Can’t get used to something not right

Orlando SHooter

“Omar Mateen”

I looked at this photo this morning and got a little disoriented. Something was not right. Sure enough, the eyes, which are made to look as sinister as possible, have been PhotoShopped into someone else’s face.

This  is typical with Langley photos these days, they are in a hurry, sloppy, and anyway, know that no one questions them. Americans are completely without critical skills, thanks to our education system and its legions of Pogie’s.

I drew one line right through the pupils and the other through the corner of the lips. None of us line up perfectly, but this guy would qualify as a circus freak. If you sat across from him at dinner, you’d be nauseous by the end due to visual disorientation.

It reminded me of the photo below, said to be “Tamashia Clayborn,” fake sister of fake San Bernardino “shooting victim” Sierra Clayborn.


Yikes!!! Not only do her eyes not line up, but are looking in different directions. Worse yet, she has a five o’clock shadow. Worst blind date ever.

But it gets worse. Below is another photo of the same “Tamashia,” and we are told to believe that the one above and the one below are the same person!

Also Tammy
Other than being different races and not even remotely resembling one another, I buy that, Langley. I totally buy your bullshit photos.

Now we are being treated by Langley to a revisiting of the Wounded Knee massacre. Why they chose that I do not know, but they chose gays as the fake victims in Orlando, and now are broadening out to include our American Indian citizens, I suppose to invoke a guilt response. They are piling on now. This Orlando event appears to be a planned assault on gun ownership rights, with prepackaged legislation ready to go. It is a classic Hegelian Dialectic, as is all of our “news.”

Here is the photo now circulating on Facebook, which is, by the way, run out of Langley too. Mark Zuckerberg is a false front for Langley, a “billionaire” as surely as I am a frog wearing open-toed slippers. But FB has to be the best eavesdropping system ever, as we volunteer everything to them, even what we are having for lunch!

Wounded Knee
I had to laugh, as this is a genuine archive photo from 1890, and it is fake too! How long have they been photo-fucking with us? The bodies in the foreground are disproportionate in size to those in the mid-ground – they should be several times larger to keep proper perspective. The bodies in the middle are no more than twenty feet from those in the front, but are shrunk  far more than that distance would allow. They look like they were pasted in and re-photographed, they only technique available back then. The men standing are mere cutouts of black stick figures, and are just standing and observing … as to have them do anything real, like burying victims, was beyond their capabilities in 1890. The tepees in the background are the only real thing in the photo. They actually cast shadows. Nothing else does. Everything in the foreground is fake.

The photo was put on Facebook by “Jennifer David,” most likely a fake person. (It is kind of odd that she has no friends but got more than half a million likes shares on one of her posts.) It has drawn 662,535 “shares, and 41,000 likes. You would think those numbers might be reversed, as it is way out of whack – but then, this is Facebook, run out of Langley, and they are able to simply make shit up. (I run this blog, and am telling you now that every post I put up has more than one million really thoughtful reads. Who are you to question?)

Does this mean that Wounded Knee was fake too? I don’t know – I’ll leave that to our friend MH, who reads Wikipedia with a highly trained eye.


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40 Responses to Can’t get used to something not right

  1. MH says:

    It’s funny you mentioned Wounded Knee, since I also saw those pictures on Facebook.

    Here are the first two flags in the Wiki article for the massacre:

    8: “By the time it was over, more than 150 men, women, and children of the Lakota had been killed and 51 were wounded (4 men and 47 women and children, some of whom died later); some estimates placed the number of dead at 300”

    11: “In 2001, the National Congress of American Indians passed two resolutions condemning the awards and called on the U.S. government to rescind them.”

    I didn’t bother looking at anything else. They flag the summary with 8s and 11s when they quickly and easily want to tell you that the event was fake. The Armenian Massacre is flagged even more obviously, to give another example.

    What I am learning is that if the event was real, they would mark something like “Skeptics doubt the authenticity of the massacre and believe the casualties are inflated or not real.” instead.


    • I wonder why they woudl fake an atrocity where American Indians are the victims rather than the perpetrators?


      • MH says:

        It goes both ways. Many Native Americans killing settlers stories are fake, in particular the Dakota War of 1862 where supposedly 300-800 settlers were killed “to draw the whites away”.

        I haven’t tied it all together yet since I don’t know much about this part of history, but Wounded Knee is useful now that they are promoting Native Americans as victims, for whatever psy-op they have planned.


      • lux says:

        I don’t know if the Wounded Knee incident was fake or not but I can think of a reason for faking it: to put an end to the Ghost Dance movement (and it evidently worked).


        • MH says:

          Ghost Dance movement is flagged in Wiki.

          I spent some time last night gathering info on the Indian Wars of the 19th century since I did not know much about that era in history. It’s still not clear to me why they would fake Wounded Knee, but I think that is because I don’t have a good grasp on everything that was going on. It’s bugging me now so I’ll keep investigating.

