Sharon Tate lived and became Patti Tate

Sharon Patti Composit 2

This was a difficult comparison, as there are so few shots of “Patti” Tate- I did find one more of her and Sharon Tate that are usable, which is down below. In this one Patti’s chin is slightly longer, but that could be my measurements of eye distance, which are done with a ruler on the computer screen. Everything else, though, lines up precisely. [It could be that Patti on the right is talking while Sharon on the right has her mouth closed that produced the slightly longer chin.]

SHaron 7
Patty2The “Patti at the right is from a BBC interview with her in 1992. She is really Sharon. There are scads of Sharon Tate photos available, but it is hard to match the head angles for comparison.

The features line up almost precisely – this again after setting the pupils at one-inch distance so that both photos have that in common.

Sharon had a real sister, Debra. Here is a composite done in the exact same manner with Sharon and her:

sharon debra
It is not hard to imagine that they are sisters, and different people. Debra has a slightly larger skull and more pronounced jowl. Her nose is wider. The distance between the tip of her nose and the top of her eye is slightly longer than Sharon’s. The lips almost line up, but not quite.

Here is one more of Sharon and Patti:

Shaton Patti Composit 3

Again, an exact match-up of features. These are the same person. Sharon Tate did not die. She changed her name to Patti.

Some odd things – at the funeral of Sharon Tate, only one sister was present. You’d think both Patti and Debra would attend. When the father, Colonel Paul Tate, died, there was animosity – Debra refused to allow a military funeral or to pay for the cremation.

TATE-FAMILY-tumblr_n1vdylpGEZ1tqrjeoo1_400And this, a family photo. It is a paste-up – Sharon’s head Has a dark halo. “Patti,” the youngest in the foreground has much brighter light on her than the others. It would have fooled me if I was not already suspicious. But it is a fake. This was a picture of Sharon and Debra, and “Patti was added leader by the same people who caused Sharon’s fake “death.”

Patti is said to have died in 2000, but there is nothing in the Social Security Death Index about that, and there is no record of her birth in California. Wasn’t born, did not die … hmmm. Perhaps … never existed.

I suspect Sharon Tate is really dead now, though it is always possible she went to Brazil or lives in Switzerland with Roman Polanski. If alive, she is now 73.

If you have read this far and are nonplussed that the Sharon Tate murder was faked, you have at last asked a question that needs an answer. Let the search for truth begin. I suggest that you then ask another question: Why is Charles Manson the only person in the California prison system allowed to wear a beard?
PS: Sharon Tate was eight months pregnant at the time if her fake murder. Part of the narrative put out by CIA was that her baby had been cut from her stomach and murdered too. Since Sharon was still alive at least in 1992, her child is most likely alive and well too. I wonder what its identity is … some well-known star? That would be hilarious! Brad Pitt is Sharon Tate’s son, for instance? Nothing would surprise me in that incestuous world.

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  1. annspinwall4 says:

    I was convinced after reading MM’s extensive article. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when this “media event” took place and the thought that the “family” cut the baby out of her had a real impact on me. Seeing “crime scene” photos shows that to be a lie…and she has an odd smile on her face. This was supposed to have happened at Sharon and Roman’s mansion, the “crime scene” appears to be from a staged set that is anything but a mansion. Really shoddy looking. The depth of evil seems to know no bounds…the people that designed the trauma and those that participated…I hope karma bites them in the ass.


    • It is reassuring of human nature to me that these random mass shootings (and serial killers – I will have more to write about that later) are fake, that the Manson family was CIA agents, that ordinary people, while doing one-on-one violence (usually in the grip of booze) do not randomly kill people. We’re basically good, just overrun right now by Intleligence spooks trying to scare us and keep us distracted.


      • annspinwall4 says:

        Absolutely, I was talking to an enlightened friend the other day and we were discussing the fact that the majority of people are good, honest and hardworking…and would never do this kind of thing…it is nuts to think how many people live in fear of going to a movie or shopping mall because they never know when that lone nut buggy-man will start killing everyone in sight. Knowing the truth is infuriating but it does ease the “strategy of tension”.


        • MH says:

          It’s not just mass murderers and serial killers. Men and women are now distrustful of each other. And they’re attempting to throw a wrench in the family too.

          If you read about the psychology of infidelity, they are actually trying to convince you that socially liberal people are more accepting of infidelity, and it’s better to stay with a partner than leave them after infidelity. They want you to be confused and unhappy, so you buy more crap that you don’t need.


