Afterthought: John Halliday outed as Paul

I did this just to satisfy my curiosity. Shortly after the Mathis “Paul McCartney is Twins” paper came out, a reader approached him with the video below:

The man there claims to be John Halliday, caretaker of the childhood home of the McCartney family. Passersby take more than one look, as he looks an awful lot like Paul.

I am forced, however, to do screen grabs of this grainy film to make a facial comparison. Nonetheless I did my best, and am 94% sure that this man is Paul McCartney, the retired McCartney, living a quiet life in Liverpool while his brother is out setting the world on fire with music. Sort of.

Paul Jim


Paul 3

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58 Responses to Afterthought: John Halliday outed as Paul

  1. annspinwall4 says:

    WOW, that certainly appears to be an appropriately aged Paul McCartney and he seems happy and relaxed having a bit of fun as the “caretaker” of Paul’s childhood home.


  2. Michael Hamilton says:

    Notice that John Halliday holds the coffee cup with his left hand. Paul McCartney was also left handed.


  3. OldeVirginian says:

    I had done a comparable comparison a few weeks ago using actual video screen grabs and reached the exact same conclusion. You will also discover that since the above vid was posted on youtube and this was ‘outed’ – by an amazing set of coincidences, Jerry had to be let go from that job as caretaker of the McMansion for his drinking problem and disappeared. Mm-hmm…
    I’m just pleased the original Paul wasn’t dead in the 60s after all.


  4. OldeVirginian says:

    Jerry, John, what’s in a name… 🙂 I mean, JOHN was let go.

    Same mannerisms too.

    I’d sure like to see John H. and Faul M. perform live. They could sing harmony on Yesterday.

    You don’t know how my world has been rocked the past few months – can’t believe in anything anymore. Who knew george martin was really “Q” ? I guess Yoko is miss moneypenny.


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  6. ipsofacto says:

    Yup Paul was replaced in 1966 with the current Paul aka Faul. Lennon was replaced the following year in 1967 as well. He now assumes the identity of Colin Unwin also a caretaker of you guessed it John Lennons boyhood home. Go to youtube for facial comparisons.


  7. ipsofacto says:

    “Living is easy with eyes closed”


    • ladybrendajo says:

      I believe he is the Beatlemania Paul, whom I adored and I’d still lick his face, my bad. He looks nothing like his brother Mike so how could he “fill in for him?”.


      • I am beginning to develop a sense, and could surely be wrong, that our Pauly developed a drinking problem, which necessitates the more or less permananet replacement by Mike, more dependable. Mike is a clunky musician. If you appreciate piano, then you can easily see his ham-handed banging on chords as he sings those catchy melodies is merely the result of intense practice and repetition, but not true talent.


  8. Jennifer Moore says:

    Read on Icke’s site that there was a birth certificate for a John Paul McCartney, rather than a James. So, if you have twins John and Mike, John will go as Paul to avoid having 2 Johns. Then, when Mike takes over, he has to keep the Paul name, and John goes back to John. Worth a think.


    • We really have no way of knowing who is who, so we use “Paul” and “Mike” as those were the two brothers given to us, Paul McC and the guy who became Mike McGear. We don’t even know if the name is McCartney, much less first names.

      It keeps it simple. A rose by any other name …

      PS: Ickes strikes me as a black frosting guy with his lizard people and all. I avoid him.


      • marguerite says:

        Hear! Hear! re Icke. All that reptilian business to take our eye off the ball. Can’t stand it or him! You are spot on, as always.


      • Rej says:

        I’ve looked all over for an explanation, without finding anything. What does “black frosting guy” mean?


        • It is not commonly used, but means that someone is dishonestly engaged in research for the purpose of making other people honestly engaged in that research look bad. The best example is Dallas Goldbug, who makes ridiculous assertions (JFK became Jimmy Carter) to discredit honest assertions (Bill Hicks became Alex Jones, Janis Joplin became Amy Goodman). His only purpose is to make the whole area of research look bad, or to blackwash it, or spread black frosting on it. In so doing he is protecting some if the most dishonest people alive, lifetime actors.