          The 1973 Wounded Knee Incident is flagged too, and the AIC is flagged as a front.


          • You mean AIM? Otherwise, what is AIC?


          • MH says:

            Yes, AIM. My mistake. Again, I’m just familiarizing myself with all this.


          • MH says:

            It appears the Sand Creek massacre of peaceful Cheyenne was real.

            There’s a flag on relations between the members of the Pike’s Peak gold rush and Native Americans initially being friendly. I take that to mean the Native Americans always had a problem with them being there.

            Next, the Treaty of Fort Wise, where a group of 10 Chiefs agreed to a reservation. All 10 of the chiefs are flagged, I take it as plants or moles. Which ties in with what the Cheyenne and Arapho argued, that the Chiefs agreed to the treaty without the approval of anybody, thus being rejected by the Cheyenne and Arapho.

            The media played out the story as if the Cheyenne and Arapho were untrustworthy and backstabbing people who could not stand by a treaty, They were of course set up. Next up, the idea that the Cheyenne became increasingly belligerent over white immigration is flagged on two different pages. It seems that was an excuse for the massacre.

            I am beginning to think that Wounded Knee was done to traumatize the Native American population and kill their morale. It appears some previous massacres were real, but rather than have their soldiers and agents participate in real massacres, Intelligence decided to just fake a few. It was probably very easy to do back then.


          • Back then too?


          • MH says:

            What do you mean? Fake events? I’m sure they’ve been doing it for centuries.


          • MH says:

            Some more on Wounded Knee.

            Americans feeling favorable about the massacre is flagged. I take that to mean the media attempted to push the idea that most people supported genocide and that this was a good thing. This entire quote by L. Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz), when he was a young journalist, is flagged.

            “The Pioneer has before declared that our only safety depends upon the total extermination of the Indians. Having wronged them for centuries, we had better, in order to protect our civilization, follow it up by one more wrong and wipe these untamed and untamable creatures from the face of the earth. In this lies future safety for our settlers and the soldiers who are under incompetent commands. Otherwise, we may expect future years to be as full of trouble with the redskins as those have been in the past.”

            They were trying to scare the pants off the Native Americans. Surrender or genocide was the bluff (or maybe not a bluff).


          • annspinwall4 says:

            MH, do you have a blog that explains how to tell when a Wiki article is flagged to show it is faked or intelligence? I find this fascinating, but don’t really understand how it is done.


          • MH says:

            I have that I’ve recently hidden, although I believe you have access.

            I haven’t written an article yet on how it’s done. I’ll do it this week and let you know. It’s not that hard.


          • annspinwall4 says:

            Yes, I had accessed it before from this site but was not able to yesterday and have been granted access. The information is fascinating, but I didn’t understand how you were able to research it. An article would be great. Thanks so much!


  2. MH says:

    I am not too familiar with the history of Native American-USA conflict in the 19th century, but I took a quick look at Geronimo and he was a US agent that infiltrated the Apache. It seems they had an entire generation of Native Americans they raised to infiltrate the Natives.

    What’s more interesting is that they flag the parts that say “Geronimo only had a small following” in several different places. I take that to mean that he was far more charismatic and popular among the Native Americans than they admit. His arrest and POW status is marked as fake, but his death at 79 appears real.

    Sitting Bull appears to be a genuine leader however.


  3. MH says:

    While we’re at it:

    The Ghost Dance Movement of the late 1880’s was an Intelligence project to infiltrate the Native Americans.
    It’s tough for me to interpret Crazy Horse since I am unfamiliar with the history, but it appears his wife was an infiltrator and parts of his death and memorial are faked. Perhaps it was just the “heroic” way he died that is fake, but I would have to read more to find out for sure.
    All or parts of Red Cloud’s War were staged.
    Annie Oakley’s parents are flagged. Later we may need to look at the Quakers as a potential intelligence marker like Theosophy. Her death at 66 was faked.
    Buffalo Bill’s wife and family are faked, so is his divorce. He may have been gay. All of his previous careers are fake, maybe it’s a marker for intelligence?


    • The little girl is certainly of a different focus than BB. She is also fully lit up while the otehr two are lit from above and cast a shadow downward. No doubt you see all this and more.


  4. annspinwall4 says:

    Miles Mathis wrote an article (an opinion piece as he always states) about Custer’s Last Stand being a false flag. I now question everything. “Intelligence” has been pulling us by the short hairs for a really long time.


    • I read that, Annspinwall, but put it on the back shelf of my mind, thinking that if MM is right, further corroboration will appear some day. I do that with a lot of his stuff, not to be critical, as so much of his work points to an exceptionally gifted man, but rather because I would like more sources than the one. Someone else ought to be doing this type of work.