      • Denise says:

        several comments/questions: 1. if faked/staged where are the other persons today? (Jay, Gibby & her Polish boyfriend/Roman’s buddy)? 2. If Jay was really Sharon’s old boyfriend, isn’t it more likely possible that her marriage to Roman was a shame/fake and JAY was the real father of her baby? Which leads to WHY it was staged with Roman at all, who clearly was noted that he was NOT HAPPY with the pregnancy? 3. Would that not lead you to wonder where did these folks go…HIDING where w/out notice by anybody who would recognize them? Ah, speak up to the cover up? Which leads to most pressing question: 4. WHERE ARE ALL THE JAILED PERPS? Would that mean that Charlie, Susan/Sadie, Leslie, Patricia are all living lives somewhere out of prison? What about TEX? Media says he was arrested in Nov. 69, that he went catatonic, refused to eat and was not prosecuted until what 1971? After the others? So, if all FAKED, then WHERE is he? He has on record kids and a marriage…HOW can a convicted murderer have SEX in PRISON? shady, shady, shady….LASTLY…5. What about the murders the next day of Leo and Rosemary? If the Cielo murders were staged and the other two were NOT, then WHO killed that married couple w/the same “pig” message the NEXT day which would be TOO SOON for a copy cat murderer? Who would KNOW the PIG info that soon???!! So, that leads to was that MURDER staged also? What is the connection of their murder to the Manson family whatsoever? Or was it a MOB hit and if so? HOW would the MOB know that PIG had been written at other scene and then go on to write more…? RISE and Helter Skelter on the FRIDGE? Death to Pigs on wall? IT was more detailed with much more WHITE Album songs/lyric references? SO LIKE HOW/WHY? Would the CIA have a mob link and leak it that fast? What was Leo into?


  2. MH says:

    Speaking of trauma, I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones with my girlfriend who’s obsessed with the show. By the end of the show, I literally had anxiety from all the bloodshed. Even though the bad guy was killed, it did not feel satisfying.

    And right after supposedly 50 people were killed at a nightclub? How tasteful is that? And how fast did that big story get off the front page to be replaced by a child getting killed by an alligator? I’m sorry but 5 years ago, that’s a blurb in the back pages.

    The more I see this, the less I can believe anybody falls for this, and that I used to fall for this. I used to sense it, but make excuses for it. Blame it on the media, blame it on political correctness, and social mores. Now that I see it for what it is, I’m so frustrated by that invisible line separating everyone from knowing the truth.

    It’s amazing how faith in authority and the system can blind people.


    • annspinwall4 says:

      I certainly agree about Game of Thrones and fully believe that it, like the Harry Potter series, was written by a group…probably hired by the CIA. People rave about it so I ordered Season 1,episode one and two from Netflix. I made it through the 1st season but was having so much anxiety I decided not to watch any more. Here is a quote from Francis Stonor Saunders in Jan Irvin’s “Spies in Academic Clothing”

      ‘Books differ from all other propaganda media,’ wrote a chief of the CIA’s Covert Action Staff, ‘primarily because one single book can significantly change the reader’s attitude and action to an extent unmatched by the impact of any other single medium [such as to] make books the most important weapon of strategic (long-range) propaganda.’ The CIA’s clandestine books programme was run, according to the same source, with the following aims in mind: ‘Get books published or distributed abroad without revealing any U.S. influence, by covertly subsidizing foreign publications or booksellers. Get books published which should not be “contaminated” by any overt tie-in with the U.S. government, especially if the position of the author is “delicate”. Get books published for operational reasons, regardless of commercial viability. Initiate and subsidize indigenous national or international organizations for book publishing or distributing purposes. Stimulate the writing of politically significant books by unknown foreign authors – either by directly subsidizing the author, if covert contact is feasible, or indirectly, through literary agents or publishers.

      The New York Times alleged in 1977 that the CIA had been involved in the publication of at least a thousand books.[1] [Emphasis added] ~ Frances Stonor Saunders

      I believe there are “mind control triggers” embedded in a lot of these shows. from large productions like “Game of Thrones” down to tripe like “The Big Bang Theory”


      • MH says:

        What do you mean by mind control triggers?


