Paris Jim joins Doors Jim


Jim Jim

Fat Jim Morrisonjim-morrison-naerportraet-s-hI’ve been messing around in Paint this afternoon – first I took images of Paris Jim Morrison (left) and Rush Limbaugh to see if I could make features line up. No go. I am no crack PhotoShopper, but the eyes and lips did not match between Paris Jim and Rush. Rush Limbaugh is, as far as I can tell, Rush Limbaugh.

I don’t know who Paris Jim is, then. But in this saga, conversations with Tyrone in the comments below, we don’t really know who Doors Jim is either. Here is a famous photo of “Jim Morrison” and his dad, Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison, USN.


It is just a profile, but that nerdy kid does not look at all like Jim either! Best bet so far, and only my opinion, is that the guy we knew of as Jim Morrison of the Doors was a man who auditioned for the part and was selected because of his incredible charisma and good looks. He might have been military, but generally people that good looking have doors opening everywhere so that military service is not considered a needed option. The man we knew as Jim might have come from a photo portfolio in an talent office in Hollywood. He was that good looking.

Back to the composite photo: I chose two photos where the subjects were looking directly at the camera. I measured the distance between the pupils at one inch so that the eyes would be a match. (It was a tad difficult because, as you notice, Paris Jim is winking.) I then cropped half of Doors Jim’s face and lined up the tip of the noses precisely.

As you can see, Doors Jim has higher eyes than Paris Jim, and his upper lip is closer to his nose. These are, in my humble opinion, two different people. (The chins line up perfectly!)

What happened to Doors Jim? I assume they “moved” him to seclusion somewhere to get him out of the public eye so that they could pull a body switch.  They put the body double in Paris to get him out of American eyes and awareness. The death was, of course, fake.

Doors Jim went out of sight, possibly to Santa Catarina, Brazil. As Tyrone mentioned, the place has a mostly European population, a vibrant economy, and plastic surgeons.

Pamela_CoursonI will speculate one step further: When Pamela Courson “died” two years later, she joined Jim in his new digs, and the two, who were deeply in love. became a couple again. I wish them long and happy lives. I hope that Paris Jim got it all together and move forward. Nice, scam, hats off to all of you.

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10 Responses to Paris Jim joins Doors Jim

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Following just the nose in Google images, Sexy Jim seems consistent but Mountain Jim just vibes as another guy, a different actor for a different role, even though the character’s name is the same- I should have thought of this earlier, but the Jim in the Riders on the Storm film is probably just an actor cast for that film- Looking at some of the TV appearances (Sullivan, etc.) there are no shots of the band and the audience together (didn’t watch them all) suggesting their performances were at an earlier date, and probably where there is an edit or dissolve, your looking at a jigsaw of alternate takes with the sound mix carefully synched to the edits to hide them – Lip synching’s no crime, happens all the time when on a weekly time budget, but one can’t assess whether they could actually play- The chaos at the live events helped mask their suspect musicianship- In the end, these guys were The Monkees without the laffs- A pre-packaged product to sell decadence, like The Stones, but west-coast style- And a prep for the Manson mishigas that brought the whole house down-
    PS- It’s a hilarious notion but Rush is too young to have been any incarnation of the twenty something Jim from the 60’s- Rush as Jim may be an attempt to soften the conviction of the Hicks/Jones makeover-


    • I will work some more on Paris Jim/Rush, as I am not totally satisfied and my techniques are a work in progress. The mole by his nose appears often on Paris Jim, though not always on Rush. Rush is said to have be born in 1954, but listening to him on the radio, he sounds much older than 62. I’d like to nail it down.

      Anyway, a mole as prominent as Rush’s, unkess they are messing with us, would have been removed. It’s too damned obvious.


  2. da bear says:

    Have you tried to match Jim Morrison with Larry David?

    Dallas Goldbug aka Ed Chiarini has Morrison as Chevy Chase. Not buying it. Although Chevy Chase could be Donald Trump — although my fave is Elvis Presley as Trump.


  3. da bear says:

    Also look at Larry David’s ex wife Laurie David. Looks like Pam Courson to me.


  4. tyrone mccloskey says:

    Goldbug is a tool- Avoid at all costs- No, I won’t explain- He’s a dead end- Do the forensics yourself- Jimmy Carter is not JFK- I will not respond-


  5. MH says:

    Here’s an interesting post about celebrity lookalikes:

    “Well, I know a girl who wasn’t a performer, she was a hairdresser in LA. She occasionally worked on people in TV and film production or people in various show business-related fields. This girl has a slight resemblance to Angelina Jolie. Mostly around the lips and jaw.

    She was asked to do a photo shoot with a guy who looked a little bit like Brad Pitt for a small regional magazine where they were going to shoot fake versions of celebrity couples as part of a photo spread in the magazine. She had never done modelling before and thought it was weird, but they were going to pay her well, so she did it. Just a bunch of photos wearing some fun clothes, posing with a nice guy who was also NOT a professional model or actor whom the scouts had found and he DID look like Brad pretty much.

    After the shoot, she started getting lots of calls from different places who wanted her to “play” Angelina Jolie at parties and events. Some of these gigs would have paid a lot. Also, a major lookalike agency specializing in getting bookings for celebrity lookalikes wanted to sign her on. They said with her look she could make as much as $30,000 a month easily. What sort of things would they send her to? They said tons of corporate events like to have lookalikes come in, sometimes as a keynote speaker, or sometimes just to mingle with the crowd. Themed events like weddings, bar mitzahs, and more, many of which are being booked by very high end people and they have huge entertainment budgets. If you can’t get the real Angelina, get the next best thing, that type of thing.

    This girl turned it all down because she didn’t like the idea of running around trying to pretend to be somebody else.

    But imagine if she had? Would that be the beginning of her getting tested out to potentially be a REAL replacement over time? Or even one of the many “I’m too tired to go to this after-party, so I’ll send a double” gigs that some of the Fangelinas have been spotted at? At what point does it go from that to being groomed as a real replacement? It might start with lookalike work like my friend turned down. She thought the whole thing was very creepy.”


  6. Tyrone says:

    MH- I like that story- The doubles have to come from somewhere- Is it possible that before a star is launched, the doubles are already in the bull pen, ready to be used as needed?
    Meanwhile, the kid in the Captain Morrison photo seems to line up well with his son Andrew- Check the jowls of the lost profile and the jowls of young Andrew- I think it’s him with his Captain father-


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