Nicole lives, OJ is replaced!

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


This is all my opinion, based on facial analysis using publicly available photographs. I stand by that analysis against all challengers.

Nicole Brown SimpsonDenise BrownThe woman on the right is Nicole Brown Simpson, murdered by OJ Simpson on June 12, 1994. The woman on the left is Denise Brown, one of two surviving sisters of Nicole.

Oh hell, I am kidding! I can hardly keep a straight face. Nicole had only one sister, Tanya, who I will show below. After her fake death, they made up the sister named “Denise Brown.” They had to call Nicole something, as she was going to continue to appear in public. Nicole did not die.

Denines Nicole

That’s a pretty good lineup of features. The angle, young Nicole having her head angled toward her right, creates a bigger head, but the eyes, nose, upper lip, chin, head shape and size all line up. The ear lobes do not line up, but our ears do get longer as we age. I know mine have. Nicole is now 22 years older than when she died.

But they are sisters, you say? They should look alike! Yes, they tell us they are sisters. But sisters don’t look alike, fraternal twins don’t look alike, even identical twins don’t line up like this. These two woman are the same person, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Why do they do this? Why does the Intelligence community run these scams on us? We could ask them, but who do we ask? The fake lawyers? The fake trial judge? The fake cops? The fake newscasters? I think they merely want control of our reality, since we as individuals have power. Allowing the television screen to own our reality takes away that power. I see this phenomenon every day – everything coming out of the TV is regarded as real, including fake deaths, mass shootings, disease hoaxes, and fake British referendums.  Our belief in false reality is our undoing. TV totally owns us.

Tanya BrownNicole TanyaBy the way, here is Nicole’s real sister, Tanya Brown. As you can see on the right, even though they are sisters, there is no alignment whatsoever. I monkeyed with several photos to avoid this crunched look, to bring them more in alignment, but this is just the way it plays out. Tanya has a bigger head, lower mouth and higher eyes. [Actually, her eyes are closer set than Nicole’s, which causes me to enlarge her head to put them at the same distance apart as Nicole’s, creating the illusion of a larger head and face.]

So either Nicole and Denise are identical twins, which no one claims, or they are clones, which is unlikely, or they are the same person, Nicole Brown Simpson.

So why, you ask, is OJ in jail? Well, he was arrested in Las Vegas for breaking in to a home and stealing some of his memorabilia. So the story goes. But that was fake too. They needed to get him out of the public eye. I don’t know why. Maybe he was threatening to blow the gig. But he’s not in jail. You can tell because we was sentenced to “33 years.” The number “33” is one that spooks, or Intelligence operatives, use to alert each other that something is not true, or that a psy-op is going on. Our friend MH has done work on the numbering system. “33” is apparently used because it is the highest order in Scottish masonic rites. So they tell me. (I am not much concerned about masons. I just know people like keeping secrets. It makes them feel special.)

OJ NewOJSo I am not sure that the number 33 is as important as OJ being replaced by a body double, of course. You can tell by looking that these are not the same men. Look at real OJ on the left, the long lean face, and new OJ on the right with the wide head and even wider nose. You can see down below that these two do not line up.

OJ and OJ New.PNG

A cynical person might suspect that OJ was being unruly, and so was fake arrested and then killed to shut him up. That is one possibility. Even though these spooks do a lot of fake deaths, they do real ones too. They call that part of their livelihood the “wet” part.

OJ, by the way, was born on July 9, 1947, if that is real (’47’ is another marker) and will be 69 years old in a week or so. That’s a good long life for an NFL player. I wonder if concussions got to him, if he died of natural causes, or is just too old to play the part of desperate murderer anymore.

Anyway, that one is so obvious I should not have to explain it. And there is a lesson here – if these intelligence operatives could come up with two people who did look alike, they would. That’s why they like identical twins so much. The reason photo analysis works is that no two people look alike.

For what ever reason, they replaced him. And oddly, his replacement looks to be in his mid-fifties. I think they are going to run this scam for a good long time.

So, nobody is in jail, and nobody died. You might want to ask why, as that is the question that will lead you unto uncharted waters.

So ask it, why dontcha. Do you have it in you? Do ya?

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9 Responses to Nicole lives, OJ is replaced!

  1. Speaking, of the first part of your post, I was watching The Game last night starring Michael Douglas and I felt like it’s one of those movies where Intelligence gives us clues and then laughs at us.

    You can read the synopsis elsewhere online, but basically Douglas is a wealthy investor who is entered into a “game” he doesn’t understand and it leads to murders, car chases, and other types of insanity. Basically in order for the “game” to be realistic, the company (which was named Consumer Recreation Services, similar to the CIA, get it) has hundreds of actors who play any given role to create Douglas’s “reality” that he accepts as real.

    Basically there were two scenes that spoke to me. One scene is when he finds one of the “actors” and holds him hostage and tells him to take him to the company. There he walks into the cafeteria where he sees hundreds of actors all eating together and talking. From his lawyer, to the waitress he bumped into, to the taxi driver. All these people in his reality are out of character and eating together.

    That is how I imagine the CIA offices to be. Michael Jackson, Prince, Tom Cruise, Tupac, etc. all eating together in the same cafeteria with Bill O’Reilly, Bill Gates, etc. All CIA employees, all paid the same wages. Everybody we know from the public eye, dead or alive, congregating.

    Another scene was at the end after Douglas is told that everything he experienced was part of the game. There is a celebratory party at a wealthy home where all the actors are drinking together and talking about the game and how they almost broke character, almost screwed up, etc.