      • MH says:

        The last Game of Thrones episode ended with the bad guy being eaten by his own dogs. They actually showed the dog biting him in his face. The idea was “he hasn’t fed them in 7 days”. The next day on Facebook I saw a meme of somebody feeding their dogs making sure they don’t go hungry.

        It’s subtle but obvious, they want you distrustful of your animals. They started slow with the fake gorilla incident, then the alligators in Florida, and the dozens of Facebook videos showing little children around large animals that make you feel uneasy.

        I hope everybody in the fakery community is aware of this psyop. I love animals and hate to see people becoming distrustful of them, especially dogs.


  3. annspinwall4 says:

    I’m not sure how it’s done, but something subliminal or a different flicker rate. Something to keep us watching or something to change our perception of whatever agenda is being promoted. I question everything these days.


    • MH says:

      I’m open to it.

      I’m starting to realize how centralized everything is. On Fakeologist, somebody mentioned how the Harambe gorilla shooting was promotion for the Tarzan movie coming out in a few months. I agree, but believe it is much bigger than that (animals are dangerous psyop they’re going overdrive on).

      For example, a few days ago the 27 year old actor Anton Yelchin was “killed” after his car started rolling and crushed him when he was opening his gate. The new Star Trek opens next month and Yelchin was a member of that franchise so it would be easy to just point to that. However, there has been news about the error leading to his death, being a part of a recall for that vehicle.

      What’s interesting is that a few months, for the first time in my life, I received a call back letter about the airbags in my vehicle. A family member told me he just received a recall letter about the airbags in his vehicle, which is of a completely different make.

      My assumption now is that the Anton Yelchin death is not just promotion for the new Star Trek movie, which no doubt will be pushing propaganda messages of it’s own, but to get you worrying about your vehicle failing on you when you need it most. One more trauma to add to the list.


      • annspinwall4 says:

        Airbag recalls….dang, my car is on that list. I received three letters last year telling me that I would be receiving the actual letter that would allow me to take my car in for repair or replacement. I can understand receiving one letter to let me know that my car was on the list and be on the lookout for the free repair letter….but why 3 notices before receiving the final letter. I haven’t taken any action, knock wood…my car is 12 years old, but only has 40K miles…I drive to the store or to visit friends, no significant trips. I don’t trust what that repair might involve.

        Regarding the recent spate of sport and celebrity deaths, there is a guy that does a lot with gematria. I knew that the big games were most likely rigged, but his work indicates that every game is rigged and a lot of incidents surrounding games, sports deaths, celebrity deaths and psyops are all connected. I’m not a sports fan, but happened onto his channel when the gorilla was killed after the little boy fell into the gorilla’s area. The blogger is Zachary K Hubbard and his youtube channel is
        He has tons of work and is currently finishing a book that will cover the entire history of the US. He must be hitting a nerve because there was an article making fun of “this conspiracy nut” and there are other youtube channels giving him grief. Here is the article


        • Annspin, something I cannot control, if you put more than two links in your comment it will go to moderation.


        • MH says:

          Thanks for the link. I’ll dive deeper later tonight, but it looks like me and him might be doing similar work.

          By coincidence, last night I focused on faked sports events and found flags for several like:
          The Kevin Everett spinal injury
          Tyson/Lewis Press Conference Fight
          Kevin Ware compound fracture injury
          Len Bias death
          Benji Wilson death

          It’s interesting that those are right on his front page.

          I assume some of the injuries are real simply because these are fast, contact sports.


        • MH says:

          The gematria website is interesting. I spent some time there last night and this morning and watched a few videos.

          A few things he pointed out were very notable like Anton Yelchin dying 33 days before the Star Trek premiere, the Super Bowl being between the White Broncos and Black Panthers during a year of race wars, the OJ series beginning on the 33rd day of the year and involving a White Bronco, foreshadowing this year’s AFC championship game in Jerry Maguire. There is interesting stuff there.

          But there are some things that make me cautious. How he calls everybody “truthseekers” in his videos stinks of lots of other disinfo agents I’ve seen. People are suspicious of MM because he knocks out 1-2 articles a week, but this guy seems to write 5-6 blog posts a day, everyday. Does he have a job or is this his job at Langley? And the comments on his blog are just flooded with disinfo, like 5:1 is disinfo. I don’t understand how a man who has the intuition for the truth that he must have, can allow that cesspool in the comments section, unless he purposely allows it.

          And some of the gematria is all over the place. For example, his blog post today about Gucci Mane being released from prison, he connects the gematria of Gucci’s real name to “mainstream” and “dishonest”? Where did he get those words from?