      • annspinwall4 says:

        Absolutely, I enjoy his work, but don’t consider it gospel…question everything, even the articles that question and examine. I had a really hard time with his piece on the Dresden bombing. This atrocity places the allied forces in such a horrible light, why would they do that? Maybe MH has some insight.


        • MH says:

          Here’s what I’ll do, rather than interpret it myself, I’ll post the parts of the wiki article for Dresden that I believe are flagged, and let’s try to see if it has a common theme. Sometimes it seems contradictory, but the more you read, the more you realize it is consistent and you just misinterpreted it. Remember that for each of these it either means “that’s not true”, “we staged that or faked it”, or “that person or organization is one of us”.

          “Several researchers have asserted that not all of the communications infrastructure, such as the bridges, was targeted, nor were the extensive industrial areas outside the city centre.”

          “Large variations in the claimed death toll have fueled the controversy. In March 1945, the German government ordered its press to publish a falsified casualty figure of 200,000 for the Dresden raids, and death toll estimates as high as 500,000 have been given.”

          “The contribution to the German war effort may not have been as significant as the planners thought.” (regarding the factories in Dresden)

          “The attack was to centre on the Ostragehege sports stadium, next to the city’s medieval Altstadt (old town), with its congested, and highly combustible timbered buildings.”

          ” In 2000, historian Helmut Schnatz found that there was an explicit order to RAF pilots not to strafe civilians on the way back home from Dresden. He also reconstructed timelines with the result that strafing would have been almost impossible due to lack of time and fuel.”

          “Taylor writes the city was largely undefended; a night fighter force of ten Messerschmitts at Klotzsche airfield was scrambled, but it took them half an hour to get into an attack position. At 22:03, the Local Air Raid Leadership issued the first definitive warning: “Warning! Warning! Warning! The lead aircraft of the major enemy bomber forces have changed course and are now approaching the city area””

          “Under pressure from the Chiefs of Staff and in response to the views expressed by Portal and Harris among others, Churchill withdrew his memo and issued a new one.”

          The entire section on “Reconstruction and Reconciliation” is flagged.

          “caused over 100,000 civilian casualties. The tonnage and types of bombs listed in the service records of the Dresden raid were comparable to (or less than) throw weights of bombs dropped in other air attacks carried out in 1945. In the case of Dresden, as in many other similar attacks, the hour break in between the RAF raids was a deliberate ploy to attack the fire fighters and rescue crews.”

          “Proponents disagree that Dresden had a military garrison and claim that most of the industry was in the outskirts and not in the targeted city centre,”

          My opinion is that the bombing on Dresden factories was real, but the death totals and damage was faked for whatever reasons.


          • I just heard someone recently comment that the historical structures of Dresden had been painstakingly reassembled piece by piece. It reminded me that my brother attended college on a sabbatical in Leuven, Belgium, and they told the same story of the library there being destroyed in the war and reassembled, piece by piece.

            It strains credulity.


          • MH says:

            I see it as a “if an atrocity happens, you’ll hear about it” sort of thing. Things like that are important when it comes to people trusting the news. That somehow the news is above governments and tyrants, and all the bad things in the world will be exposed.

            Even with Dresden, Nazi atrocities outnumber the Allies atrocities by 100000:1. It’s almost like they did it for controlled opposition purposes so people don’t say “but the Allies couldn’t have been perfect little angels during a war this big”.

            Plus it was probably great for insurance reasons too. Where did all that reconstruction money go?


          • I don’t know about “reconstruction” money, but according to Frances Stonor Saunders in the Cultural Cold War (I assume that she has been both ‘outed’ and is trustworthy at once), 2% of Marshall Fund money kicked back to CIA to fund it in its early years before drugs and Mafia control kicked in.,


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  6. polkainfotainment says:

    Nice post there..

    Be sure to check out my posts too


  7. Nathan says:

    I’m sorry for asking a potentially dumb question, but what does MH mean by “flagged”?


    • MH says:

      It’s not a dumb question. Mark did a good rundown here:

      I’ve been promising to write a detailed post on how to do it but haven’t got around to it yet. Basically I look for the footnotes that match the main CIA numerology. That’s 8, 11, 33, 47, 66, 74, and 94. It includes 108, 208, etc. 110-119, 330-339, 133, 147, etc, etc.

      The text that is highlighted by the footnote usually translates to a mix of “that’s not true”, “we staged that”, “that person or company is intelligence”, or “that was our doing”.

      It’s surprisingly consistent with most fakery we already know of, and amazing for discovering fakery we don’t suspect.


      • Nathan says:

        thanks, mh. had a feeling it was the all too familiar 11’s and 33’s and shit. thanks for clarifying. it’s hard NOT to see those numbers when reading anything about anything that comes from media/officialdom anymore.


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