, her ability to play off the audience is impressive. I’ve never gotten an ounce of politics out of her, though she was shamed by one of her adoptive kids as an alcoholic abuser. But she has recovered too, as has Paul Reubens, another talented person I like.

      I hope you can do some research here. I would be glad to help as I can.


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        This guy is interesting in part- — I’m not keen on the spiritual stuff he espouses, but if one could swap Satan for actual names and organizations these celebutards work for, progress can be made- For example, The Beatles worked for EMI, a military contractor- That one is easy- But who gave, say, Lorne Michaels his power? He and Carson became bitter enemies, so he was and is powerful- I don’t think Satan signs his paychecks-

        I once saw Poundstone follow Kevin Meaney when he was at the top of his game- She clearly brought her A material because she killed after Meaney had put the entire audience on the floor in tears-


        • Hmmm … Michaels produces the Tonight Show and is behind every other bad movie released these days (Apatow does the rest using SNL properties). Stewart produces the Late Show, I think. I used to tape those, but Colbert, Letterman’s replacement, is in my view a low ranking talent. He just doesn’t swing a hot bat.


        • Interesting video. Creepy. These are real people behind the satanic stuff, just fucking with us. I have had exchanges with another blogger who wants to believe there is real substance behind it. I like to keep my feet on the ground. But man, does the TV screen inundate us with cultural pressure.


  5. MH says:

    From the recent guest post on Mathis’s site, we have this quote about SNL:


    “Michael O’Donoghue He was known for his dark and destructive style of comedy and was the
    first head writer of Saturday Night Live. He formed the group Bread and Circuses. Taking the idea
    to the publisher of Random House, the pair sold the book to the young editor Christopher Cerf. Cerf
    was a former member of the Harvard Lampoon, and O’Donoghue’s first acquaintance from that
    group. Through Cerf, O’Donoghue would meet George W. S. Trow and other former Lampoon
    writers looking to start a national comedy magazine.”

    I recommend reading the rest of the paper to understand how this all connects.

    Couple interesting tidbits on the guys mentioned above:

    The SNL quote above makes many of the guys on SNL suspicious. Norm Macdonald’s brother is a Senior Correspondent for the CBC. Is that suspicious? I don’t know, but Norm did get kicked off SNL and then came back to host the show while talking smack the whole time. Has he been punished for it? He still has a very loyal following.
    Bill Cosby is Navy and his father was Navy. I haven’t done enough research, but with this whole date rape scandal, we might have to consider that the entire thing is a hoax to continue the project of making famous men look like pigs.

    The only local date rape I have come across is women putting roofies in rich men’s drinks in Miami to steal their Rolex’s. But perhaps those local stories are fake too. But I will tell you this, the fear of roofies is very real and a roofie joke is made in every bar or club in America every night.

    Chevy Chase’s biography couldn’t have more red flags. Woodstock, Admirals, Vanderbilts, Pilgrims, etc.

    “Chase was born in Lower Manhattan, New York, and was raised in Woodstock, New York.[5] His father, Edward Tinsley “Ned” Chase, was a prominent Manhattan book editor and magazine writer. His mother, Cathalene Parker (née Browning), a concert pianist and librettist, was the daughter of Admiral Miles Browning, who served a critical role at the Battle of Midway in World War II; she was adopted as a child by her stepfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane, heir to The Crane Company, and took the name Cathalene Crane.[6] Chase’s paternal grandfather was artist/illustrator Edward Leigh Chase, and his great-uncle was painter/teacher Frank Swift Chase. His maternal grandmother, Cathalene (Parker), was an opera singer who performed several times at Carnegie Hall.[7] Chase was named for his adoptive grandfather Cornelius, while the nickname Chevy was bestowed by his grandmother, derived from the medieval English Ballad of Chevy Chase. As a descendant of the Scottish Clan Douglas, the name seemed appropriate to her.[8]

    Chase is a 14th-generation New Yorker, and was listed in the Social Register at an early age. His mother’s ancestors arrived in Manhattan starting in 1624 – among his ancestors are New York City mayors Stephanus Van Cortlandt and John Johnstone; the Schuyler family, through his ancestor Gertrude Schuyler, the wife of Stephanus Van Cortlandt; John Morin Scott, General of the New York Militia during the American Revolution; Anne Hutchinson, dissident Puritan preacher and healer; and Mayflower passengers and signers of the Mayflower Compact, John Howland,[9] and the Pilgrim colonist leader and spiritual elder of the Plymouth Colony, William Brewster. According to his brother John:”

    I got the hint on Cosby and Chase from the idea that spooks always reference themselves. In the biographies of Adam Lanza and one of the victim’s fathers, Mathis mentioned how the biographies read like they were written by the same committee in Langley. Well they mentioned both of them to be fans of either Cosby or Chase. That was my tip.