          Some of it might have been done on purpose by intelligence like “Gucci” having a gematria of 43 and his birthday being the 43rd day of the year, and adding up to 47. But I see that as a quick method for the agents in charge of biographies to come up with birth days or other necessary names or dates.

          And then he mentioned cloning today which made me roll my eyes and remind me of the disinfo at the Doppel boards. It’s very notable since Wiki flagged cloning as not existing at all in any way, so it’s disinfo on par with Illuminati.

          Thanks for the link, there seems to be a lot of truth here, but now begins the difficult part of sorting the truth from the disinfo. He made a few predictions I wrote down such as Queen Elizabeth fake dying in September and Hillary selecting Kaine as VP. I’m interested to see how he does.


          • annspinwall4 says:

            He seems genuine, but my new motto is “question everything”. I am not a sports fan so I know nothing about the history of teams and players. When I watch his stuff, I usually stop around 10 minutes in because because I just wanted to scratch the surface of what he is relaying….and like you, I don’t understand where he gets all the connections to link a current event to an event way in the past. I have a YT app on my TV and was watching a documentary last night. When I stopped the documentary, I noticed that Zach had a new post about Harriet Tubman/Andrew Jackson and the change submitted to replace Jackson with Tubman on the $20 bill…it was only a 10 minute followup, but it was after midnight here in California and I had to wonder if he ever sleeps….plus he is working on his book. Like you, I try to sort out what is real. I like the guy and he has been doing this for 3 years.

            Back to the subject of mind control from yesterday, here is a link to a YT interview by Jan Irvin with Dr Hans Utter about FM radio. There are several different interviews about the history of FM available on the Gnostic Media YT channel. Very interesting stuff.


  4. Mitchell Bradley says:

    The supreme court ruled a year ago that beards are allowed in prisons. Otherwise most of your post is believable. All the research I’ve done says she didn’t die that night.


    • If that ruling happened a year ago, it does not explain Charlie’s having a beard for most of the time 1969 through 2014. I have more on him – he has been body doubled now. The original has disappeared. You can see for yourself by comparing photos over time with close attention to detail.


    • I noticed that ruling. It immediately made me think that Miles Mathis may have been one of the reasons they changed that rule.

      And like Mark said, what does that have to do with Manson having a beard in prison for the last 30 years. It’s clear they changed that rule to cover their butts in the future.


  5. Kelly S George says:

    I wonder what happened to the baby? Did she end up having it, in another country?


    • Kelly S George says:

      And where is it now?


    • I do not know. I mentioned that in an earlier post – thinking it would really be funny if the kid turned out to be someone like Brad Pitt. I would assume that the kid was raised in Europe by Polanski or Brazil or somewhere like that by whatever lover Sharon had after death. .


  6. Ann says:

    She’s dead and there’s nothing wrong with having a sister so much looks like you. Can’t you see the difference between these two women eyes ?? This is so sick to think that the governments kill people to make you scare. And she seemed to smile in the photos after the murders just because her face was slashed with the knife. I wonder if you ever know about the muscles in the face . Get a life and leave her soul alone to have some peace . Jesus …


    • Ann, Try reading the blog post instead of skimming it, especially before having an emotional response. Nobody was killed and nobody was slashed with a knife.

      I had a guy on Reddit today who also skimmed it and completely misunderstood what was being said.


  7. Shonna says:

    Patti was on the Lizza Ginnons show before and you can certainly tell, although they do look a lot alike, that it is NOT Sharon Tate. This is all ludacris.


    • The perfect alignment of features via face splitting, a more scientific method than observation with the naked eye, says otherwise. While there are often family resemblences among siblings, even twins do not line up in this manner. Sharon did not die, and the event was a hoax, done with full news media cooperation. Deal with the implications, please.


  8. AnaJB says:

    I have been reading your posts for some days now, and of course I do believe that in this world EVERYTHING is possible. My two-cents on this: I have been following the Tate-Labianca case for eleven years now, simply because the official “helter-Skelter” motive did not make any sense to me and I did not understand how Charlie, an ugly, ex-convict with serious hygiene issues, convinced a bunch of middle-class kids, including three decent-looking girls and a handsome young man, to commit these “witchy” crimes. The theories never satisfied my doubts, I believed it was a drug burn, satanic cult killings, Polanski’s blood sacrifice for his success with Rosemary’s Baby and future career…

    However, if the case was indeed staged, I think Sharon hid, and hid well, probably in Brazil (like the old headline stated) and lived an undercover life and never came-out again, at least as a Tate family member. In my honest opinion, I do think Patricia Gay Tate existed.

