Pogie is delusional

“Whether it’s oil and gas, coal or timber, please listen up candidates and elected officials. You need to secure worker interests and advance sustainability. These are attainable and we will hold you accountable.”

I nearly blew a tire and rolled when I read the words above from Don Pogreba. [Though the email claims the author to be Pogreba, I am told below it is Pete Talbot. Even richer.] The man has never in his life held a Democrat accountable for any crime, whether it be mere broken campaign pledges to laying waste to entire countries and regions, previously Libya, with Syria now in the works. (Yes, I know elected officials are not in charge of these policies, but the point is that he thinks they are.)

So I read those words and judge the span of the gap between a working knowledge of our political system and an imagined system where voters are well-informed, willing to take an occasional cold shower, and able to punish those in office who betray them by turning them out. By those standards I judge Pogie to be delusional.

I choose words carefully and know their meaning. I know how to construct sentences that have impact. I am not merely casting a gnarly blog comment at a man I don’t admire. I am saying, and meaning, that this man is not grounded in reality, does not understand politics or politicians, does not write his own words. He cannot think properly. He is delusional.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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12 Responses to Pogie is delusional

  1. petetalbot says:

    I wrote the post, Tokarski. And I wear your contempt as a badge of honor.


  2. JC says:

    “I know how construct sentences that have impact.”

    WOW… lol!!!


    • Your lack of self awareness is rather amusing.


      • JC says:

        The lack of a preposition in your sentence belies your self-proclaimed ability to have “impact” in your sentence construction.


        • Eyes don’t see such things. You, on the other hand, are steaming out the ears, as usual, and so your emotions block your thoughts, and the best you can do is “LOL,” Eric’s favorite refrain. Did you by chance study Internet abbreviations in college?


          • JC says:

            Your eyes only see what they want, or what other people want them to see. And unfortunate for you, your armchair psychology misses the mark once again.


          • What I didn’t see, but do clearly now, is that you and the other pwoggies and liberals are belief oriented and spend your time engaged in confirmation bias of those beliefs. This is exactly what Swede does, what Eric does on the other side, which is why they too never move forward. Consequently, you Are always singing the same tune.


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