    • Doc says:

      It is worth noting that in the first edition book by Hunter Davies, The Beatles, the authorized biography, he states that Paul McCartney was born, “John Paul McCartney.” The later revisions of the book, originally published in 1968, reads, “James Paul McCartney.” I had an original copy, but it was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. I have a later revision, and have looked for an original. Nowhere to be found.


      • Rej says:

        I have a 1968 first edition and Page 23 reads: Paul was born James Paul McCartney on 18 June 1942, in a private ward of Walton Hospital, Liverpool…” I’ll scan it for you, if you like.


    • Anything is possible, but I would like to know one day the truth but the truth of all this mich mach. One thing is certain. Real Paul is not the actual Faul. What happened has been well concealed. Will it be revealed one day? Are consciences going to speak. Sofar two of the four have taken their ‘secret’ to the grave, will Faul reveal it after his death in the form of a letter to his fans whom he has duped for 50 years?


      • There is nothing complicated about it. Paul and Mike are both alive and well, Paul for some reason had to step back while Mike became the public figure known as Paul. While both are mediocre at best, Mike was the better musician. They are part of a much larger operation, so speaking out is unheard of, never done. They are lifetime actors, and there is a code of silence that appears, outside looking in, to be vigorously enforced, though not by violence. So they all have offspring, they all share the secrets, and all know to take them to the grave.

        On a lower level, these are not inspiring or important people. Left to their own devices, they would not have met with the success that being inside the circle brought them. Their fame was manufactured, their music written for them, even the performances done my means of illusion (rooftop concert). When they stopped performing in public, the music got better for a good reason: real, professional musicians did the instrumentation. They were left to do the voices, with intense training and supervision.


        • fm says:

          They were left to do the voices, with intense training and supervision.

          Rejoice, this last hurdle dropped as well.
          With last recent software and computing power, even a pig can sing operatic arias. No need to name names here, pick any from the recent pop music charts …

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  9. Ivan koshenko says:

    I am just blown away by the entire story …


  10. Ann says:

    Where is he now?


  11. Roelfzelf says:

    I have no sympathy for either/any of the Pauls or Johns. The whole thing was a project to undermine society and turn it into the stinking mess we currently see around us. All those who participated in that should be hanged.


  12. Lou says:

    John Halliday has never said he is Paul. My theory might be that Paul indeed had an accident in 1966. The injuries he got may have not only left scars on his face and body but could have effected his memory or thinking ability. If the would have wanted him to perform he might not have been able to remember the lyrics or even play his bass. I just find it strange that he worked there for 11 years and all of a sudden he gets canned for drinking. I call BS. Heather Mills and Ringo Starr are coming out with some truths that might just blow the lid off Faul McCartney. At any rate I wish the best for John Halliday, I think he has been caught up in something he has no control over.


    • My evidence here is stronger than your suspicions. The resemblance is dead-on. The whole PID psyop was crafted as misdirection to conceal the fact that two men, twins, were slipping in and out of the role of Paul. The man in this video, who apparently deliberately outed himself, was the Ed Sullivan/Hard Day’s Night Paul who was retired in 1990 or so. It has been Mike ever since. Who knows why he did this. Taunting us?


  13. Lou says:

    Has anyone else seen the picture of Paul McCartney’s Grandfather (Great)? His name was Halliday McCartney. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Has anyone heard of what happened to John Halliday when he was let go as caretaker of The McCartney home? I can’t help but worry about him 😦


  14. SerafinsGirl says:

    I took the tour of Paul’s boyhood home in 2010, and John was the guide at that time. I actually met this guy in person. He is not Paul. Also, shortly after my visit he was fired because people were complaining he was drunk during the tours, which I didnt notice myself, he seemed nice enough. Anyway, not Paul. I saw the real Paula year later in Vegas.


    • Sheryl W says:

      You saw Faul in Vegas…I did too. Hes very talented and as much a beatle as any of them, but he isnt the original Paul.


      • Ahem, the whole point of this piece: There were two McCartney’s, Paul and Mike, a set of twins. They each played the part of “Paul” on and off until about 1990, when the orignal Paul whom we saw in the movie Hard Day’s Night retired. It was probably due to the effects of plastic surgery wearing off. The one you now call “Faul,” is the one we call “Mike,” is indeed a talented performer, as far as I can tell. He also starred in the movie Help! after the opening dartboard scene. That is when the big switch was made.