    I carefully looked at the “face splitting” you did and I the following differences: Patti’s face is longer, OB-long shaped. Also, Patti’s upper eyelid’s seem to be saggy, she is what I would call a “sad eyed girl” and Sharon was known for having big almond-shaped eyes. The bone structure of Sharon’s face was heart-shaped (similar to Madonna’s).
    Plus, the “young Patti” girl walking around at Sharon’s funeral looks a lot like the older Patti, with the Ob-long shaped face and this is the same girl in a photo playing ball and the same girl in a photo playing with Barbie dolls along with Debra.

    Probably these murders were staged BUT Sharon left and never came back. To me, the face alignment does not convince me that Patti and Sharon they are the same person…


    • We have more refined techniques now for comparing faces, so I should probably give this one another look. Several problems … we don’t have a large number of “Patti Tate” photos to work with – the split you viewed was a screen grab from a television appearance, and the TV screen is known to distort. It was also done in 1992, or 24 years after the original “death,” and she is heavily made up in the TV appearance. Shape of eyes and all of that can vary, and shape of face van be distorted by camera angle. Critical aspects, however, are that the eyes line up, the nose and mouth (with 1992 Patti talking and so having a slightly lower chin. The screen grab in question was originally used by others to show it was Sharon, as Sharon had a non-hereditary notch in her left ear, and that notch is present in this image.

      Add to that that the woman claims to be Sharon Tate’s sister, and is not some person off the street or form a casting call. But we have no record of her being around before Sharon’s death. Life underground has to be hard, so I suspect Patti was invented to allow Sharon to live a normal life after her faked death. I have long wondered what became of her child, supposedly cut from her womb … someone we know? I jokingly one time suggested Brad Pitt, but then we discovered that he was a set of twins. No go.


  9. AnaJB says:

    Who knows what happened to the Polanski-Tate baby-maybe it was a girl – and said it was a boy to divert the attention from crazy, conspiracy theorists like myself and give them some privacy.

    I happen to have have as “facebook friends” Patti’s children: Brooke Marie (Marie after Aunt Sharon’s second name), Brie and Bryce Ford. All have pictures with Patti when they were children and their aunt (whose name I don’t recall) mentioned something about being at Patti’s wedding to Don Ford. So is there a chance that there was a Patti Tate after all???

    By the way, none of Patti’s children look like the Tate girls… They look very much like their dad, a basketball player in 80s, they lived in Italy during their childhood and Brooke and Brie I believe they live there too….


  10. Dave says:

    I read that the Tate baby was due Sept 11 1969 , hmmm , I did a search for famous born that day ,
    odd to find Marylin Mansons bass player born in Calif. that day ,
    MM being born earlier in 1969 ,reload future projects ? .
    Gidget Gein od’d 2008 , more hmmms


    • AnaJB says:

      Sep 9 1969 actress rachel hunter. What if it was a baby girl after all?!!


    • Melle says:

      I too have been looking into “famous” people or those in the public eye born after Aug. 9 1969 and although I can’t find a specific birth date, Alisa Statman was born in 1969. In one of her writings she claims that in 1990 at age 21 she moved into the cielo house. That’s the only reference to her age I can find. Looking at her, she has some of Romans features- small eyes, bulbous nose, small stature. I have been suspicious of her story and how she ingrained herself in the Tate’s lives to the point that she got custody of Patti’s children after her death when the children’s father could have resumed custody. It’s strange, unless she’s actually PJs granddaughter and the children’s older sister! Saying she was Patti’s “lover” is a good cover story for why she was so close and involved.


