Stu Sutcliffe became Andy Warhol

I asked down below what became of Stu Sutcliffe, the original bass player with the Beatles who supposedly died in 1962 of a brain hemorrhage. I have some confidence that MH, who thinks outside the box and continually surprises me,  has the answer. Sutcliffe was re-purposed as Andy Warhol.

Sutcliffe Warhol

Warhol oldSutcliffe 5Again, I ask that you take time to understand the principles at work here, which are mathematical. Just as it is said no two snowflakes are alike, so too will human faces differ in varying degrees. There are a series of probabilities at work here – say the chances of having a bulbous nose like Warhol’s are 1/10, what then are the chances of ALSO having eyes that line up and ALSO having a mouth that lines up and ALSO having a head of the same shape and ALSO having a chin of the same length and ALSO having ears that align? All of those factors lining up in one individual, and this is conservative, are perhaps one in ten million. [They also have straight hair that parts on the left.]

From there you might ask what is Andy Warhol doing pretending to be an artist when he started out as a bass player? What was he doing in Hamburg? Why was he with the Beatles? I can answer those questions, but won’t, as it does you no good to have things fall in your lap. There are answers, and it takes some time to come around to understanding what was up at that time. Nothing is ever as it appears.

Do read the comments below the original post. It’s worth a trip.

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6 Responses to Stu Sutcliffe became Andy Warhol

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    It’s hard to miss, now-


    • MH has amazing powers of observation. You too, sir, but this one is a toast to him. Since I am quoting from The Wall, I might also add that we have a strong urge to fly, but have nowhere to fly to. I have no doubt WordPress is able to keep this blog and information confined, just as Facebook and YouTube do. Censorship is the norm, though we are not to know it exists.


  2. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    I just read a mention of this Warhol theory on a PID forum dated 2014, so this has been out there- Brand new to me and a real brick to the head, though- I’m puzzling over the larger project of the Beatles which parallels in form the even larger Hitler project I’ve been working on- These projects are multi-layered, multi-media life forms that must be fed and watered year after year, ad infinitum-


  3. Appreciate it Mark. I wouldn’t have even thought about this stuff before you mentioned Bill Hicks/Alex Jones.

    Tyrone, I just Googled and found that too. The first link was this Youtube video that is 3:33 long.

    The similarities are so close, it doesn’t surprise me that I’m not the first one to notice. Intelligence seems to know that and is using it as a small limited hangout, as we see in the Youtube video.


  4. Mark says:

    It’s funny that you answer your own question by not knowing the background on Stu. He like John was an Art major that just happened to play in a band. He didn’t want to be in the band but John needed someone to play bass. In fact john’s biography paints a picture of a tortured artist that fits very well with the Andy Warhol theory. Well Played Sir.


  5. kozman123 says:

    Ah. Just saw the other Stu entry. So, you did know the back story. I always wondered about the link with John and Andy, It all makes sense now. Again, Well done.


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