What became of Stu Sutcliffe?

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


Supposedly Stu

The photo above, taken during the Hamburg, Germany incubation period, is labeled “Paul McCartney” on the Internet. It is not him, and I mistakenly decided sometime back that it was a photo of Stu Sutcliffe mistakenly labeled as Paul. But it bugged me. Sutcliffe, for those of my generation, was an early member of the Beatles, but quit the group, and then died of a cerebral brain hemorrhage.

So the story goes. But the above photo is not Stuart Sutcliffe and is not Paul McCartney. It is Mike McCartney, looking a little sad, perhaps because he knows he has to go under the knife for plastic surgery. So that riddle is solved.

Mike McC4This photo is a composite of the two, an older Mike after surgery. The question then becomes who was Stuart Sutcliffe, and what became of him.

The odds of a young man dying in the manner described are extremely long, but not impossible. Let’s just say given all the monkey business going on in Hamburg at that time, perhaps unlikely.


To the right here is the person they called Stuart Sutcliffe. It is a high quality photo taken by a professional. Sutcliffe was obviously part of the plans for the future, as the Beatles were a large project with a lot of advance planning, recruiting and training going on. Who is to say that Hamburg was only the Beatles? Was it instead an incubator? Were there many talented and good-looking young men being groomed there? The Beatles were a large enterprise with a lot of high-priced skill, doctors (plastic surgery was not cheap), psychological and musical training behind them. Imagine that all of this talent was devoted not to one group, but to all of the British music industry. The British invasion was in practice stage.

So operating on the premise that his death was faked, and that Sutcliffe was removed from the Beatles project and re-purposed, I wondered what became of him.

Costello SutcliffeHe bears somewhat a resemblance to Elvis Costello, but the features do not align well enough. The ears do not align, and if I make the nose work, the lips don’t, and visa versa. No cigar. Sutcliffe did not morph into Costello.

Sutcliff JohnSo I tried Elton John. It is difficult to find a photo of John without wacky glasses of some kind, so bear with me. We have nose and lips almost in agreement, and ears lining up, but the face is ever so slightly longer. They cannot make a face long with surgery.  The eyes align but the eyebrows do not match. Again, intriguing, but no cigar. Two different people.

And that exhausts my knowledge of prominent British rock stars who came to fame during the 60s and early 70s. If Sutcliffe was merely assigned to another group, I am lost, as there were many, many groups at that time.

I am still doubtful that Stuart Sutcliffe died as we are told.  It strikes me as a little more likely that he was re-purposed. So I ask any readers who are more familiar with British rock stars of that era to offer up some names. Remember, the personas are invented, surgery is available, so much is possible. He could be the bass player for a group, or become a star in his own right. My premise is that his handlers didn’t see him as a fit with the Beatles, and used him elsewhere.

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7 Responses to What became of Stu Sutcliffe?

  1. Did Sutcliffe become Andy Warhol? Sutcliffe died in 1962 and Warhol’s first show was in 1962, and that was the year he moved into The Factory.

    They both have that unique square shape to their heads.



  2. Speaking of Warhol, those around him seemed to drop like flies. We should consider the following as potentially reassigned:

    Edie Sedgwick
    Jean-Michael Basquiat
    Keith Haring
    Candy Darling

    And many smaller characters who died of drug addictions and suicides. He was also close with the Beat Generation, Velvet Underground, and a host of other shady characters who passed through The Factory like Bowie and Dylan. All the time promoting homosexuality and transgendered models. Everybody mentioned in this Wiki list should be flagged:

    And it puts these pictures with John Lennon in perspective.


  3. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Jeezus, Straight… You got it in one! It makes sense as Stu by all accounts was no musician and Warhol was certainly no artist- But shifting gears to the soho scene as a sexless effete doesn’t seem like such a stretch for Sutcliffe- Keep an eye on Astrid Kirchherr, the photographer of the Beatles in the Hamburg years- She is credited with the Beatles hair style first being tried on Sutcliffe- She helped feminize the band, transitioning them from Teddy Boys in leather to the cute mop tops mom’s everywhere could let their daughters go ga ga over- Also, “Brian Epstein” is worth a thorough going over- The nameable individuals within the project will be wrapped in red flags even as their bios tell romantic/cute stories filled with serendipity-


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