      • AnaJB says:

        Great analysis! Makes total sense. Statman has Sharon’s heart shaped face with Roman’s features! She could pass as Sharon’s ugly daughter! Plus she has been so involved with the Tates that it feels they are relatives by blood.
        Plus I cannot imagine “PJ Tate” as Statman calls him, inheriting this woman and not Debra… so many layers to uncover…


      • AnaJB says:

        I was searching more about the statman woman, her full name is Alisa Rose Statman, she is 53 years old. Therefore, at least officially not
        Born in 69


  11. Dave says:

    GG without makeup looks alot like Polanski , also looks like Mark Walberg ,
    GG also looks very healthy for a dope fiend ,
    Wish I had time and a better computer to chase that rabbit ….
    and sorry if this is off topic to this thread but when I see P.M. Canes work
    I feel very sad for people who think that the spooks do not fake deaths
    and have secret twins programs, it’s a family tradition


    • AnaJB says:

      GG’s features definitely resemble Polanski’s, big nose, small eyes, short in height. No resemblance to Sharon, at all!!!! Could be, how sad, he seemed like a pretty disturbed young man, can’t blame him. If he is “Paul Richard Polanski” he did not live an easy life. He might also become a zombie and reappear as a politician or high profile reporter, like Anderson Copper…


  12. Dave says:

    I need to correct that ” Bradley Stewart ” was not born in Calif. but Florida , Hollywood Fla. right near a Naval Air base and Ft lauderdale Int. airport , Paul Tate being said to be Naval Intel , place looks spooky , which brings to attention the original name of his band as ” Marylin Manson and the Spooky Kids ” in fact Gidget Geins book is titled “Confessions of a Spooky Kid ” I haven’t read it , I not a fan.
    He “od’d ” in Burbank , which can be seen from Laurel Canyon where Trent Reznor rented the Tate murder house to record with Marilyn s group , red flags anyone.
    also the one photo of Stewart promoting his unpop art career show him backed by a warhol soup can displaying ZyklonB ,joke I guess, these a reference to earlier projects , fake degenerate art and fake German ww2 .gas chambers , this photo shows moles on his cheeks , Polanski also has a mole , and think his lips look like Sharons. and his hair when strait combed looks alot like Polanskis
    Thanks for your work , Mark and all , even if I don’t agree with all of what your expressing it’s still fun to read , and if we can’t have fun , then they win , cheers


  13. Denise says:

    Have you and Miles Mathis connected? He seems to have as much conviction as you do that the Tate murders were fake/HOAX. He goes into a lengthy article like 80 pages including photos which now have truly convinced me that Manson Family are just a mock up group of CIA operatives which would mean that the Beach Boy Dennis Wilson knew SOMETHING and STRANGELY?! ENDS UP DEAD in a freak drowning? He was HITCH-HIKING? I don’t believe any CELEB would be doing such, when he had $$$ cars? Picked up by a Manson follower? Then the ‘hippie’ girls are having orgy’s at his house? Then comes Charlie? And then Tex too? A very conservative guy according to PAUL MORANTZ? I read Paul’s spiel, which is much of the same jargon cited by media outlets. Yet, he gives new facts to his friendship with TEX and how they met. And some of his eerie connections with many of the players also. Somewhat lead me to PONDER what does he REALLY KNOW about the wigs, the HAIR connection and him being a very “PLACED” lawyer to this day that advocates for the “monsters” release from prison and even has a direct personal connection to the head prosecutor? They KNOW each other? But, he did not KNOW that Tex was part of the FAMILY until way way after his prosecution and ‘jail term”? The plot thickens with this, the more I read and research. Miles writes just as you do that Patti was non existent until long after the “Death” and how SHE looks exactly like SHARON! The cutting of baby from womb? I heard that…I read that…but, it is not consistent?? IT is NOT. But, if you look closely at the crime scene photos of Sharon from several angles?? THERE IS NO BELLY WOUND whatsoever?!? Weird smile, smeared blood on her body, but WOUNDS DO NOT MATCH AUTOPSY PHOTOS whatsoever! Even Gibby’s wounds seem off on photos. All that stabbing and her dress looked pristine except for blood all over the bottom half of her waist? Same with the boyfriend. His clothes looked blood smeared…Pig blood is referenced/good one…! but the BIGGIE? His clothes do not look CUT or SLICED either? I am left to wonder how many guys out there besides Mark and Miles are of the mind that the Manson Family in totality was one BIG ASS HOAX? Have we really been SOLD a complete book of bullshit by a complicit media? How did the CIA and FBI get so many officials to GO ALONG? To never BUST it open? not even on death beds?


    • We have no official connection to Miles Mathis but are aware of him. It was his work that spurred much of ours, that is, if he had not written about Manson/Tate, I would not have discovered the hoax on my own.

      Your questions are all in need of answers. Have a fun journey.


