Brandon DeWilde did not die, instead morphed into “Thom Hartmann”

Just to preface this piece, shortly after we moved to Colorado in 2009 we learned that radio host Thom Hartmann was in town at a local book store, and so we drove to Tattered Cover to hear him talk. I do not remember his talk, only the disengaged man who sat there staring at his shoes, waiting to get the gig over. He did not seem to like the people in the audience, and he did not project the same personality he did on radio. He was impatient and condescending.

At the time I thought it must be hard to do these gigs, and that it was much easier sitting behind a microphone than dealing with people one-on-one. If you have ever sat through Q&A, and I know you have, the dumbest ones come to the fore and take up the most time, making long speeches rather than asking simple questions. So I could see Hartmann being jerky to everyone, I suppose.

Later he would “co-author” a book with LaMar Waldron claiming that JFK was done in by the mob. Let’s say “co-author’ in the same vein as Bill O’Reilly. He is another spook whose name is used on book covers like Killing Lincoln, Killing Jesus, etc. (I think I  discovered O’Reilly’s alter ego on the fake death list too, down the road.) I could not imagine that Hartmann had time to spare, doing a daily radio show, and also doing the research necessary to write a 500+ page book.

That is when I lost faith in the man. I initially bought into the book and its conclusions, only later to realize I had been badly fooled. That’s generally how I learn, not being genius enough to be on top of things to begin with. So I realized then that Hartmann was not what he claimed to be, but rather than think too much about it, simply quit paying any attention to him. It has been years since I listened to a radio broadcast. I don’t like him, I don’t dislike him. I merely nothing him …

… until recently when I developed my list of 60 or so actors and musicians who “died” during the late 60s early 70s after the Manson affair, all of them young. It took a while to understand the game there. It was a large intelligence operation, and the “dead” actors and musicians were merely being re-purposed and repositioned in the public mind. They leave the scene and reappear as someone else. Thus did I become suspicious that one Thom Hartmann, surly speaker and energetic “left wing” radio host, was really merely an actor with a new assignment. He is only allowed on radio because he is a fake. Real people need not apply.

I have the answer now, I am mostly certain. There is on the list of 60 one who could have morphed into Hartmann, and one who “died” only a few miles from where I live, on Highway 6 in Denver in 1972. His name then was “Brandon DeWilde.” Though you don’t know the name if you watched TV in the 50s to 70s era, you know DeWilde. He was all over TV. He was, like so many on my list, merely a spook, a mole, someone pretending to be one thing while really another, and someone who would be taken off the table, re-imaged, and given back to us as a new personality.

Brandon DeWilde “died,” and later reappeared as Thom Hartmann.

Hartmann DeWilde 5

DeWildeHartmannAgain, we do not get this kind of alignment by accident. Facial features are like snowflakes. No two are alike, but these are.

Thom Hartmann is a fake, controlled opposition, and is  not even who he claims to be. That is why he was such a jerk to us that night at Tattered Cover. He hates his work, he hates us. He hates liberals, progressives, and so treated us with contempt. He could not help himself.

In that regard, it is easy to see why Hartmann is a big, big Bernie supporter. The two are peas in a pod, total fakes.

Carvey DeWildeThis is, of course only my opinion, supported by analysis of publicly available photos. I have resized them to create a constant, the distance between pupils. If two people are really one person, it generally shows up that way. Pupil distance is a gold standard. It does not change throughout our adult lives. So Brandon DeWilde in 1972 will carry that feature with him to 2016, as Thom Hartmann. (Along those lines, it was suggested to me that DeWilde morphed into Dana Carvey. There is a strong resemblance, but not enough alignment. The mouths do not line up, Carvey’s face is longer, and right eye slightly higher. They are two different people.

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10 Responses to Brandon DeWilde did not die, instead morphed into “Thom Hartmann”

  1. annspinwall4 says:

    Mark, I thought of someone that died of a drug overdose (??) and wondered if she is on your list. Inger Stevens. Wiki said she was born 1934 and died 1970 — not quite 36 years old. I am attaching some links so you have to moderate this. No need to allow it as a comment. She really puts me in mind of Emma Thompson but the age is way off and so is the nose. Anyway, it was interesting to see that Thomas Noguchi did her autopsy. Here is her wiki page
    a young Inger –
    older Inger –
    pic of a young Emma –
    older emma –

    No need to fool with it if it doesn’t intrigue you. I can’t see the images side by side, so I am probably whistling in the wind.


  2. tyrone mccloskey says:

    From Wickedpedia: “Being small for his age and a bit too pretty … in his favour as a child … worked against him as an adult”, wrote author Linda Ashcroft after talking with deWilde at a party. “He spoke of giving up movies until he could come back as a forty-year-old character actor”
    There it is, a little cryptic, but an admission, which is something they do, in my view- It’s part of their absolution- A confession followed by no public response or penalty- On to the next deception…
    BTW, deWilde would be 74 today, Hartmann is listed as 65- Hiding a decade in radio is not difficult, along with the finest in plastic surgery-
    Carvey was at SF State when I was there in the late 70’s/early 80’s so he’s definitley too young (I’m 58)- I think he’s just show biz traffic- Not everyone has the same clearance or responsibilities-


  3. By the way, Hartmann has a little something going in with his left eye – it should not droop like that. I’m wondering if it is a facial surgery issue, since he is ten years older than he is supposed to be and does appear on TV, though his show is the equivalent of public access cable. He might have undergone the knife. The other possibilities are a minor stroke or some other issue on the right hemisphere … I am at the end of my medical knowledge rope.


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