  15. annspinwall4 says:

    How do you know he’s not Paul?


  16. m says:

    why doesn’t anyone have john halliday sing for everyone to prove he is paul McCartney?


  17. Lou says:

    I don’t think anyone has seen him since he got fired in 2010ish. I would like to at least be updated on where he is now.


  18. Sheryl W says:

    I’ve watched the video over and over. He never moves his left hand off that cup. He even shakes with his right hand. The left hand is a prosthesis. Paul was a left handed. Kinda hard to play a guitar without your hand.


    • Not seeing that, and anyway, people normally shake hands with their right hand.

      There is a name for the thought process you are going through, I think called “denial.” You are averting your eyes form the overwhelming body of evidence here, and looking for any tiny scrap that supports your preexisting thesis that Paul is dead, or whatever.


      • annspinwall4 says:

        I’m left handed and always shake hands with my right hand…shaking with the left, when most people put out their right hand, just doesn’t work.


  19. JoAnn vR says:

    Can’t resist commenting again! Of COURSE John Holliday is Paul! Facial comparison is right on. But what I notice, with a background in psych, is his personality when he relaxes, the jovial Paul is still there! Actually -in the group photos of the Beatles post 1966, u can tell just by the body language of ALL involved – NO ONE likes “Faul”- and Faul is very defensive about it. I could go on, but suffice to say (and I paraphrase), “By the time the truth is revealed, it’s almost all over).


    • Beatles were such a psyop … we have since discovered that Lennon was a twin and his name is surely not Lennon. Another of our writers here tells me to look into Ringo, that there have been several over time. I have not done that. This means the knife attack on George was fake, meant to enhance the PID stuff, though George is really dead I assume.


  20. JoAnn vR says:

    Please don’t print this, Mark, just a quick comment. You have really opened my eyes about this kind of stuff. Christ-the Illuminati, Paul/Faul-+ now I’ll be up till dawn reading about J.Lennon!
    Seems people are afraid of having their illusions shattered, +who can blame them? It’s frightening enuf to be 57 yrs old and realizing nothing is what it seems..but I applaud u, + those like u,(as I’ve said before). G.H.Bush is wrong – I WANT to know the truth. Gnite.


    • You want me to delete this comment? Of course I will, but I don’t see why. Those are kind words, you have a curious nature … enjoy! You are on the path to discovery – you will find that life is beautiful, and not at all the ugly violent mess we are led to believe by our overlords, who are a bunch of schmucks.


    • annspinwall4 says:

      JoAnn, Congratulations to you for being open and receptive to information that completely upsets your world view. I am currently 65 and wasn’t awake and aware until I was 60. My journey started with 9/11 shortly after the 10th anniversary…once you start down the rabbit hole you continue finding new and unexpected subjects to research. Welcome to the real world of knowledge and learning.


  21. JoAnn vR says:

    Dear Mark + annspinwall4- I thank u both for ur encouraging words. Guess I was in shock last night – I had suspicions about these psyop things -but was floored by how deep they go. And here I am, thinking I knew so much about psychology…
    But I’m glad plp like u two are out there to open my eyes. No need to delete my comment, Mark, I’m in it till the end now! Just glad it’s a holiday weekend, I made a commitment to read ur whole blog, + I’m exhausted already. To the oars, mateys…


  22. Ericka says:

    After he was fired as caretaker at Macca’s childhood home, he was last known living in Australia. He also insinuated that he worked as double for Paul & posed for pix w/Linda


  23. Inside Baseball says:

    Just hit me after watching the Halliday video how “posh” his accent is compared to the typical Scouse accent of Liverpudlians. That belies a “working class” upbringing and would take a lot of effort to break later in life.

    Here’s a typical example of Scouse


  24. fm says:

    To me (as an outsider) it sounds a bit like irish.
    Anyway, I could never understand that fuss about the Beatles, even less those hysterically screeming fan-girls. Nor the hype about the Stones or any other pop band (a.k.a intel project). Thanks to MM, Mark and Co., I begin to understand why… 😉


    • Paddy Burns says:

      Scouse is a mix of English, Dublin Irish, and North Welsh, but there is more than one scouse accent, listen to Ken Dodd’s. Rex Harrison was a scouser as well.


