Bruce Jenner really is a circus freak show

Caitlyn Bruce 2

I operated on the assumption that the perception managers were screwing with us concerning Bruce and “Caitlyn” Jenner. They are, but not in the manner I thought. The person walking around claiming to be Caitlyn after having undergone sex change (while retaining his johnson) is indeed Bruce Jenner. I imagine they are doing it all with makeup and mirrors, and that Bruce is still Bruce.

The Vanity Fair photo below is obviously fake, perhaps showing his head under all that PhotoShopping somewhere, but no way have they altered his features to give him long, delicate forearms.

Old Young Bruce CompositKaitlyn Bruce Composite 3I suspected too they might be messing with us by substituting a new Bruce, but not so. To the left here is young Bruce and old Bruce, same guy.

So Bruce Jenner really is acting out the part of sideshow freak, and I imagine getting paid a hefty sum for it. Money always has been his thing, willing to do anything for it.

I think people operate on the assumption that the media stars we see around us come about naturally, that they appear based on talent, and that they regularly die at young ages, that musical groups form naturally and work their way to the middle or top. I do not discount talent, but also know that there is loads of talent out there, so that making it in the business is a matter of selection as well as grinding it out.

For instance, every city of any size in this country has a symphony orchestra, and the quality does not diminish that much as city size shrinks. I enjoyed the symphony in Bozeman, Montana as much as our Colorado orchestra. There is a lot of talent out there in music, and in acting as well.

On that note, Bruce Jenner is a nothing, a nobody, having no talent that gives him any wings to make him a household word. That is being done by others, and on purpose. He is being managed. The object appears to be a blending of gender roles in our minds. This effort has been underway for decades now with the softening of attitude towards gays. I have no problem with that other than personal discomfort if they are too demonstrative. I have that same problem with men and women. Just keep it private.

We are now asked to accept that women and men are the same, that each pursue each other with the same goals and methods. And one step further now, we are asked to accept the “transgender” as a normal occurrence.

That is what they are doing to us with Bruce – managing our perceptions, changing our attitudes. In the real world, men and women are quite different. Women do not pursue men – it is the other way around. An attractive woman can have her pick of men without effort. But it is up to men to make the effort. There are notable and important differences in the sexes, and they should not be blurred.

Bruce is a freak. I can view him in no other way. There is nothing normal, wholesome or acceptable about what he has done. If he was a “man trapped in a woman’s body,” as we are asked to believe, I am sorry. There is no way out of that prison.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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3 Responses to Bruce Jenner really is a circus freak show

  1. steve kelly says:

    Globalists’ next act of terror to demolish conventions, institutions that have defined “civilization” for millennia. “Weaponized anthropology.” See generally:


  2. Alan says:

    According to Wiki Bruce Jenner went to High School in Newtown, CT. This was in the making for a long, long time


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