    Lenny Bruce was Navy too, so perhaps his role was spreading obscenity. I admit I haven’t watched a lot of Bruce, but from what I have watched I did not find him very funny. It’s possible his fame has been overblown for Intelligence purposes.

    Carlin’s arrival fits right in with that narrative. From all the genius things Carlin has done and said, I found his Seven Dirty Words to be mediocre. Was his arrest faked and promoted? I’d say possibly.


    • MH says:

      I should also add that Carlin was the first host of SNL. Take that how you like.


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        Good digging MH- As for military connections, most young men of that era, WWII and beyond, got sucked in via the draft or because that was where the jobs were- That said, someone in uniform with some brains and cynicism would be of interest to the military in peace time to help train as an entertainer to help control opinion (Carlin)- And if they were a legacy who looked up to their old man in uniform (i.e., Jim Morrison) they could be quite eager for an undercover assignment-
        I thought of Lorne Michaels because, like Roger Corman, whose protégés went on to dominate the movie industry, Michaels’ recruits have been immersed in television for years now- Corman’s bio is a little odd, having graduated from Stanford as an engineer only to quit the profession immediately- He then went to Oxford on the military’s dime and then returned to Hollywood’s mail room (???)- Then he’s soon turning out low budget, teenage friendly fare right as Elvis arrives to further the teen rebellion spirit- Corman reeks of intel in that context- Who funded his low budget time killers would be an important clue- The generation gap was another synthetic creation by the Langley mindbenders, no doubt- And now we have the Seth Rogan/Apatow/Michaels nexus promoting the three day stubble, cargo shorts wearing, weed smoking slob comedies that try and convince said slobs watching that peak value Katherine Heigl is more than a pipe dream- Well, if your dreams don’t come true, weed is more or less legal now…


      • Speaking of MH not finding Bruce very funny, I find most of the SNL stable not very funny. The show, after the opening topical sequences, is lame. The alumni, as Chris Rock so adroitly pointed out, have produced some of the most mediocre movies imaginable. Hollywood used to offer A and B movies, the good stuff and the backup. SNL was a backup operation all the way, though I must say I enjoyed Mike Myers’ work.

        But as with the Laurel Canyon rock groups, it is all about promotion and suggestion.


        • MH says:

          I agree. Every time I’ve given SNL a chance I’ve been disappointed. I recognize the talent of some of those guys. Fallon, Murphy, Ferrell, etc. But I can count on one hand how many funny skits I’ve watched on that show over the years. Most are painfully unfunny. How can a show that a large percentage of the American public agrees is not that funny, stay on the air for 30-40 years?

          Tyrone, I agree with all that you said. Regarding the “stoner” archetype, I believe Marijuana promotion has been one of the most successful projects intelligence has ever run. We’re talking about nearly 100% approval rating from the millennials. Perhaps it’s off-topic here, but I have lots to say about that in the future.

          I’m not sure if she was on SNL, but Wanda Syke’s father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the military, and most of us know what that means. I never found someone like Colin Quinn funny (and nobody I’ve talked to has either) yet he has been given multiple TV shows over the years.

          Just like modern music and modern art, I believe modern comedy absolutely sucks. That goes for stand-up as well as shows and movies. Besides maybe Bill Burr, I don’t find any of them funny since Carlin or Robert Schimmel. I think it’s fair to say that it has been done on purpose by intelligence.


    • I quit this blogging business last year, but was bored and came back, but only with the idea that I needed new direction. Somehow I came upon a YouTube on the Tate affair that referenced Mathis, and I began to read his stuff, and slowly accepted him as genuine, and now I am meeting other people … It must be that if you are not listening you won’t hear.

      Another thing, when I was in my 20s I coached a girls softball team, and they had lots of raw talent and scorched everyone in the lower divisions, so as coach I opted to take them to upper levels. The girls were pissed. They loved beating up on lessers. I took them up one level anyway and they got clobbered a couple of times, and then they rose to that too and went to state. Didn’t win. But they were good.

      Point is that we all have intellects, but the direction to look is up at better ones. Only then do we get better.


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