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The original Charles Manson, pretending to be crazy

I should call this blog “Cognitive Dissonance Central” rather than “Piece of Mind,” as that is all the string of posts below outing various fake people has done – create CD.

Shaton Patti Composit 3For instance, readers who are only passing by might see the photo match-up of Sharon Tate and her fake sister Patti, and know cognitively that Sharon did not die. At the same time acknowledging that fact requires a massive re-positioning of perceptions, since the Tate “massacre” was supported by news media, President Nixon, law enforcement and, seemingly, the justice system.

“They’d all have to be in on it!” would be the lament. How can one embrace a world where every institution we are taught to trust has lied to us? That’s a huge leap forward, and for the 90% of us destined to go through life incurious and clueless, impossible.

In fact, most are not “in on it.” It only takes a few. But that does not matter.

Think of it as concentric circles … at the very center are those who planned and carried out the scam. These are loosely referred to as “CIA” but are really “Intelligence Operatives” not assigned to any one agency.  They don’t work for the government, though that is where they draw their pay. They have been insinuated onto government as an appendage, but are in reality an aspect of our ruling oligarchy. They have been with us since feudal times (at least), managing our perceptions and keeping us in line. People in government who have risen to apparent power, like Nixon then and Obama now, know to go along or pay a price. They understand that they too exist at the convenience of these people. (Nixon, thinking himself president at times, learned this lesson later.) But Nixon was, and Obama is, highly intelligent. They survive by intuitive duplicity.

The ring around that center ring knows to protect it, in fact contains elements of the center ring along with card-carrying dupes. The news media is a hierarchy, so there is no genuine on-the-ground reporting going on. Journalists are vetted for credulity, and advanced on that basis. Television journalists are selected for good looks and believability, nothing more. Only a few need be in on the hoax. The rest are as clueless as the general public

The Manson trial, much like the OJ trial, was for show only. (OJ has now been replaced by a body double, by the way. There is much more fun to be had here at CDC!)  There too are only a few in the know, the rest flummoxed and confused, but unwilling to buck the power behind the curtain. They sense that they are caught in the middle of something very big. Their careers, very lives could be threatened, for real.

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has long been compromised. The Coroner to the Stars, Thomas Noguchi, was called on to issue reports on a lot of fake deaths – Sharon Tate’s, Bobby Kennedy’s, Natalie Wood’s, Marilyn Monroe’s, just to name a few. So important is the office of coroner that I would bet that most of those in large American cities have been compromised by Intelligence, just like Los Angeles.

The participants – Charles Manson and his “family” have all (save Charlie) been reassigned to new tasks, none ever spent a day jail. Charlie was kept on as a permanent fixture, hauled out now and then for photo-op parole hearings. (His recent marriage certificate listed his address as Santa Barbara.) But no matter, as Charles Manson has now been replaced by a body double. Others, Susan Atkins, Squeaky Fromme (r.i.p.), Patricia Krenwinkel and Tex Watson and others, were actors and agents too, all since reassigned. They too show up for photo ops.

One thing I have learned over these past couple of years is that once someone is sentenced to prison, that person disappears from view but is not necessarily in prison. For instance, former Illinois governor Rod Blagoyevich is supposedly serving a 14 year sentence in Englewood, near where I live. I should pay him a visit, as I would not be surprised to learn he is not there. That episode was a political circus, and Rod might have just bargained away the governorship in exchange for his freedom. He learned the hard way of the power of the powers behind Obama.

Since all of that was for show only, an intuitively alert person realizes that perceptions have to be altered to embrace a different world than the one presented to us by “news.” Most cannot do that, as it is painful and massively unsettling, and so embrace both ideas – they see that Sharon lived and yet believed she died along with Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski and Jay Sebring, all of whom lived on. They carry both ideas at once, contradictory, believing in each. That is the definition of cognitive dissonance.

One final note here at CDC, the strange case of Roman Polanski, Sharon’s husband. They were seen together after her fake death, but few believed it to be true. (It was reported in a tabloid publication called The Bulletin. Tabloids, unlike the mainstream press, occasionally report things that are true.) How could that be? His child molestation charges are fake. He is being kept out of the United States by that means, as he knows too much of the truth and is apparently not in the inner circles of power. If he comes here he will be jailed for real. That is why the European justice system allows him to stay there and dismisses extradition – all American theater. That’s why he gets a standing ovation at the Academy Awards. He’s not a criminal in any sense.  I was surprised by that ovation how many in Hollywood knew that.

Charlie ought to get a standing ovation too. That was some act he put on.


PS: Sharon Tate’s fake death happened at a time when she was eight months pregnant. That means in the ensuing weeks she gave birth to a child who has been raised with the knowledge that its mother is walking dead. I wonder who that child is … maybe Brad Pitt?  Would that not be hilarious? More likely the child was raised abroad, Brazil or Switzerland, and is not part of the LA scene.

PPS: Given the number of fake deaths that occur in both Hollywood and politics, it is surely a trade secret widely known but never mentioned in public. I wonder if that is the origin of the concept of the “zombie,” the dead person still walking around, and if that is an inside joke. Perhaps in the business people who have fake died are referred to was zombies?

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11 Responses to Cognitive Dissonance Central

  1. SteRo says:

    So it is possible that Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer faked their own deaths.


    • First, and I have a long list of names that I will get to someday, check their victims to see if they were real people who really died.


    • Tyrone McCloskey says:

      From Wickedpedia: Although diagnosed with borderline personality disorder,[3] schizotypal personality disorder,[4] and a psychotic disorder, Dahmer was found to be legally sane at his trial.
      Right- And here’s the guy that “killed” Dahmer while in prison: Scarver (great name) was convicted and sentenced to life in prison[5] and sent to the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, in 1992.[6] While imprisoned, he complained of experiencing messianic delusions, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

      The corrections officers left these two alone to clean the prison latrine- Good grief! South Park outed Family Guy as being scripted by manatees- I think they also write this stuff-


      • Good grief is right.

        We are going away for a few days. Please feel free to use this site for any purpose you might like, even to dump raw data for others to look at. I’ll be mostly able to read here, but cannot do any photographic work. I am currently stuck on Mark David Chapman – take a look at his various mug shots when you get a chance. Something is hinky.(Don’t be put off by aging – these are essentially the same people at different times, but see what you make of it.) The young kid in color and smiling is not MDC.


      • SteRo says:

        Right,but I can’t understand why these screenwriters have gone one step further by creating “What To Do With Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brain” episode :


        • MH says:

          They do these types of things with all of their agents. They try to milk every story as much as they can to create new headlines and new distractions.

          I don’t see it as “one step further” as much as “continuing the project”.


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