    I imagine this is how it’s like after a big hoax like Orlando, for example. All the “victims” and “terrorists” etc. drink together and dance and laugh and joke. All of them are in on the joke they are playing on us, celebrating the successful objective.


    • I saw that movie, twice actually, as good movies are hard to find. I share your reflections, and also note that Douglas’s character was softened and became more human by means of the game. Make if that what you will.


      • I noticed that he was softened. Couple other insidious themes I think they threw in there:

        How a few long standardized tests and a physical over 12 hours is enough for them to know everything about you.
        How the CIA, whoops I mean Consumer Recreation Services, is omnipotent and always 10 steps ahead of you and its no use to hide or resist.
        How at the end of the day, Douglas’s character was thankful for “the game” since it’s “for the best.”

        And a funny sidenote, now we know what Tupac’s “Thugz Mansion” was about. “Thugz Mansion” wasn’t in heaven, it’s in Langley.


    • Phillip Solesky says:

      Great analogy. I’ve seen that movie about 5 times over the years and I just happened to watch it with my girlfriend about a month ago. She was able to watch it for the first time with a better understanding than I had all of the previous times. Another part that showed me the same thing you’re talking about (how it’s all fake) was when Michael Douglas says to the girl, “but there were shooting at us, etc”. And she says, “what did you really see?”


  2. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Douglas and his father were connected directly to Ken Kesey and that ilk, having produced One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest for the undocumented entity known as Jack Nicholson-

    OJ is the kind of character that makes me think some of these celebrities are franchisees, that the character is played by more than one person throughout the life of the character- Obviously we start with two OJ’s here, but his bio at Wakipedia puzzles me in that this elite athlete needed leg braces early in life from rickets, yet recovered to become a star running back- Fair enough, caught early, normal growth proceeds- Maybe a flag, maybe not, but rickets belongs in developing countries, not a cosmopolitan city-
    He attends Galileo High, a school with some interesting graduates, across town from where he grew up- Fair enough, his family could just as easily have moved from one project to another (They were built right in the middle of heavily populated areas to the consternation of the locals) His team, as recalled over the years (haven’t been able to find Galileo football records of the period), wasn’t very good, but OJ graduates and apprentices at a Junior College and then is brought to USC on scholarship and dominates division one college football at a premier football school like few before him- That is very odd to me- Now we all know about steroids today, but how long have human growth hormones etc. been in testing mode? Was OJ somehow enhanced before being rolled out at USC?
    Or, just for shits and giggles, was his biography purchased from a poor, single mother with a drag queen ex-husband and several mouths to feed for a decent price from the OJ project handlers? Who/what was OJ the Heisman Trophy winner? His mentor, Jim Brown, never vibes all that spooky (sorry) but OJ followed a very similar path, landing in Hollywood with an athlete’s competitiveness and no acting skills whatsoever-
    I can’t put my finger on any one thing, but there is so much apparent contrivance in his “life path”, especially with the way the last chapters have been written- There are variant processes with all of these frauds and I’d like to have an idea what some of the schematics look like-


    • Good points, and Mathis mentions some Buffalo Bills tie-ins that did not make sense to me that might in this Truman Show kind of life he has lived.


      • I was a big Buffalo Bills fan growing up so I’ll chime in here:

        The Bills were a big-time spook organization from the beginning. It was founded in the 1960’s by Ralph Wilson who was a recent Navy graduate and a 33rd degree freemason along with other AFL/military teams of the era. The Bills and their 90’s Super Bowls was a who’s who of Intelligence from the players to the coaches to the GM, all the way up to Wilson.

        So it’s no surprise that’s where they sent OJ to, perhaps to build up a national profile for the frigid city of Buffalo.

        Wiki flags OJ’s father and his drag queen/AIDS death. I take that to mean either the story was made up, or his father was Intelligence which is what got him into this mess in the first place. His name Orenthal is flagged, no clue what that could mean. His 2,000 yard season is flagged. Then as you’d accept, there are flags towards his taxes owed, the trial, the 33 year sentence, etc.

        My best guess is that he is a child of intelligence. His upbringing (besides the drag queen father) reminds me of Cam Newton. Starts at JUCO, transfer to Auburn and goes on undefeated season, Heisman, and Championship. Now a manufactured star in the NFL. Probably same people involved.


      • I must say I enjoyed him in the Naked Gun series, as I love that kind of comedy. And it is nice to realize he is not a killer, just an actor. And a spook.

        What I am wondering, and will never know, is if he got tired of having his name dragged through the mud as it was and wanted to blow the gig. He is either dead or gone missing, though I suppose he could hang out in the cafeteria on a set in Hollywood and no one would look twice.


  3. Aurora says:

    I agree–he was hilarious in the Naked Gun series. And I too felt a kind of relief to know that goofy OJ probably didn’t kill anyone. When I read the Mathis paper on this, I flashed back to 1994 and I realized that he was right–the entire country was GLUED to this story for months, missing the real moves the establishment (or whoever) was making at the time. My entire office stopped working and crowded around a TV multiple times. Another thing I learned from Mathis was this idea that the planners of these events later reinforce them with movies “telling the story.” So the fact that two different OJ miniseries came out in the past year tells you something. Or the movie Sully. And innumerable war movies, etc.

    But, man, the best scene in the Naked Gun was when OJ gets shot and then staggers around doing pratfall after pratfall, getting “hurt” in ways that pale in comparison to being shot–he stubs his toe, gets his fingers slammed in a window, gets wet paint on him, etc. So good. And maybe a little foreshadowing of his many misfortunes to follow.


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