  25. Sugarx2 says:

    Been searching for any trace of Halliday since he was outed and fired. He has disappeared off the internet with no trace whatsoever. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I believe he isbthe 1964 and prior Paul. Not convinced about the twins thing, but the photographer claiming to be his blood related brother, I believe is NOT a real McCartney.


  26. ` says:

    There is a video from 1966 of the 4 Beatles, sitting on high chairs in a hotel meeting room, being interviewed before a show. In the video, a very young baby faced David Crosby can be seen to be hanging out to the extreme left of the screen, standing next to a curtain that’s behind the 4 lads. When one of the reporters in the audience asks “who is the man standing behind you next to the curtain”, John answers “oh, that’s Davey, one of our mates”. At that point, Crosby tries and succeeds in taking a step backwards and hiding behind the curtain, so he actually disappears for a few seconds right after the reporter asks this question. But he comes back out from behind the curtain after the interview moves forward and away from the topic of who is the guy standing behind George Harrison next to the curtain.
    It’s during this interview that in answering one of the reporters’ questions, Paul refers to John by the name ‘Biles’. I found this very telling, but I can’t find any reference anywhere to how or what this name or nickname Biles is actually referring to. I just thought it was very, very strange.
    During the course of the ‘original’ (1964 – 1966) four lads’ time giving interviews, the four of them would sometimes reinvent the English language, especially John. But when Paul addresses or refers to John as ‘Biles’ I thought it was really weird. John was the one who’d say strange things when referring to things or other people. He’d invent new words of ‘handles’ for them. But hearing Paul call John ‘Biles’ just seemed to be out of character for Paul. Could it be that the name Biles is short for what may be ‘John Lennon’s’ real first or last name ?

    Also, this site is great. And Mark–have yourself a great vacation !


  27. ` says:

    Hi Mark, a couple of questions if I may please ?

    #1 You said above on Nov. 12, 2016 at 5:10 A. M.:

    “The man in this video, who apparently deliberately outed himself, was the Ed Sullivan/Hard Day’s Night Paul who was retired in 1990 or so.”

    Which video are you talking about ? And does he really out himself in the video ?

    #2: OldeVirginian says above, on June 22, 2016 at 10:46 P. M.:

    “Who knew george martin was really “Q” ?

    While I know you can’t really speak for OldeVirginian, do you have any idea what he was talking about with that comment ?

    #3 (not really a question though): In ‘Hunter Davies, The Beatles’, Hunter included a photo at a racetrack that showed ‘Mike” Mac, Paul, Paul’s father’s new wife (can’t remember her name) and Paul’s father Jim. The four of them are walking amongst others at what appears to be an area where horses and jockeys hang out before/after a horse race. There’s also a nice looking race horse in the middle of the photo that’s walking along with the four two legged variety. Hunter dated the photo in the first edition of the book as 1968. The Paul in the photo is what we seem to all agree is the real ‘Paul’. I don’t know if I can send the photo or post it here, but maybe you have the book or maybe someone else that stops here at POM has the edition of the book that I’m talking about and maybe they can post the photo. Pretty strange, I’ve never seen a pic of the real Paul from Sept. of ’66 onward. Pretty interesting.


    • There are other photos around, even blog posts here, that show original Paul in 1985 or so, and another featuring Dhani Harrison that has both Paul’s in it though not together. I don’t have time or energy to find them. Someday we will have a useable search function here. The Haliday video is so obviously original Paul that they “fired” him shortly after, that is, he would not be seen again.

      The racetrack photos that include “Mike McGear” and Paul and the dad, I think if you check out Mathis’s work there he pretty well outs those photos as fake.

      [If you are implying by not having seen original Paul after 1966 or so that he died, you’re wrong. He’s alive and well to this day. It was a pasyop.]


  28. Paddy Burns says:

    At the link below, John Halliday is referred to as ‘Josh Halliday 300’ for the picture, then John in the article. He’s listed as 62 in 2013, and the spokesman for National Trust who sacked him said:
    “John held the post of custodian for 11 years at Forthlin Road during which time he carried out his role with great enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication, bringing the story of Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home and the Beatles to life for thousands of visitors. We would like to thank John for his work as custodian, and wish him well in the future.”


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