  14. Chiara says:

    I recall reading on the official Sharon Tate website that Sharon had a nose job. I know that Debra, her younger sister showed a picture of before the nose job. If you Google it, you can find it.
    I find it weird how her 15 years old younger sister Patti would have the exact same nose as her older sister (considering that Sharon had a nose job). Adding on, the whole ear thing. Most people may not realize this, but ears are like fingerprints. I think that there are too many similarities, and it can’t just be coincidence


  15. Watching4bs says:

    Can you please look into Mike Pence being Shane McMahon of the WWE? You know Trump has close ties to that company. To me it’s obvious.

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  16. annspinwall4 says:

    Interesting, they aren’t the same person, but there is some type of relationship…either friendship or cousins maybe. I found this article about the McMahon family visit to the White House. Linda McMahon was sworn in to be head of Trump’s Small Business Administration. I don’t follow sports, especially don’t follow WWE, but was aware of Trump’s ties to McMahon.


  17. Watching4bs says:

    Calgacus, if I misunderstood your post I am sorry. I thought it to be an insult to what I was trying to discuss.


  18. Ashlie says:

    God only knows how I happened upon your blog here and I have to say that you are a disgrace to the Tate family. To even suggest this murder was a hoax makes you as insane as the Manson family themselves.
    My Uncle lived across the street from Paul and Doris Tate in CA …he witnessed their grief and horror of what happened to their daughter. You’re ridiculous!!


    • I usually delete comments like this, and might still. You have obviously not read any of the material. But I let the comment go through because you are one of the few who are fortunate to be connected to somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody that was close to the Tate massacre.

      That is solid evidence and contradicts all of the hours and days and weeks of research done by competent people. Well done!!! You unearthed the key bit of evidence to support the story, your uncle!!! Now long dead, of course.


  19. Misty Coty says:

    This is idiotic….she was my cousin. I never got to meet her, but I can tell you that this destroyed her mother’s life and put a serious strain on Deb and the late Patti’s. I’m all about conspiracy theories, but this one is cruel and mindless. The only thing that most people didn’t know was that Charles Manson only targeted Sharon’s home bc it had recently been Doris Day’s son’s residence who had rejected Charles Manson’s music. The murders were, unfortunately, very real.


    • Again we have a close relative to testify to the reality of events … on our tiny blog! How did you find us?

      You will have to deal with the research. The backfalling on relatives and neighbors who say it ain’t so is a diversion tactic, look here, not there. You are not real. Your words are false.


    • Joki says:

      So you’re related how, exactly? Through Fletcher Cody Dill? Fletcher was the ex-husband of Grace Cleveland Tate, Sharon’s paternal grandmother. That would make you a cousin by marriage. However Fletcher had no known children that I can discover, so that’s a bit of a problem. You’d be doing various genealogy sites a favor by providing them detailed info.

      My hunch would be that the “Cody” in Fletcher Cody Dill is not a middle name, but a last name, and thus perhaps the link is through Francois Coty. This one seems perhaps more likely on its face, Coty/Coti being the father of a ginormous cosmetics empire. The built a “Paris Salon” right there on Wilshire Blvd. in L.A. They were acquired by Chas. Pfizer in the late 60s, today known simply as Pfizer.

      This page gives a nice summary/timeline, as well as a lot of helpful pictures of just how the salon looked in 1947.

      I’ve been unable to determine whether Sharon Tate ever did any ads for Coty, but to be honest I’m losing interest and haven’t looked all that hard. I did find this, though:

      That ad is, I think, from around 1970. I don’t know who the woman is but she does bear a rather striking resemblance to Sharon Tate, except for the brown hair.

      Anyway, then I find this gem:

      I find the premise of the movie interesting in light of the subject matter we’re discussing here. The IMDB summary reads thusly:

      “The brutal urban legend begins as the soldiers of Hell hunt the weak, the corrupt, and the misguided. They are merciless as they rip away every ounce of their victims’ dignity and humanity – all before feeding the appetites of those in power who are cannibalizing our planet.”

      Urban legend, indeed. So.. are you that Misty Coty?

      As a sidenote I’ll mention that I rarely suffer issues with internet connectivity, but in the time it took me to research even these few inconclusive tidbits I had to completely restart my computer twice, because my connection gave up the ghost. The cynical side of me says there’s some algorithm at work. The optimist says it’s just “coincidence”.


  20. annspinwall4 says:

    what a find….thanks Joki…I hope Misty responds


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